How to get ready for studying at Curtin University in Australia

When you fly Perth, remember that Australia has strict quarantine laws. So don’t bring any food with you. Check the Customs website before you leave. To get to your accommodation, you can take a taxi or bus from the airport. Or, you can organise someone from Curtin to meet you at the airport. Just remember you need to book this on the Curtin website at least 5 days before you leave. OK see you mum. Don’t forget to contact your family. To stay in touch, you’ll need an Australian mobile phone number. You can get a prepaid or a postpaid plan. There are lots of mobile phone companies to choose from. Look online to find what will work best for you. To pay for things in Perth, you’re going to need Australian dollars. The easiest way to get those is from an ATM. You can find them at the airport, in shopping centres, and on campus at Curtin. To stay safe, it’s helpful to know your way around. So make sure you know how to get to uni and back. You can find all the info you’ll need, like maps, fare prices and timetables… on the Transperth website. It’s also good idea to log in to your OASIS account. You can check your enrolment, Orientation Week timetable and academic calendar. With this info, you can start planning the year ahead and get into campus life! Have fun and enjoy your studies.

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