How To Excel In Life: Success Lessons From The Indian Army | Col. Sunil Prem (Retd.) | Josh Talks

no joining the Indian army, it's very dangerous No to doing something, it means you have to do it masters but had to do it first I couldn't even do 1 people think, the small things that we do never studied before thick after 15 – 20 minutes the river on which a bridge couldn't be constructed leaving the last case I didn't know how it's done "You want to start a Software Company", I replied " we'll see" I remember an incident that happened in Congo more or less they had divided the country loudly It was night, and we had to reach the training area in 6 hours, it was havoc happiness and sad moments

36 thoughts on “How To Excel In Life: Success Lessons From The Indian Army | Col. Sunil Prem (Retd.) | Josh Talks”

  1. yes , i am an indian, living under the shadow of such mind boggling officers. here is the new india. JAI HIND

  2. Inspiring and Motivating video…i hope all kids much watch and learn everything is POSSIBLE NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE. Feel good to hear about our soldiers hard work too.

  3. Every person is soldier in every day life bcoz every day we complete our task and make a strategy for 👊 beating next difficult task

  4. The way that man stood there without a single movement in his stance shows his upbringing in the Indian Army! Army men lead such a deep life, excelling in every area. They never fail to inspire! Jai Hind!

  5. I have to join Indian army….ur speech push my motivation level high….thank u sir…👨‍✈️👨‍✈️👨‍✈️

  6. mesmerised lecture… Thank u sir… I am always agreed that :Old is gold & so gray hair should be respected… I salute you sir for sharing such valuable, golden little bit part of your life…jain hind🙏🙏🙏💪💪🤝🤝💂💂

  7. Thanks for such wonderful learning sir. I can listen you all day..such inspiring story.. thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

  8. Very well articulated Sunil Sir! I work for a Software company but have been inspired by the armed forces from childhood. There is a lot for the corporate world to imbibe from the armed forces especially the Speed of Execution

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