How to get certified in Learn Kathak Online Course for beginners? What are the benefits ?

A dream A dreams, but a dream can
become a reality only when hard work is put into it. You
can reap the benefits only when you were targeted. So here, are the reasons that I am listing
as your benefits which only come after you worked and got what you really
desired. The most important reason, why someone who want to explore this, it’s because of its benefits. First and foremost, for those who want to
enjoy the journey of dance and you’ve been systematic with it. Trust me the joy of learning is the
reward, that is most cherished by every dancer. Two, if you’ve been consistent with your work,
trust me, fitness is something that you would have
achieved as a by-product. Three, make sure, you send your clips to me and
I will assess and see whether you’ve been consistent with your work. I can offer you something but it’s only
going to be effective if you absorb it the right way. To send back your clips to
us, because at the end of this program, The Beginners Series, you will be allotted
with a certificate. Now, this certification is available and
accessible to you only, after I’ve seen you, I did through a skipe lesson or the video clips that you’re going to send to me. Make sure you’re consistent. Your own
practice is in your hand because I shared whatever I could do with you. It’s up to you, to be consistent, to be
loyal and of course to be honest with your hard work. Welcome

36 thoughts on “How to get certified in Learn Kathak Online Course for beginners? What are the benefits ?”

  1. The precision with which Pali Mam explains each and every aspect of kathak is mezmerizing. Just had to subscribe! I am from India and I really wished to get a chance to learn from her in Gurukul and perform in front of her. And this certification is the best medium to be in touch with such a great guru irrespective of geographical distance. Great initiative to go global! Please keep this going…
    Please give the email/skype id on which I can send my performances to Mam.

  2. Definitely this is encouraging for all the Mum's who have little one's entering to know their steps through their tiny legs.. encouraging for the Parents who are far from culture but find the culture next door. Thank you for sharing your cherished knowledge.

  3. how can I send my video ? where to send me pls let me know. I wish I cud learn in her gurukul . she wonderfully explained everything . tnx a lot for bringing kathak online I bet many graceful dancer would come out from this program . hats off guys 🙂 lots of love

  4. I really want to learn kathak since my childhood. Because of some study related issues i was unable to join any course. After subscribing to your channel, I think this is the right place to make my dream come true, with a certificate of o hot lucky! Thank you so much ma'am for this beautiful opportunity.

  5. Dear Mam,

    I am from Switzerland and learned kathak for 4 years. Now I would like to learn step by step. I am happy to find this opportunity for foreigners to have kathak certificate through these online course. My question is:
    How to pay? ( Do I need to pay for the 300 videos which you uploaded in vimeo? Or for admition?) , what is the admin email
    Adress, where I can ask questions and send the video.

    Thanks for your help and aupport. I am really happy to learn our cultural dance from other country.
    Thanks again for your reply.

  6. Hi Mam,
    First of all thanks for introducing the world of Kathak to me in such a grace and beauty.
    You are very beautiful and the way you explain it brings a soul to this dance form.
    I am 28 year old female, wanted to learn kathak since i was 20.
    well, now I have decided to fulfil my dream.
    I would like to know how much time it takes to learn kathak if i start now at this age?

  7. Namaste mam! It's a treat to watch you dancce. I have learnt kathak for over 3 years now, I will not longer be able to continue with my regular classes as I have to leave my city for some work. Are there certifications available for experienced dancers too?

  8. Superb and very neat explanation and I am happy to say I am practicising daily and I want to attend exams how to complete all exams plz tell me mam I am from Karnataka I passed praveshika next I want to attend

  9. Thank you Guruma for introducing me with this beautiful world of kathak,mam i love kathak from my childhood. but some pressure of study , i can't do this. but i was started it from January 2018 with the help of your program, guruma can you please explain that how can send my videos to you.

  10. Mam i want to join the paid programme . Im one of your subscriber and following you since 1and half year. I'm afraid of joining the payment system as per ur channel, as i belong to a remote area of jharkhand , india. Plz provide me an easier mode of payment so that i can receive ur grace …

  11. She is Always great. She is my Guru and I really feel great. She is really really a great teacher who always maintains the parampara. Pali mam its always great to learn each and every move frm u. Thnk u a lot. The effort u make results in an effective way

  12. Ma'am i'm big fan of yours….. You teach very well…. It's really awesome…… Thank you so much…… For this… Ma'am I don't have debit or credit cards and my parents also didn't have…. wt I'll do…? Plz suggest me

  13. I came across this today.. will it still applicable as i have not been a part of it till today. I am absolute beginner. Thank You

  14. The 222 videos are all for beginners???
    After how many classes,,
    I should send you video clips?????
    When I should join the paid subscription???
    How much we have to pay for that course???

  15. Thank you so much mam,,
    For this great initiative..
    You are so beautiful and your dancing,, way of talking ,, your teaching
    Always impressed me…

  16. Ma'am I started learning Kathak. And you are my inspiration. I assumed you my Guru. Yesterday I bought my first Ghungroos and I really wished I could get your blessings before tying them up for the first time (although I got your blessings in my imagination). I just want to thank you.

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