How to change ATM Card password (PIN) Very Easy

Whats’up guys how are you hope you will fine Friends in this video we will change ATM card password It’s so simple Why I’m changing password? what the reason I will tell you in the last There is important point You can change your ATM password on any branch will same bank that your account open in our different first of all insert your ATM card in ATM machine ATM card after this wait Select language english our urdu I’m selecting English Put your password After this select PIN Change Enter your new in 4 digits **** password insert new password here I’m going to change my password Conform your password Password successfully changed Now we talk about why I’m change password And how much after days I change pass. When you open bank account you have received ATM card envelop If you read note book In which clear mention that change your ATM card password after 1 or 2 month I change my ATM card password every month May reasons are action to change pass such as hackers may attack on your account. See you next interesting video take care good bye.

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