How to Draw using 3-Point Perspective: Simple Buildings

Hi Tom here, in this week’s Circle Line Art School video I’ll show you one way to draw using three-point perspective,
looking down on a building ,in this drawing, as we’re looking down, we can
draw the horizon line towards the top of the paper as the horizon line is the
height of our eyeline and we’re not looking up, so nothing will be above the
horizon line, but we are looking down, next, we need two vanishing points on
this horizon line far apart, a vanishing point is a point in perspective where
two parallel lines will look like they meet if they were to continue, so in this
drawing we’re looking right and we’re also looking left, but we’re also looking
down, so we’ve got a vanishing point on the right for looking right, we’ve got a
vanishing point on the left for looking left, and now we need to draw another
vanishing point low down on the page, towards the middle, sometimes it’s best
to even go beyond the edge of the page, further away and this will be our third
vanishing point, now we have our three vanishing points for this drawing using
three-point perspective, next draw a dot somewhere in the middle
of these three vanishing points and this dot can represent the nearest corner of
the building that we will draw, from this dot we can draw a straight line towards
the left and another towards the right vanishing points, then on the right hand
line, the line going to the right vanishing point, somewhere along there, we
can draw another line to the left vanishing point, and from
the left line going to the left vanishing point, somewhere along this
line, we can draw another line to the right vanishing point, and by doing this
we now have a simple rectangle which will be the top of a flat roof in
two-point perspective, because we’re just using two points at the moment,
next draw three straight lines from the corners of your rectangle going down to
the third vanishing point, choose how tall you want the building to
be and mark on the middle line, that’s going down, a point, a dot and then draw a
straight line from this dot to the left vanishing point and another straight
line to the right vanishing point, now our rectangle that we drew in two-point
perspective, the top of the roof, has become a cuboid in three point
perspective, because we’re looking left, we’re looking right, but we’re also
looking straight down, all at the same time! and that’s why we’re using three
point perspective in this drawing, remember the horizon line is at the top
of the paper and this line shows the height of our eye line and the building
is below the horizon line, this block which will turn into the buildings, below
the horizon line, because we’re looking down and the third vanishing point is
needed so that we can know where these lines, as say go away from us, they get
closer together and eventually following the principle of perspective the lines
will look like they meet and we’ll need to have a dot where these lines meet and
this dot is our vanishing point, our third vanishing point, all the lines in this
drawing follow these basic principles of three point perspective, if you would
like to learn more please visit my website: thank you very much for watching this
drawing, I hope you found it useful for your own drawings, please subscribe to my
youtube channel: Circle Line Art School to keep up to date with all the content I
create, thanks for watching and see you next time!

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