23 thoughts on “How To Begin Whole Brain Teaching: 1”

  1. I looked that Whole Brain Teaching has been wrong taught to use the right American Sign Language for Deaf Culture. It doesn't match Sign Language its homemade Signal what if some student to meet communication with Deaf People in the world to make confused SADLY!

  2. This is demeaning and painful to watch. How would any adults like to be treated this way in the work place? No, it would be considered offensively belittling.

  3. This is an amzing education, that can end up brainwashing, but it does integrate the whole brain, this is important! What do you out there here think that this should be used for?

  4. This method perfectly fits my style. I don't like for classrooms to be silent all the time. When kids can be kids they are more receptive. As a teacher of middle schoolers, the things that they mostly get in trouble for include the following:

    1. Stop Talking.
    2. Stop laughing.
    3. You're too loud.
    4. Stay still.

    The problem with this: most adolescent students are talkative, silly, loud, and fidgety. The kids under this method get to have an outlet for their developmental tendencies during class, decreasing the likelihood of behavior issues while increasing the likelihood of content retention.

    This is golden for middle schoolers. LOL

  5. This is my first exposure to Whole brain teaching. It appears to be highly engaging which is right up my alley. I am going to take a closer look.

  6. this is excellent for making robots! I see a one-way information direction from "teacher" to the "student" but true learning does not come from an outside source, but internally. It cannot be force-fed, but sought out by personal inquiry. These are the kind of kids that grow up to work very well for 'the man', except that they need someone to tell them what to do at all times and have no capacity to think around something and problem solve on their own. This is already a major issue in the workforce today, and it will grow even more with furthering of ADD one-direction teaching vs independent learning (which has been the way all the great thinkers throughout history have learned). This is simply the passing of ideas from one to another, but we need people who can come up with NEW ideas, think out of the box and ask questions nobody else asks to solve the problems that nobody else can solve.

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