15 thoughts on “How to Get Students Ready for Learning”

  1. What was all the fuss about! They just glossed over the subject without showing anything or talking anything about what their methods are and how and why they work.

  2. The practice of morning meetings really helps students to focus on the day ahead.  Also builds a sense of community, sharing and caring.  Rituals, mostly missing from our culture, reinforces values.

  3. Positive language, choices, fostering a family feel, and exercise make a HUGE difference for kids! Way to go Mt. Desert! Thanks for sharing your positive practices with the world. All schools need to follow suit! Thanks to edutopia too!

  4. If teachers felt empowered to teach like this (and have yoga behind them as I do) there would be more educators (more people interested in teaching) and that could also mean smaller classrooms, else have two teachers together (for larger classes).
    There's always a way… where there's a will.

  5. Great video, I have however one question.
    I counted around 15 children in this class, isn't this 'focus on the individual' greatly based on a limited number of children, or does it work perfectly fine working with 25 as with 15?

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