How To Get The Most Candy While Trick-or-Treating

So I’m just gonna get this out of the way… And it has NOTHING to do with the video But one year for Halloween I dressed up as a bunny. I… I.. don’t know WHY I thought it would be a good idea Maybe I thought I would be CUTE :3 But looking back at these old photos… I realized… (a bit of silence while James looks at the photos) Man… (some more bits of silence) I was CUTE! So me and my friends Took trick or treating VERY seriously THERE’S NO MESSING AROUND One year… We practiced the path we would take A week before Halloween So our legs wouldn’t get tired When the big day came You had to be in top physical condition To go door to door To Get free candy And then… Mess you’re whole body up again So obviously now I’m a retired trick or treater So… I wanna pass down my wisdom to anyone out there who’s still trick or treating A lot of people will say… To get the good candy… YOU GOTTA MAP OUT THE WHOLE NEIGHBOURHOOD SKIP THE ONE’S THAT HAVE MILK DUDS AND WHOPPERS OKAY TEAM LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO No! Sometimes you can’t! There was only one house in my neighbourhood That gave out big candy My parents didn’t want to drive me over to the RICH PEOPLE Neighbourhood So waddya gowna do? Well… Me and my friends came up with a couple of ways To get the most out of your trick or treating! One time… My friend based his whole costume to maximize his candy poll What did he dress up as? He dressed up as… A newspaper delivery boy… “Whaat?” “That’s really lame!” NO!!!!!!!!! It’s actually really smart and genius! Let me explain: With his costume he was able to ride a bike And that let him to go house to house quicker And it wasn’t so hard on his legs And also his costume had a built in candy bag ITS PERFECT! And I guess… By the time this video comes… It’s probably too late to change your costume… Soooo….. Maybe… Next year? Do you wanna know another strategy? Well here’s my secret… You have to TALK your way into more candy This is what you do: You dress up as a doctor or nurse And put your local children’s hospital logo on your chest You’ll carry 2 pillow cases I… I took pillow cases To go trick or treating Not those plastic pumpkin things… I don’t know if anyone else did that… And I would of biased to go to the next neighbourhood over Make sure no one knows who you are. Cause to use this trick you’ll have to liiiie…. Anonymity is key So every time you go to someone’s door You tell them these exact words Oh this? My mom works at a children’s hospital and I wanted to get some candy for kids who couldn’t go trick or treating Some of those kids man… Cause of their cancer they can’t have any Milk Duds or Whoppers. I don’t know if they can make it till Thanksgiving 90% of the time parents will give you a BIG handful of candy… For the kids And I guess now looking back at it you can say its WRONG and SINFUL But I’m not actually stealing from those kids I’m just using them to get more candy And lastly, my last trick to get more candy… You know those please take one candy bowls? heheheheh Hahahahaha HHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So those are my tricks for getting more candy for Halloween Do you have any more ideas? Tell me below in the comments Also I draw comics I don’t know if you knew that.

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  1. What I do is wear a simple costume then hide another one somewhere then when I go through the neighborhood I change into the other costume

  2. Here's a way I got of a way to get candy on Halloween so you know when your buckets full you don't want to go all the way home so here's what you do you bring bags and then you put your kitty in those bags and then you go to houses and I'll give you more candy cuz it's like you haven't got a candy it's genius

  3. I know another way to get more candy so you get a lot of candy then when you a lot of candy you take them to another bag and then you have a little then they will feel bad and then they give YOU ALOT CANDY please read this

  4. I would get at least 3+ costumes and go around the neighborhood 3+ times ( the amount of costumes is how many times you go around) And get different bags, then eat em πŸ™‚

  5. Well, this is horrible. Just buy a giant bag of candy for $5 AFTER Holloween. It's on sale, and you don't have to work as hard. If you're a kid, I'm sure many parents would be thrilled if you tell them you'd rather they just buy you cheap candy instead of staying up late at night to walk around a random neighborhood.

  6. If you dressed up as someone with a backpack then you put the candy you got from one house into the backpack and when you get to the next house say every time I go somewhere their attic and so would you mind if I got to? Trust me it works every time you go to someone's house put the candy in your bag and say that to the next house they give you double the candy unless they're out to then it sucks to suck

  7. How to get lots of candy have a marker and a costume Go trick-or-treating in the costume then take it off then trick-or-treating the same costume but with Mr. draw on your face with the markers

  8. i have a store right infront of the apartments were i live, it's super small and this one isle is FULL of candy! (nothing but candy) i go there almost everyday

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  10. Get an adult that used to work at the police station and tell them to were there suit and tell them to go from door to door then tell them to say,hi I work at the police station and I wanna give kids candy for telling the truth

  11. I bring an extra bag and say my sister could not go trick or treating so can you put candy in here for her witch is not a lie my little sister lives with my dad and he says she can’t go trick or treating

  12. Im dressing up as one if those mannequin head things. You know where you wear an oversized sweatshirt, put like a styrofoam mannequin head on your head, pull up the hood so the head stays? How do I get more candy? Anyone?

  13. You go trick or treating go to one house and dress up different costumes you got your friends switch up Charleston's and go at the same house

  14. One time I was trick or treating with my friends and this guy gave us each a small Lindor chocolate box. I’m not even joking when I say it had like six-eight balls of chocolate. This was in their neighborhood and we weren’t even in a rich neighborhood, soooo……….

    I guess I got lucky??

  15. This year In plan on walking around and planning my loop because there's on street that has like 5 King sizes in my friend's neighborhood. She lives in a rich neighborhood. For the costume I always try to get something that I can run it and I won't trip over. WEAR SNEAKERS!!! THEY"RE SO HELPFUL NO MATTER WHAT COLOR JUST DO IT!! Another trick is to go early and stay out late because some houses will start giving like 3 HUGE handfuls because they just want to get rid of it. Some people will change their costume and go again you don't really need to do that. People aren't gonna reject you and not give you candy. This year I'm going as Ghostface so my friend and I will most likely go around once then hit the good houses again and just switch our costumes up. Last year I went as Ghostface too so we went one trip with the mask and then another trip as shadows. She wasn't Ghostface she was a cat for the fist part. I repeatedly told her to get a costume beginning in mid-September, but she ended up wearing black leggings and taking my black shirt, tank top, and cat ears.

  16. Lol i do this(i more costumes at home and i put wigs on and then i go door to door and after i finesh the lap arount i switch costumes

  17. how i get more candy is i say something like "merry chrismas" or "happy new years" and they aoways give me more than what i would uselly get

  18. I never liked trick or treating
    Don’t get the point of it

    I rather go to the store and buy the candy I want and not get tons of crap I hate

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