How SAS Is Being Used at South Carolina Department of Education

SAS is used in the State
Department of Education in a lot of different ways. It’s used to deliver information
across different departments. It’s used to validate
information that’s coming in from school districts. It’s used to help
us clarify reports. It’s used to change
data from its raw form into a process where
people can easily consume large amounts of information. SAS is, really, just about
communication for us. Districts report up to us. And we control the flow of
funds from the legislature to the school districts. And in order to do that,
we have to make sure that we’re funding each
student as designated by the legislature, but not
over-funding a district. There’s a fixed pot of money. So the more claims you have
against it, the less shares that everybody would get. So it’s very important that when
we validate information coming up to us, that we identify
each student uniquely, we are able to track
the amount of time that they are enrolled
in each district, and that the services that
are offered for each student get funded appropriately. One of the most recent
uses is to validate our pre-K enrollment
and making sure that the students were
qualified for the services that they were receiving
and that the money followed the student.

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