44 thoughts on “How Terraria Makes You Feel Like A Master”

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  2. base game terraria is worthless after the first play though, play modded instead.
    "is modded terraria easy" no 99% of the time its harder, way harder. and increase the content. Pre hardmode terror is basically find gear and then find the better gear. modded makes it not that and adds variety.

  3. eye of cthulu is not the first boss, it might be the first boss u come across as its pretty common to accidentally spawn at night; but its pretty misleading when king slime is the games official first boss.

  4. This might sound weird but I feel like Terraria is almost like the best DnD game out there? Like it's not really an RPG but it feels really similar to playing a session of DnD in that you defeat enemies, collect money and gear, find legendary and really neat items and special rewards and level up your gear. You even start specializing into classes later in the game. It just gives me the same sort of vibe as DnD and it's really weird despite the fact that Terraria on the surface looks like 2D Minecraft. But I guess it's because mining isn't actually a that big part of it? And it allows for quite a lot of RP in your choice of gear and weapons and cosmetics, plus with all the dungeons around the place it is kinda similar.

  5. You should check out "the witness". This stupidly complex puzzle game has nearly no rules and breaks your brain by forcing you to think differently. Anyone can play it, but it almost requires multiple people to figure out what the puzzles need.

  6. Calamity Mod on Death mode is Terrarias true test of difficulty. Don't bring any friends… because they won't be your friends for long.

  7. Actually, Minecraft does have a known developer. Hatsune Miku released the first version of the game May 17, 2009, a barebones version of the game that will eventually become a worldwide phenomenon

  8. I'm surprised you didn't mention Divinity Original Sins 2! It's such a fun game and the first time I experienced what you mentioned in this video. Mainly because I search up what to do in games but that game had me figuring everything out myself and feeling good about it!

  9. When I went through on the first time in Expert Mode, I noticed that I had my ass kicked to me by Skeletron, like, a lot. My usual strategy of high mobility and arena preparing for Skeletron wasn't working, primarily because of the projectile attack. Then I discovered that the Shield of Cthulhu, the Expert Mode drop from the Eye, was actually lowkey incredibly good, as a double tap dash is amazing for dodging projectile attacks, and plus it gives you invulnerability for a few frames, so you even if you goof and dash into Skeletron you're not taking any damage. I used that Shield well into Hardmode, because it was just that useful.

  10. If only Adam could make it to where you can upgrade lower tier weapons and so on to more power full version very rare mats

  11. 0:11

    *Sigh*; and of course, you couldn't help but to vigorously consume those sweet soy lattes, now could you? 🙂

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