How To Get Kids To Listen Without Yelling

Do you ever find that you have to yell
in order for your kids to hear you? Today at Live On Purpose TV, how to get your
kids to listen without yelling. Like many of you, Vicki and I have a pet. It’s a
little dog, he’s a yorkie poo, cute little guy. We named him Mozzie and he is a
smart little dog too. I was wondering recently and I think I come in to
Vicki about this, has he trained us or have we trained him? You know what I’m
talking about if you’re a dog owner. We train each other. This is true with our
kids too. Our kids train us to do certain things, to act certain ways, to respond to
them in a way that they’ve trained us to respond to them and we do the same with
our kids. Notice that it’s going both directions because that’s going to be
important as we manage the dynamic of how we’re going to encourage our kids to
listen to us without hopping into the yelling mode. Now having introduced it
with my dog, what if your kids have trained you to yell? I had a dad come in
to talk to me once. I can’t remember all the circumstances around his particular
family but I think he was a single dad, he had about four or five kids and he
was just feeling so frustrated because every time he asked the kids to do
something, they would just ignore him until he got so frustrated and so upset
that he was yelling and then they would finally respond. Can you relate to this?
Does this happen at your place? So he asked me a question, he said, “Dr. Paul, why
do my kids wait until the twelfth time I’ve asked him and I’m upset and angry
before they’ll do something?” How would you answer that? Why did they wait and
tell the twelfth time? Because they have trained him to yell at
them before they respond because he has trained them to ignore him until the
twelfth time so I asked him a question, “Why do they do it the twelfth time?” Think
about that for a minute. What is different time number twelve
from time number one? Picture this, time number one dad is, “Hey guys would you
please clean up all of that stuff so that we can have dinner.” Alright, now
that registers with the kids as “ma-ma-ma what did dad say? I don’t know, was
it anything important? I don’t think so. Do I need to pay attention to that?
Probably not.” Time number two, “Guys did you hear me?”
Kids are hearing “Ma-ma-ma did dad say something? I don’t know, I don’t know if
he said anything. Is it important? Yeah, probably not.” Time number twelve, *gets mad*
popping coronaries and everything. How do the kids hear that? “Oh, dad’s talking,
sounds important. I probably better do something or I’m gonna get clobbered.”
That’s why they respond time twelve because they’re interpreting it as “Oh,
it’s important now, I’m going to get clobbered if I don’t do something now.”
See, he has raised his voice to the point where he triggers that understanding in
their little minds. So how are we going to switch this dynamic? My suggestion to him
was, clobber him the first time. Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying you
should clobber your kids, I’m actually against that but what I am saying is,
move the real consequences up in the sequence so that they follow the calm,
cool, collected voice instead of the yelling voice. We’re going to train them
to respond when we talk to them calmly and in a loving tongue with a smile on
our face. In fact, we can train kids to understand that dad smiling means that
kids better start thinking but they’re not equating it with that yet. So
how are kids interpreting what we’re saying? I heard a phrase years ago that
makes a lot of sense to me, “Bad breath is better than no breath at all.” So they
don’t mind having a little bad breath, it actually makes them feel validated in
some ways, so yelling at our kids is not necessarily a punishment. In fact, from a
behavioral psychology standpoint, yelling is a trap because it is a reinforcement,
not a punishment. I’m talking strictly behavioral terms, those of you who’ve
studied a little behavioral psychology will understand that the difference
between a reinforcer and a punishment, a punishment decreases a behavior, a
reinforcer increases of behavior. Yelling is a reinforcer not a punishment.
That’s important to know because we inadvertently set ourselves up for more
problems when yell. It trains our kids to respond then instead of when we’re
talking calmly. Here’s a strategy that might help and I’ve used this with so
many clients and even with my own kids, understand that your kids always always
have choices, always, and if you haven’t figured this out yet, notice that what
you give them as choices, sometimes they pick something totally different, right?
So they’ve always got choices and at a very minimum, they have a choice to
either cooperate or not with you. So acknowledging their choice in the
matter, let’s set it up so that we have the greatest opportunity for success. I
need to go back to something that I’ve mentioned before and that has to do with
the rules of plumbing. Some of you may have not heard this from me yet but
there were times, early in our marriage when Vicki and I would find that
something’s wrong with the house and we need to have them fixed and we
couldn’t afford a repairman and so I got to do a lot of home repairs, some of
these involves plumbing. I’m not a plumber, I’m a psychologist, there’s a
difference, they both start with P, that’s about where the similarities end.
Except for this, I consulted with my dad about this plumbing project that I was
doing, he says, “Yeah Paul, there’s the only two rules to plumbing basically. Two
things you need to know.” “I’m interested dad, what is that?” He said, “Well the two
rules are first, water runs downhill.” Okay, I can see why that one’s important then
he pause for a minute and said, “Rule number two, don’t lick your fingers” And I
laugh, it’s funny right? But if you’ve ever installed the toilet, you know what
we’re talking about here. Water runs downhill, don’t lick your fingers, what
does this have to do with psychology? I think there are two analogous rules in
psychology. Rule number one, this is the water runs downhill rule, some things you
control, other things you don’t. Get clear about that, it’s important and especially
when you’re dealing with your kids, some things you control, other things you
don’t. Things like their attitude and whether they’re gonna cooperate or not,
you don’t control that, they do. Here’s rule number two, pay attention to
the things you do control. This is going to save so much heartache as a parent
because we’re going to focus our efforts on what is within our own control to
accomplish. Now let’s go to the strategy. Try this and make some comments down
below about what you experienced about this, I would love to hear from some of
you on this. Here it is, give them two choices, alright? Give
them two. Now there’s always more than two but you’re going to give them two
choices. Either one is okay with you, either one. We make this mistake as
parents sometimes to say, “Okay you do this or else..”
