The door just closed on my leg ah On a scale of one to ten I am level ten stress right now I have like ten minutes to get to school And I live like 15-ish minutes away. See, this morning was going fine when I was in my bed, but the second that I realized that I had overslept you know things went sour This is also stressful because I don’t know about you guys But my school has “A” days and “B” days which basically means… I don’t even know what it means. It’s like you have half of your classes one day, and then you have half of your classes the next day So, like, for me, I have, like, first, second, third, and fourth block on “A” days and then on “B” days I have fifth, sixth, and seventh block so on “B” days, I have a study hall in the morning So if I’m late to school it doesn’t matter. But guess what? Today is in “A” day! And I have physics right now and that teacher would not be happy if I was late So I need to get my head in the game, and I need to get there.. I need to be at school. It’s, like, my fourth day of school, and I’m, like, already late, like, I can’t do that I can’t afford to have teachers hating me on, like, the second freaking day of school no It’s like the fourth day, but you know what I mean. You got to have a good relationship with the teachers even though I tend to accidentally roast them so it’s like kind of me trying to find a hard balance there It’s like okay am I roasting them too much, or am I doing it just the right amount to keep them guessing. You know, keep them on their toes, but don’t like offend them. That’s my whole roasting technique. It’s like kind of, like, soft and just, like, a little bit and just a little bit stinging I don’t know Maybe it doesn’t work, but maybe it does so, either way. I don’t know. I didn’t even have time to drink my coffee at home. I had to pack it in this cup Which if you saw my first day of school vlog, you have– you a (stutters) you a real bae. And you know what this is. Do you know what, if you really want to know about my life right now, and the reason why I woke up late this morning. It’s because I was exhausted. I was exhausted this morning because it’s literally the fourth day of school. Most of my teachers aren’t really causing me an issue. Most of my teachers aren’t really giving me very many assignments And it’s all reasonable and doable but my math teacher– to whom is a great guy, he is, he’s great– He likes to leave out mints for the class and you could just grab and get one whenever go and grab go and grab one Whenever you want. I mean what an angel right? I mean seriously what an angel he just leaves out mints for everybody I mean like what more could you ask for from a guy, but like the thing is he assigns a lot of homework. It’s a lot! So, that’s stressful. Last night, I was really shoving it in the last second I mean, I was really I was really going for it in the last few minutes. I was–it was intense I mean, picture this. 12 a.m. I’m tired, everyone else in the world is freaking tired, and I’m just freaking whipping out a math homework assignment And I’m not gonna lie to you. It wasn’t going so well I was confused, and I didn’t get it, but guess what all of my classmates were probably asleep So instead of texting them and being like “guys do you understand what’s going on?” I just had to figure it out on my own which I did eventually but it took me a long time I ended up going to bed way later and here’s another thing I do my homework when I’m in my bed like I just sit on my bed and do my homework I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t have like a desk or anything like that so like But I’m finishing my homework I shove it all in my backpack, and I could literally go to sleep on the spot because I’m already in my bed But you know what no, I had to get up and brush my teeth how inconvenient that is so inconvenient That’s like literally my pet peeve in life is when I’m like I’m just chilling You know I’m sounding a great a** time in my bed, and then it’s time to go to bed and instead of being able to just lay down and you know be asleep You know what no, that’s not what they’re no, okay? I have to get up and brush my teeth which is an extreme inconvenience, and I hate it But you know what dental health is important Especially for me someone who drinks a ton of coffee because coffee is a staining Item and you do not want that to affect your teeth so yeah, I guess I’ll just see you at school. Okay, one more thing normally there’s like a ton of traffic when I’m driving to school and right now There’s like no one on the road, and I’m like genuinely concerned that like I don’t even have school today And I’m just like coming here, and I don’t have school Cuz there’s no one around it’s like a freakin ghost town around here, and there’s always so much traffic, okay? Well… wish me luck! Alright so guys. I got to school, and I officially made it on time Which is a very surprising, um, thing Considering that I really didn’t think I was gonna make it and this morning was very rushed and stressful I mean, you should have seen how fast I was– We’re doing a little experiment. So, we have