22 thoughts on “How to fight with taller guy | Master Wong”

  1. Master wong have fast body reaction
    Every times he looks excited and energetic 😍😍😍

  2. Look master Wong….Im with you 100% and I respect your skill but, at some point at least once you should showcase your skills in a sparring match. I have no doubt you have real skills, i can see it but you got to show people a little sample of your technique and abilities in a sparring match.

  3. When taking a break from your training, be sure to vote for Tommy Robinson. Britain needs to be freed from the totalitarian Left which has treasonously imported a fascist form of government disguised as a religion which has raped thousands of English girls while rotten police looked the other way. Sorry for political preaching, but sometimes it's necessary for national self-defense. Blessings!

  4. Wong and mace are the real deal you do not want to test them just you don't want to test a pro wrestler or ufc fighter

  5. After all those videos I watched from Master Wong, there is one thing I learned that is real important, aim always for the NUTS!! Even if it breaks the Bro/Man Code, kick him in the Nuts!

  6. Man you should be a paid actor in Hollywood. You are for real Master..I wish you were in Sydney.
    Master Wong for self defense and Jeff Cavalier for bodybuilding

  7. Can you defend against a frenzied stabbing motion attack with a knife. As I have never found any martial art that can master wong 🗡🤔

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