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Kid President: I haven’t always
been the Kid President. My first dream, I wanted to be a great inventor. I actually had a few pretty
good ideas! My magnify glasses, it helps you My magnify glasses,
it helps you see things that you need to see! It also gives you headaches.
A really good invention, makes the world more awesome.
Because the world is full of problems. There’s also lots of problem solvers! Kids like Peyton! He’s 11
years old and he invented retractable training wheels for bikes. Sandless sandbags. All sorts
of stuff! And this awesome girl Brooke, when she was 12 years old she created a video system
to help owners stay connected to their dogs! Creating new stuff out of your brain could
be hard, but I think I may have my next great invention. Every time when I try to clean
the house, my cat goes crazy! The problem, he hates the vacuum cleaner. I want to solve
this problem by making the first catuum cleaner! To maker this happen I’m going to need some
help! Time to meet with big time inventors! They make crazy stuff here! “Hello!”
Christine: Hi! KP: I want to invent something.
Christine: You want to invent something, alright. First you’re going to need some safety glasses. KP: Cool!
Christine: Alright let’s show you around! KP: Do you have any corn dogs?
Christine: Um.. KP: How many days would it take to build this?
Mike: It takes about 18 days. KP: It would probably take me a whole year actually.
Mike: You think so? Seth: You know I think if one of us was to try
to build by ourselves it would probably take a whole year. We all just do a little piece at a time. You put your little part on and I put my part on and then
together we just build this up together! Eric: Hey! Where did you come from?
KP: I just came from here! How are babies invented?
[laughs] So I can be an inventor like you?
Eric: Certainly, it’s all up to you! Anybody can do it! You just have to get a dream,
get a goal, you go for it! Seth: What are you inventing?
KP: I’m inventing a vacuum cleaner that does not scare away my cats.
Seth: [laughs] I like that! KP: Well it’s in my head but won’t come out
what I want it to be. Nick: Would it be a problem if it was slightly
different? KP: No!
Well my invention is in my head but I just can’t make it real.
Mike: Yeah I know, I understand but there are plenty of avenues to go to, to help you
out with that. I mean there’s your schooling that you did, teachers I’m sure that you met,
out on the web there’s a place called Quirky that can also help you, get the help that
you need! Nick: Did you have a good day today?
KP: Yeah! Nick: Cheers!
KP: It was really fun to meet them! I learned that scientists eat corn dogs and some of
them got really good mustaches. I learned that it’s okay to fail if you’re afraid to
mess something up, well that’s the first lesson of building something. That’s what they all
told me bro! Well the cat vacuum probably need to go back to the drawing board on that one.
Because the cat killed it. [laughs]
Killed it! Like totally messed up his head! Totally okay though! It’s okay to make mistakes.
Y’all can’t stop. Gotta keep creating, gotta keep dancing! What invention will you make
that will change the world? Seeing jet engines is always something that I wanted to do. So
thanks to everybody at GE for letting me visit! See more of their cool stuff that they’re
doing click here! Bye! SoulPancake,
Subscribe! It’s okay to make mistakes,
it’s not okay to stop.

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  1. i am 13 yr old and i making the world more cooler…The energy for working like 20 years and no energy…But,i making a full unlimited energy for the life…And then the all of oil cars make out and the electronic cars cash go down like 100$ and that's it than my opinion the snow is more larger then now!!! "Make the world more cooler!"

  2. Eu vai esse video na minha escola. Vocês n estão entendendo o que eu estou escrevendo. Eu acho

  3. if u want to not scare your cat away reduce the sound they think its something that will hurt them

  4. this really helps my son because him and his friends are10 and they are going to be scientists #KidPresident

  5. He had to go across the country when a normal person could put their cat in the bathroom for 20 minutes

  6. I love how any video where the subject is empowering kids just HAS to have corporate mention or backing. Are we encouraging kids to think and do because they're favourable states of being human which enrich the individual by their own virtue or because if they think of something unique enough they can sell it to GE and separate themselves from the unremarkables? Because I guarantee that if you find a child with truly unlimited potential, it'll be capped quickly and summarily once they start drawing a paycheck from any Corporate Industrial establishment. Happens every day.

  7. I am a 10 year old and I want to be an inventor when I grow up and I started my first project now codenamed FC

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  9. You made a Invention for your cat I want to make shoes for dogs that are allergic to grass I would put a really strong rubber so the teeth don't really dig in the shoes

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  12. Mine is so gonna be a virtual Pokémon device that is so small it can fit in your pocket and you can bring it anywhere

  13. Dear Kid President, I have been trying to make a device to reverse brain damage it will change medicine forever from, a huge fangirl who has been here since you began doing this.

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