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today's the day y'all we're talking about how to get clients for service based businesses coming up so case today is the day we're diving deep into three strategies you can be implementing right now to get clients for your service based business and this has been one of the most highly requested videos from you guys and we're finally doing it I'm so excited so let's get into it strategy number one is don't be basic just don't be basic just don't do it there's so many service providers out there you need to stand out from the crowd and the way that you do that is by being freaking generous with your know-how you stand out by building trust and building relationships and knowing your ish it's so important to do this don't be basic so instead of just expecting clients to come to you you need to hustle your buns off and start educating them show them instead of telling them that you are the ish you know exactly how to get them results you are the authority and you are the expert so how do you do this you do this by putting out content consistently and you've heard it a million times but I can't stress it enough you can't build a service based business long term if you're not willing to show and educate your client on some kind of level especially on the internet or there's so much competition and so many weirdos that don't know their stuff so make sure that you are putting out content consistently and that could be through a podcast it could be through a YouTube channel it could be through Facebook lives it could be through you know an radio show if you want to be hyperlocal you could do you know youtube and blogs and you can do you know long-form content on social media but you still even if you do a long term long-form content social media you have to be sending people back to your website and that means you need to have a blog I don't care what kind of content you put out you need to have a blog and that doesn't mean that has to be a long-form like written traditional blog it just means that you create a summary of your videos or maybe a summary of your podcast episodes and you put that embed it in a blog you have to send people back to your website because it's the easiest way of contacting you it's where transactions happened so don't be basic tip number one now before I move on to tip number two have something really really really really really special for you guys that I've been working on with my team super hard the past couple months and that is our brand new course it's called savvy online selling specifically for service providers we're actually creating three tiers and it's specifically for service providers if you've been wanting to start your service based business whether that's a social media marketing company or digital services or maybe you sell local services whatever it might be if you're in the service based industry I'm sharing my top strategy is my top tools my top resources to get literally from A to Z and get your first three clients in 30 days so excited for that so there is a VIP early bird list that you can sign up for the community the program is not yet available but once it is we will be letting you know and it's gonna be introduced as a beta inside the business lounge for a limited time so I highly recommend signing up for that you're gonna get an amazing deal all of the first kind of look into on the course as well as special bonuses that no one else is gonna get so if you're interested in that he has been asking for this literally for years you go into our chat and you every day I get someone in our chat on the website asking do you have a course for service based businesses I want to start the service based business the service based business and like it breaks my heart that we don't have that available but as of today we definitely have all of it in the works I'm actually almost done filming the course and it's gonna be out there and available for you guys really soon so really excited about that link in description box below sign up for early bird you're gonna get an amazing deal and first look at all the amazing goodness that we have specifically for service based businesses all right so let's move to tip number two and this one is really important something that you can't overlook and that is get your self featured baby you've got to get out there in the world you've got to show face I always tell my customers my clients my members inside the business lounge out of sight out of mind you got to show face you got to show up you got to make sure that people see you and they know that you have something available you have you know a business that you actively work on so it's really easy to just get caught up kind of just pushing out content only and not giving people opportunities to come to you right it's really easy to just kind of hide behind the screen hide behind the computer hide behind the laptop not really share what you're doing share your expertise and expect the client's are gonna come to you that's not how it works in service leaves businesses it's not how it works in any business so you gotta leverage eyeballs literally you have to get in front of people it's called visibility it's called traffic right there's an audience there's different types of ways to talk about the same thing but at the end of the day you got to go to your people you can't expect them to come to you especially at the you know very start when you become an expert and as you grow your brand and expand people are gonna start finding you people are gonna come to you you're gonna get lots of inbound opportunities and that's what I want for you long term but for right now you've got to do the work and get in front of people so get featured you know make sure that you are pitching yourself or maybe doing an in-person workshop in your local Chamber of Commerce it's that's something that you know might make sense for you and where your people hang out get featured on podcasts get