How To Change The World (a work in progress) | Kid President

Kid President: There are lots of ideas how
you can change the world. Some people think you should just complain about it. That won’t
change the world, it will just make it mad! Some people think you have to have lots of
money money. Making it rain everywhere you go! Holla for a dollar! Some people think
you have to be really loud and yell a lot. Like with a bullhorn shouting, “Hey you! Yeah,
you! Do it my way, right now!” Other people choose to just make fun of everything.
That’s dumb, that’s dumb, everyone’s dumb. It’s easy to make fun of stuff, but it’s cooler
to make stuff! Some people think changing the world can only be done by the smartest
person in the world. Just put them in a room and let them figure it out!
“The solution to world hunger? Food.” Wow, that was like, so amazing.
Some people see all the bad in the world and they just decide to ignore it, but that won’t
help anything. Some people think you have to be really famous and super cool. In fact,
lots of people think you have to be really powerful to make a difference. Like being
mayor or senator or president. But the truth is, a title doesn’t make you more important,
the world is changed by you! It’s one person filled with love. And they just have to live
it out so they do something awesome! Then that person is filled with love and they do
something awesome. It just goes on, and on, and on! And next thing you know everything’s
awesome! Some people think it’s impossible to change the world. Well you can see why
they could think that. Living in a world with kids who are hungry, people who are homeless,
families who aren’t happy, I’m just trying to figure it out like everybody else man.
I do know this though, Next time you feel overwhelmed or totally alone, remember this,
things don’t have to be the way they are. The world is changed by ordinary people. Little
people living out big love! And that’s what gives the world a reason to dance! [music] So, how do we change the world?
At the start of this year, I asked all you guys to make the year more awesome! The time
to be awesome is now! Make this year awesome for somebody else! Whether it’s helping the
homeless with Socktober, throwing a parade for somebody, or giving an inspired gift!
You helped prove that the internet can be an awesome place!
Thank you, but we’re not done yet. This coming year, let’s show the world
what awesome really looks like. SoulPancake

100 thoughts on “How To Change The World (a work in progress) | Kid President”

  1. Dear Kid President,
    Mrs. Baran and Mrs. Carella's Third Grade classes have some ideas how we can make the world a better place. Muna says we can not be hateful, Kyla say we can not bully people. Michael says we can be generous, Angelina says to treat others the way you'd like to be treated, Joshua says we can always share.

  2. i came here due to : 1: i used to watch this in school, 2: Kid President seen let me explain studios and lost a game of Mario carts to her brother, and 3: i seen how old this is . . .

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  4. Dear Mr. Kid President,
    Mrs. Roody's and Ms. Norman's first grade class enjoyed watching your video. They enjoyed hearing that even kids can change the world. Our class discussed how we can change the world. We can change the world by taking care of our environment, so future generations can enjoy our beautiful planet. We can change the world by synergizing and working together. Our class also believes that changing the world requires having an open mind and listening to the ideas of others. Lastly, our class believes that it is important to always be kind to one another. These are the ways we can change the world.

    The Leaders in room 215

  5. Ms. Lee's class says we can change the world by: helping carry out groceries for people in need, treat people like people, fill each other's buckets, and cleaning the earth. You're the best, Kid President!

  6. nada H2ODelirious just bored
    help others? food? spare money? have a coffee with them or a cola not everyone like coffee but you do not saying you can't get one but they will finish there cold drink faster I am thinking of switching coffee to hot coco 😛 anyway XD

  7. That's the truth… kids would be better at running the world than adults. Good job Kid President!

  8. Change the world by | Making housing and food free for all! Now, that's cool.

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  10. We are going to change the world by sharing love, donating to those who are in need, giving kittens to everyone because they are cute, and treat our parents with kindness!

  11. Here's some things my class said after watching this video on how to spread kindness:
    If someone doesn't have a friend, play with them.
    If someone is rude to you, ignore them and be kind.
    Help others do the right thing. Show respect to everyone. Smile and walk away from those who are not kind. Help others pick up their stuff. Don't throw things at others.

  12. My second grade class says" You can change the world by giving others food. Be kind to others, and pick up trash and throw it away. Tell a person that you like them, and that will make them happy and happiness will spread. Helping someone when they get hurt.

  13. We can change the world by……….🧐idk oh we could tell all the president to be on the radio and say: hello everybody it’s me the president one thing you need to know you need to think how many trees we are cutting down I mean if we cut down that much trees we will end up…😵 we will end up using doc leafs instead of toilet paper yuck. We really need to stop the plastic Pollution as well and the water we are using

  14. Dear Mr. Kid President,

    Our class is excited to change the world. This week, we sent letters to each teacher in our school to make them feel special. We want to spread kindness. Our next step is to make a difference outside of our school. Abi wants to help feed the homeless. Carter wants to plant trees and give money to the food pantry so they have more money to get stuff to grow food. Bentley wants to give his toys to others that do not have as many toys. Richard wants to give people things they want which they do not have. Brice wants to give shelter for people that do not have homes. Eva wants to be a teacher for other people who do not have money and teach them for free. Anaiah wants to help people from danger. Caiden wants to give people homes that do not have them. Gigi wants to give her old clothes that do not fit her anymore to people who need them. Elaina wants to donate to homeless people. Olivia wants to help with different kinds of shelters; if they need it for a few nights, we could make a small one. Yazdan wants to give joy to homeless people. Hunter wants to spread joy. Gavin wants to be a doctor so if they get hurt he can help them. Jordynn wants to donate things to people who do not have them. Parker wants to help feed the animals. Preston wants to donate his money to charity. Lilly wants to donate some money to homeless people. Ethan wants to spread kindness to everybody in the world. Oren wants to be a free doctor for people who do not have a lot of money. Nick wants to give more shelter to people who do not have enough shelter so they will not be cold. Jacob wants to donate to the poor.

    Thank you for your inspiring video.

    The 2nd Grade Rockstars

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