How to create a Matrix of Dropdowns question with SurveyMonkey

if you want to ask the same set of
multiple-choice questions about a list of items use the matrix of drop-down
menus question you can use this question to ask people to evaluate several items
using multiple dropdowns instead of listing a series of statements followed
by lots of separate questions the matrix layout helps you save valuable space in
your survey when you’ve added your question to a survey add your question
text at the top then add your rows which are the items that you want people to
evaluate they’ll show up on the left side of your question below that enter a
label for each column which appear above the set of dropdowns finally click enter
answer choices to add question choices to the drop-down menus under each column
try to avoid down in too many rows or columns the more you add the busier your
question gets which might cause people to skip over your question keeping it
around 5 rows and columns or under should let you get the best out of your
question the options tab lets you customize your question more for example
if some of your rows are a bit wordy they might look cramped in the question
if you click adjust question layout you can change the label width to give them
more room on the page this will make your rows easier to read and keep your
dropdowns looking great if you click require an answer to this question you
can choose how many of the rows you want your respondents to answer choose all if
you want to make sure they answer all the rows when you view your results there’ll be a
bar charts for each column that you have in your question so you can analyze them
separately if you can’t see the full name of a row hover over it to read it
all or if you’d rather see the full label displayed by default click
customize and then choose a different chart click labels if you rather make
them a bit shorter click display options to edit your chart even more such as
adding exact numbers into your chart below your chart you’ll find a separate
data chart for each column in your question these act as a great companion
to the bar charts by giving you the percentage and number of people that
answered each drop-down and if you want to export into your own analytical tool
click export and choose how you’d like to download your data

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