8 thoughts on “How To Get a Job With No Experience | Social Work”

  1. do you have any tips on how to become a social work assistant, I'm thinking to use this as a stepping stone to get the experience I need.

  2. I'd like to support your idea with some experiences. Well, it won't be about finding job in social work, because I'm just a student (of social work), but anyway… I've struggled with finding my target group. I thought it would be the elderly becaust most of my family members are middle age or older, also I grew up in environment with many seniors (in the church, school, shops) etc. So when I began volunteering in a retirement home, everything came to me very naturally for I already knew how to behave around them. Another example of this is my classmate who grew up in a town near a Roma community. She had to learn how to get along with them and manage very stressful situations which she experienced while elementary school (where most of pupils were Roma). Now she is working part-time in a Roma community centre where she's mentoring kids and their spare-time activities. So you are right with this that things you've been through may help you with – in this case – ability to work with clients.

  3. So for example if I suffered from depression or anxiety, do you think it's good to say that in a job interview? Or to say I suffered from this disorder and that taught me this and this?
    Also, do you think it's possible to mention that you did psycotherapy? Where I live social workers don't have to go to a therapist, but my teachers at university recommended that. I did like 1 year of therapy for social anxiety problems, and it was so beneficial. I'm planning to return to a new therapist to solve problems related to anxiety, and so on…so do you think you can add this to your curriculum? Like "did 2 years of psychotherapy"? I think every professionist that works to help people should have therapy…it's so beneficial and really helps you, even if you don't have a disorder. You can go to therapy even if you are feeling ok, it can help you with many things (maybe with being more assertive, or learning how to listen to your emotions). I think this is a good experience to have as a social worker. I know social workers that never went to therapy.

  4. This was really good. I can tell you are good with using strength- based theory. You made a good point that some professions require some years of experience;.
    and social work is one of them. I feel like this is another reason why many people can't find work using their degree because of that fact. Oh, but I have another idea to add to yours. Working with children and taking care of a family member/disabled individual etc., should be good experience too. What you think? By the way your looking gorgeous! Enjoy your week!

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