15 thoughts on “How to Claim Your Google knowledge Panel | The DIY Musician Guide”

  1. I had knowledge graph yesterday- I am a Rap artist and now it is completed gone. What is going on. No one seems to have an answer. Can you help me?

  2. I received an email stating I was verified but when I click the "get started" link it does not take me to the knowledge panel for me to edit it. I am given the option to search my name and then it shows links but the knowledge panel is not there for me to many any changes or additions. Any suggestions?

  3. I want to claim my knowledge panel, but i don't see any button that i can click, on someone else knowledge panel (on mobile) there's "Do you manage the online presence for (Artist Name)?" on the overview tab, but it's not available on my knowledge panel, i also have try to use desktop, but no there's also no button that i can click

    Edit: I try to use someone else knowledge panel to get the claim url, and there's a mid parameter on the url, i try to replace the value with my knowledge panel kgmid value, the url works, but i get this message:

    "Someone is already managing WarDimension on Google

    Contact a representative for WarDimension for more info"

    Is that because the services that i use to distribute my song isn't allowing someone else to claim the knowledge panel, or there's another reason?

  4. so i have my knowledge panel but when i look up my rap name for instance mine is (JayAnonymous) It doesn’t show up and i have a high fan base on instagram with 43.5k followers and twitter with 8k and more. It doesn’t show none of my links to social media that i put or my photo that i put for instance. How do i fix this? It just says (JayAnonymous, Hiphop/Rap Music Artist) with a link to share with people and the one article that i posted

  5. you did not explain how to get a knowledge pannel you only said copy and past the link , but how to get that link

  6. How do you get a knowledge pannel? Ive tried making a brand account on google plus but they're closing down google plus

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