How to be Minnesotan – Learn Minnesota Nice, How to Speak Minnesotan, Hot Dish, Lutefisk, and Hockey

hello everyone my name is Joe Branco and I was born in Minneapolis Minnesota my dad was in the Navy so I spent most of the rest of my life moving across this great country and seeing all there is to offer I visited all 50 states and I've even lived in 12 of them but I've decided to move my family from Silicon Valley California back to my favorite state the state of Minnesota and in that readjustment I've learned some great tips to share with you so let's get started how to be a Minnesotan language one of the first steps becoming a true Minnesotan is mastering the language a good place to start is by learning how to say all the different Minnesota city names like ways odda Vadnais Heights shekel P Metro Medi Faribault New Prague Lutsen Adina was sicka is Santee you also need to master your new set of responses to all situations if you 100% agree with something someone just said or someone who said thank you it's customary to reply you betcha if someone breaks expectations whether it was harder than you thought it would be bigger than you thought it would be worse than you thought it would be you reply oofta if you see something absolutely adorable you say over Q and if something is just ridiculously wrong or very unlucky you can say all for pete's sake you'll need to appear to look on the bright side as often as possible so whenever you are stuck in a tough situation around someone else you should say it could be worse you'll also need to cheer on the best football team with the worst luck in the world and you do that by saying skull Minnesota nice sounds wonderful doesn't it well it isn't exactly this is expert level passive-aggressive to master this you will need to be 100% conflict adverse no matter what for example if you were at a restaurant and your server is rude your order comes out wrong and the food tastes terrible you must handle it in the following way you explain away the terrible service by stating well she must have had a tough day with rude customers earlier you apologize for your part in the order coming out wrong saying something like don't worry about it sorry about that I must have mumbled or misspoke third you reassure everyone at the table and your server that the food is not that bad bonus Minnesota points for then still recommending that restaurant to your family and friends just about everyone annoys you but you will always smile and be agreeable throughout all conversations then hold your tongue until you're around others to share your real thoughts you'll likely never have a real argument with the Minnesotan at least not to their face and for those who are coming here from the east or west coast you'll need to start yourself now to stop using profanity in public when you swear in Minnesota every head will turn and stare at you like you just slapped a baby luckily they weren't actually say anything to you but it's definitely not acceptable blurt it out here it should be preserved for one-on-one conversations only food Minnesota certainly has its own set of culinary standards for starters you'll find tots on every menu which is great because tots are delicious you may be accustomed to certain side options like fries coleslaw or salad but in Minnesota your options are fries cheese curds and tots hot dish is the statewide get-together food staple here you might know it by its non Minnesota name casserole bonus points for making Tater Tot hot dish at any event you go to from now on you have a new option mini donuts forget about peanuts or popcorn at every movie theater sports event fair arcade even kids lemonade stands there's a high percent chance that they'll have mini donuts available another social gathering favorite is bars it's sort of a cross between brownies and candy bars but they are more durable than a cupcake and pair perfectly with Tater Tot hot dish so probably the biggest difference in food terminology that you'll see is that nobody uses the word soda its pop here in Minnesota speaking of pop do you like Mountain Dew well that's too bad because in Minnesota they have mello Yello yes they still make that walleye this is a fish that you will really rarely ever see outside of Minnesota but it's actually pretty awesome and tastes great in most preparations lutefisk if you were excited about walleye you will hate this probably because it's the worst thing you will ever taste but as a Minnesotan now your Minnesota lice will never allow you to say that remember it's not that bad but lutefisk is required in our training to become a Minnesotan it's best to start off your day with it and allow the taste to linger throughout your day Grain Belt beers surly beer another beer Minnesota's love locals so you'll learn to enjoy these but not to worry Minnesota's actually take pride in their beer so this will definitely be your easiest adjustment Minnesota has some great traditions that you'll have to start taking part of meat raffle mere apples bring together four of Minnesota's favorite things bars meat gambling and charitable giving Minnesotans are well known for going out of their way to help everyone so why not give to a worthy and noble cause for a chance to win amazing freshly hunted meat it's a win win no matter how you slice it State Fair Minnesota has the hands-down best state fair in the United States it holds the record for most daily attendees and second-highest each year for total attendance but it has incredible food a temperature your body can actually handle going into heatstroke and you will find every single fried food you can imagine from fried Snickers fried pizzas fried Twinkies etc and you have all day to eat up an entire bucket of Martha's cookies corn dogs were also invented and introduced in the Minnesota State Fair you're welcome duck duck gray duck if you are new to Minnesota you may know this children's game as duck duck goose but don't bother trying to convince him and Asotin that the correct name for the game is duck duck goose they've heard a hundred people insist on that but Minnesotans know duck duck gray duck is better so your resistance is futile just a couple notes on whether shorts weather starts at 45 degrees usually in mid-march then we hit another couple of blizzards then it's summer be prepared to trick-or-treat in a blizzard as well hockey high school hockey is bigger in Minnesota than the NHL NBA and NFL combined Minnesota produces more professional hockey players than any other state in the US and is it any wonder in early march you go to any bar restaurant Senior Living Center medical facility anywhere absolutely every TV will be broadcasting the Minnesota State High School hockey tournament even if the wild are playing and they have a 20 game win streak going on that TV channel is not moving from the high school hockey tournament mogul is everything and these are our heroes every winter morning and night Minnesota kids are out playing at the park on their ponds or on their lakes this is the state of hockey and we take it very seriously you better know the name of every North Star and every wild player that ever lived likewise any professional or Division one college player that grew up in Minnesota better be on your radar since hockey is the best sport on the planet you really lucked out in choosing to be in Minnesotan Fargo do not joke about the movie Fargo to Minnesotans they don't think it's funny oh and Fargo isn't in Minnesota it's a city in North Dakota it's just best not to bring it up ever well I seem to have covered a lot to get you on your way to becoming a Minnesotan geez what else can I talk about it's a little chillier outside today than I was expecting a Long Goodbye your final lesson to becoming a well-adjusted and passable Minnesotan is to learn the Long Goodbye if you need to be on the road by 2:00 p.m. you had better start saying goodbye at around 1:30 it's rude to say we got to go and bolt out the door you must have a final cup of coffee after you first announce that you're ready to take off you'll need to turn down additional food politely about three more times talk about your kids sporting events coming up in the next few days help put leftovers into a Tupperware to take with you and finally chat about the weather you should get in your car have one final chat as you back your car out and you wave from the moment you put your car into drive until you can no longer see the house any longer good job thank you so much for stopping by to learn these tips on becoming a Minnesotan you've made a great choice Minnesota is the best place to grow up and you'll be surrounded by the most helpful and kind-hearted people in the world we'll see you soon you betcha you

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  1. Hit the Subscribe button if you live in Minnesota. ATTENTION: All the city names were pronounced incorrectly ON PURPOSE. Every day I get triggered comments about the city names – it was intentional. 😃

  2. Yes I was cringing hard with those city names. Like have I been saying it wrong?! 🤣🤣🤣. Good video, it can be weird but I'm proud to be from Minnesota.

  3. All of this is crap, can't even say the names right of the citys, 1 thing I can only agree with is the state fair part.

  4. This guy can't say shit right, Minnesotans swear…. a lot. We are nice to a point but once you hit a point…. run. I'd love to see how long this guy would last around Bemidji. If he could figure out how to pronounce it first.

  5. Dude just stop. You are just going with the stereotypes. people in Minneapolis are some of the biggest dicks I know are from the cities. And I drink lots of mountain dew

  6. am i the only minnesotan who has never actually said "oh fer cute"? like i don't think anyone actually says that anymore

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