How to Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles!

How to Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles! Forehead wrinkles can dramatically age your
appearance, but thankfully, there are things you can do to reduce the appearance of these
wrinkles and even get rid of them completely. Lifestyle changes and home remedies will help
in many cases, but if you’re looking for a faster fix, you might want to try a professional
treatment. 1. Exfoliate your skin twice a week. Use a gentle chemical exfoliant, such as a
product with salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or hyaluronic acid no more than 2-3 times
a week. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells and
lets your skincare products absorb better into your skin, helping to minimize wrinkles. Over-exfoliating, though, can have damaging
effects. Avoid mechanical exfoliation products such
as scrubs. These can be harsh on the delicate areas of
your face and cause microabrasions. Always follow your exfoliator directly with
a moisturizer. It will typically take at least 3-4 weeks
to notice benefits from exfoliation. 2. Train your forehead muscles. You might have more difficulties with forehead
wrinkles if you use your forehead muscles to open your eyes instead of relying on your
eyelids. Performing a simple exercise to train these
muscles may help reduce the creases in your forehead while also correcting droopy eyelids. Curl your hands into “C” shapes and place
them directly over your eyes. The index fingers should be positioned above
each eyebrow, along the upper bone of your eye cavity, and the thumbs should be placed
on either side of the nose, just above the nostril. Press the fingers of each hand downward and
sideways, then open your chest and roll down your shoulder blades. Open your eyes as wide as possible and hold
the position for five seconds. During this time, press your index fingers
into your eyebrows to prevent the brows and forehead from moving. Squint the eyes five times, then close your
eyes completely and relax for five seconds Repeat the entire process two more times,
and repeat the exercise at least once daily until you notice results. 3. Massage olive oil into your wrinkles. After washing your face in the evening, massage
a few drops of slightly warm, extra virgin olive oil directly into the wrinkles and into
the area around the wrinkles. This can also be done with a small dab of
coconut oil or with a combination of olive oil and coconut oil. Both oils can moisturize the skin and improve
its elasticity. The wrinkles should fade as skin elasticity
improves. 4. Work aloe vera into the wrinkles. Before washing your face in the morning or
evening, massage a dollop of aloe vera gel into the wrinkles of your forehead. Let it remain in place for at least 15 minutes
before washing it off with water and a gentle facial cleanser. The acemannan and other polysaccharides in
aloe vera can stimulate skin regeneration and healing. As a result, it can soothe dry, damaged skin
and may soften the appearance of wrinkles. 5. Try a citrus face pack. Orange, lemon, and other citrus fruits contain
high levels of vitamin C and vitamin E, and both can greatly improve the smoothness and
overall health of your skin. You can apply the pulp of most citrus fruits
directly to your forehead. Rinse it off with warm water after letting
it sit for about 10 minutes. To make another simple face pack, mix 1/4
cup (60 ml) of freshly squeezed orange juice with enough flour to form a creamy paste. Smooth this paste over your forehead and rinse
it off with warm water after 20 minutes. 6. Apply coconut oil to the wrinkled area. Immediately after washing your face in the
evening, work a light coating of coconut oil directly into your forehead wrinkles. Continue to massage it into the wrinkles until
your skin no longer feels greasy. Dry skin lacks elasticity, and that lack of
elasticity can make your wrinkles stand out more. By applying petroleum jelly while your skin
is still moist, you can lock in more moisture and keep your skin naturally plumper.

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