to, like, make it go down the ramp… And then you we have to, like, time it and then average it and stuff. We have to, like- It’s pretty complicated, pretty intense… We boutta get caught up in here. I gotta keep this low-key. Can’t have anybody finding out that. I’m vlogging right now Tell me why I’m crying in the club right now (laughing) Okay, so we’re in the bathroom right now. Ava here. Reme here, bye Reme. Lily here, and then we Kaya (mumbles?) Kahaya! We’re gonna make some’s right now because Jacob’s Sart-SArtorious (Bad and Boujee by Migos feat. Lil Uzi Vert plays) No! Is anyone? Do you know what? I’m gonna get a mint all right? I just feel like it Oh my god, no. You know you’re sucking on a mint, and then you drink water, and the water is like way too cold. I’m, like not okay! Flip people off when they’re driving and stuff like that… You won’t have a cow? Have a cow?More like have a tofu. You’re welcome. Honestly, he should just teach the entire lesson just singing. (sings) midpoint formula Does that mean no shapes exist? What?! Do you know what, math has been a lie my entire life? Oh my god, I’m gonna pee. Yesterday when I was eating breakfast, I found that my milk was congealed it had been in my fridge for two weeks! plot twist I drink almond milk and almond milk doesn’t congeal- don’t congeal… Vegan life! vegan gain.. vegan… You have to go pee so bad. Savage selfie. One, two, three savage selfie! Hashtag Clickbate! Hashtag… hashtag… Lily! I told you! I just bought some sushi… It was $4.99 I’m not gonna lie to you right now. I’m a little bit concerned $5.00 sushi It’s a risky thing, but if I end up feeling it later, I’ll let you know but for now. We’ll see okay Wish me luck. Thank you for getting me a nice little snack well, you didn’t buy for me, but thank you for taking me with you! Bye! (Lily: Peace!) Go! run 2 hours later Okay, so it’s about 6 o’clock right now And I haven’t really talked to you guys in a while because I was just doing stuff You know it was a really random day honestly like it’s been fun But it hasn’t really been productive because I’ve just been like doing fun stuff I went and got food from a really weird grocery store, and that was fun I got some sushi. It was five dollars, as you saw. Honestly, I hope it doesn’t cause me to get a stomachache, but because it only had cucumber in it I mean, I’m assuming that I’ll be fine cuz usually the thing about sushi that makes you sick is raw fish And there’s obviously not-no raw fish in that sushi so we’ll have to hope for the best of that and then after that I drove and met my dad for coffee now cuz we Were both out and about and were like yeah, let’s just get some coffee, so I haven’t done any homework yet today Ehhh.. I have a lot! Junior year, starting out strong. I have so much frickin’ homework. It’s unbelievable I didn’t think it was gonna get this bad so fast. Do you know what though? I just can’t stress out about it. You do it, and you just shut up about it So speaking of homework/school. Um I vlogged a lot at school today, and I managed to not get caught by a teacher Which is really impressive. I did not get detention yet, but to be determined! That could happen at some point. Yeah, honestly. I think that’s it I don’t know what I’m gonna do for the rest of the day because I have a lot of homework to do you know? I have some editing to do. Not gonna lie to you I’m gonna go home, and I’m just gonna edit and I’m not gonna do homework because I just don’t want to do homework I don’t know one person who enjoys homework. If you enjoy homework, comment down below your reasoning because that’s just like not… I mean really?? Like, oh no. Homework is a waste of time. It’s actually really like- it’s really a sad thought, the fact that you go to school for so long and then you come home And you still have to like do 10 more hours of homework and like I don’t understand I mean I get it but like… I don’t know. Whatever. I don’t (stutters) school. Do you know what.. cut this whole part out. I’m an idiot. I wanted to go to the gym, but it just happened to be that when I was like “you know what I’ll hop in the car. Go to the gym.” And I went on maps and I looked. It’s like rush-hour traffic It was gonna Take like literally 20 more minutes to get there than it normally would so I was like You know what? Frick this. The gains?
They can wait. I don’t need to go to the gym right now. It’s 6:30, I don’t know if that’s too late to have a coffee… I really want one though like I just had one, but like I really want another one I only had two coffees today like that’s so not fair. So, I really want another one, but we’ll see. Alright guys. That was today’s vlog. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, give this video a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel, comment down below anything you want and if you were wondering I just spent my last 10 hundred hours doing homework, and I can’t wait to lay down and go to bed, so anyways, I love you guys so much and appreciate every last one of you, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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