How to Apply – Australian Training Awards – Student Categories

(upbeat music) – I’d say to people looking
to apply for their state, as well as the Australian Training Awards, is just do it. You never know where
you’re going to end up. It’s taken me to places,
that I didn’t think I’d go. I got to travel around
Australia and talk at different awards and different events. But it’s also given me the connections and the empowerment to
promote my community, as well as Vocational
Education and Training. (upbeat music) – When I found out that the
Training Awards existed, I did wait until like a week
or two before it was due and I emailed my teacher and I
said look there’s this award, where you could talk about
how great your training was, what your achievements were, and how meaningful vocational
training is to you. And I said those are those
are all things I’m pretty passionate about, what do you think? And, he came back saying,
you know, you’re the exact kind of student we’d want
to apply, so go for it, I’ll write you a reference letter. And it was that last
little bit of encouragement I needed to tip me over
the line to actually apply. And from there the process
has just been one of meeting really interesting
people and talking about what I’m passionate about. So it’s just been a great experience. (upbeat music) – We’re looking for finalists who show high achievements in
the off-the-job training when they’re at their registered
training organization, who have formed a relationship
with their employer, and have a strong relationship
with their employer, and have a passion for what they do. – That’s really why it’s
important for us to have an alumni, for the alumni
to be available to tell people how great VET is,
and what it holds for them. (upbeat music) – [Jack] Being a member of
the Australian VET alumni community has opened so many doors for me. It has allowed me to not
only speak to school students about their pathways after high school, but also, senior executives
within organizations. And how, the VET sector in
apprenticeships and traineeships could change their organizations and will help them into the future. (upbeat music) – Unfortunately, I think VET is probably the best kept secret for a career pathway. A lot of people are really
unaware of what VET has to offer. And, if we consider, the future workforce ten out of ten of the jobs
that are going to be available need a VET qualification. It’s where the jobs are,
it’s for the prosperity of our economy, if we’re
going to actually prosper as a nation, we really need
to skill our workforce, and that is through a VET qualification. (upbeat music)

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