How to develop teacher education in mathematics?

We live in a society when we always communicate and learn from each other. I want to learn more about how people work together. Doing research, for me, is all about understanding. I want to understand more about how people deal with, for example, education. I’m Kicki Skog and I’m a lector here at Stockholm university and a PhD. My research area is about mathematics teacher-education. My focus is teacher-students and how they challenge discursive practices during their education. I’ve interviewed and followed around 20 students for two years. I identified four discourses that were prevailing, which was – – mathematics education, language and institutional constraints. I could see that both the mathematics discourse and the mathematics – – education discourse were more open to challenge, than the language discourse and institutional discourse – these two constrained so – – much that the students sometimes failed to learn mathematics and to focus on mathematics education. This was mostly the immigrants, because they were so focused on learning good Swedish, “otherwise you cannot be a good teacher”, they – – said. I think we have to, in teacher-education, be aware of these constraining discourses. Otherwise the students focus on the wrong things. Doing research is so much about learning, and to learn how people work together and – – how things can be in the world. If you are interested in learning more about the world, then just jump into doing research!

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