featured on YouTube channels write guest posts on blogs you know create a column on your favorite magazine figure out where your people hang out where your ideal clients hang out what blogs they read what books they read you know what podcasts they listen to what videos they watch you know what pages they subscribe to and then go and give them amazing value amazing information without having an agenda and that's the most important piece you have to be willing to give and give generously knowing that you know it's okay some of those people are going to take that advice and they're gonna implement it themselves but a lot of those people are gonna want them are gonna want you to actually do it for them because they don't have the time to do it themselves so highly highly recommend getting featured making sure you're putting the word out there showcasing your expertise and doing it in a strategic and systematic way and the final tip tip number three is hustle your network you've got to grow your network you have to meet people who might become potential referral partners so I did this early on in my service based business I'm the second one the first one I launched with my husband it was a very big success it was a service based business in a very small tiny little town local business blue collar industry moving servers we grew that to multiple seven figures in 32 months so highly recommend building your network that's what we did with the first business we built our network we started you know building relationships with apartment communities we build relationships with real estate I'm agents we build relationships with interior designers we built relationships with the University because we're canary ring a lot to college students so that's what you want to do look for partners that can you can align with later on when I launched my own solo business as a social media strategist I started building relationships with marketing agencies who could refer you know their clients to my service so I built partnerships that really evolved into beautiful relationships that really helps me get a lot of clients and clients that were high-quality and there were consistent clients so I helped the agency by providing a service that they didn't offer and that allowed them to leverage right other services into a full package a full array of full service on agency and it helped me because it allowed me to have consistent clients it also built my authority built my expertise and it showed that I was legit and I was serious about what I was building so for you make a list of potential partners like let's say that you're a fitness trainer right I would go in and I would find any nutritionist and dietitian that I can build a relationship with because I know that that's going to be an awesome relationship that we can have they consent clients to me I can send clients to them and so on and so forth so I would build relationships with gyms I would build relationships with nutritionists and dietician I would build relationships with fashion coaches there's a lot of you know women out there who are creating like these personalized services to help you know women dress themselves beautifully and feel super confident so I would build relationships with those type of service providers as well let's see who else I might even I might even build relationships with doctors you know in my area if you know let's say that that's a niche that you want to focus on maybe you want to help people who are kind of like middle aged and might have different health issues and you know getting fit is really important so maybe they're having you know issues with their heart or maybe they're having blood pressure issues you can totally partner with doctors who are willing to refer you of course you have to be legit make sure you have your certifications and all of that but tons of ideas you can partner with people who can refer you build your referral network offer them something of valuable trust show them instead of telling them that you can help and you're the real deal so help those three tips helped you if they did make sure to give this video a thumbs up let me know in the comment section below what is your service based business you know free-for-all give yourself a shout out I love to hear a little bit more about what you do and see how many people in our community or service based businesses because I know there's a lot of you out there because we get requests for this type of video constantly so let me know below a little bit of shameless promo don't add your links because YouTube is going to automatically kind of mark you in the spam section but do tell me in words what is it that you do what do you serve what kind of business do you run in the service base me I would love love love to hear from you and of course if you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe if you haven't already share it with a friend you know this you might know a service based business you know that's just getting started and these tips might be really useful pack them in the comments share it below I would love to find and introduce you know kind of our brand to new people and of course make sure to sign up for the early bird list for savvy online selling program specifically for a service-based businesses we love creating it it was so much fun and I can't wait to kind of watch that into the world but of course you'll get early access much sooner than anyone else love you thanks for watching I will see you in the next episode and yeah I think that's that's it we're gonna wrap up the video bye for now

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  1. Hi! I’m a hairstylist from Berkeley, Ca! I serve all different kinds of clients. From SAHMs to attorneys to students! I specialize in haircuts and balayage.

  2. I help moms detox their homes from toxic chemicals and live more sustainably 🙂 Thanks for the video. I love your content!

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