Or else what? We give them a choice that is one that we like and then they
go pick something that we don’t like. That’s why I want you to give them
two choices, either one you’re okay with. Let me give you an example. You can clean
your room yourself or you can hire someone else to do it,
either way it’s okay with me, as long as it’s clean to my satisfaction I’m good.
That’s an example of two choices you’re okay with either one, okay. For a younger
child, you can come with me on your own feet or you can come with me on my feet,
either one is okay with me. Do you see either way they’re coming with you. Are
you going to come or not? Are you gonna come or am I gonna leave you home? Look, if
you’re not willing to leave the kid home and you shouldn’t be, if they’re young
enough then this would be an issue, then don’t use that as a threat, they’ll see
right through it and your words will be garbage. We’re going to talk about turning
your words from garbage into gold so that when they hear your voice, your
melodious pleasant voice, they listen and pay attention because that’s gold. See,
we’re turning words from garbage into gold. So we’re gonna give two choices
you’re okay with either one. Now here’s the kicker, you control one of them. Why?
Because that one becomes default. That is the one that is going to happen if they
refuse to choose, they chose that one. So in the examples that I gave, you can
clean your own room or you can hire someone else to do it, either one is
really okay with me. Which one do you control? That one because if they choose
not to clean their room at all and they probably didn’t call up Annie’s maid
service, pre-paid of course, to come and take care of that room for them, then
what did they choose? They chose to hire someone to do it and who did they choose?
Chose you. Yeah, now you might be thinking “I’m not going to clean my kid’s room,
they’re supposed to do it.” Okay, fine. Remember we gave them two choices,
you can clean it yourself, you can hire someone else to do it. Either way is
okay with me, don’t go back on your word and say, “Actually I’m not okay with that
one now.” You be okay with it. I told my kids, they learned this pretty
early, you can hire me any time you want and then I gave them my rates. There’s no
kid out there wants to pay 200 plus dollars per hour to have their room
cleaned but that’s my rate, just saying okay. And I’m happy to come clean your room
for that much, just give me a call and we’ll make an arrangement. Nobody hires
me to clean their room for 200 plus dollars an hour. Why? Because that’s too
expensive. What if your kid hires you to clean their room? Well that’s going to
cost them something, I’m not saying you should charge them 200 bucks, what I am
saying is, it should cost them something and you need to be able to control that
cost, that’s another conversation that we’ll probably have in another video,
but you got to be okay with both choices because one of those you control
and that’s the one that is default. Go to the younger child example, you can
come on your own two feet or you can come on my feet, either way is okay
with me. You got a two-year-old who wants
to do everything “by myself” right? Have you heard that one? Yeah, which one did
they want to choose? Well they want to be in control of some things, they might
choose their own two feet but if they don’t choose to come with you, you get to
pick them up because they’re two and you can still do this, you get to pick
them up and they get to go on your feet. Now you might think well I just want
them to come, I don’t want them to fight me. Right? Here’s a little tip, think
versus fight, think versus fight. Every interaction you have with your kids is
going to invite them to do one or the other. What do we want them to do? Think
because if they’re thinking, they’re going make some pretty good decisions.
What do they want to do. Sometimes they want to fight
and so they’ve trained us to yell at them so that they can fight with us, it’s
not fair but it happens okay, and I don’t say they’re doing this maliciously, I
don’t think they are, I think it’s just working for them
and bad breath is better than no breath at all. We’re going to turn our words
from garbage into gold so that when we speak in that melodious loving tone of
voice that we always use as a parent now, they’re going to hear that and they’re
going say, “What?” Okay, so pretend for a minute that you give them that choice.
You can come on my own two feet or you or you can come on your own two feet or
you can come on my feet, either way it’s okay with me.
And then “I’m not coming” So you pick them up and you take them.
Now what happens the next time? Assuming that you were calm and cool and
collected, you didn’t lose your cool and fight. What happens next time when you
say, “Hey we’re going, would you like to come on your own two feet I would you
like to come on mine? Either way is okay with me.”
Do you see what we’re talking about? Would you like to clean your own room or
would you like to hire someone to do it? Either way is okay with me. If they just
paid a big cost the last time, they’re going to be thinking now. See now I’ve
accomplished think versus fight, we’ve turned our words from garbage into gold
so that we can talk to our kids and we don’t have to yell and we’ve just
trained them to respond to us differently because of how we’ve
approached them. So now maybe you won’t have to yell as much and your kids will
actually listen, you’ve turned your words from garbage into gold.
Live On Purpose TV has some more gold for you, make sure you subscribe.

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