How Online Learning Offers Flexibility for ABSN Students

Having the dual approach for Concordia having the in-person classroom time and also having the online learning time has been really vital for me to be able to even do nursing school. Having the freedom with the online learning courses to study when I want to, when I have time to do my assignments to watch lectures, PowerPoints, videos… There’s kind of a multi-disciplinary approach for the online learning that is really helpful. And I’m a very visual learner. So being able to watch things and to write them down and to take my time going through them. It’s healthcare. There’s a lot of terminology. There’s a lot of words that it’s nice to press pause and then look up and press play, and continue now knowing what they’re talking about. I pick a couple days out of the week that I do all of my schoolwork. I don’t usually spread it out so much because it’s nice to have a little mental health break in there since this is an accelerated program. Give yourself rest days. That’s really important. Each week, you really have to be intentional about your time. You really need to be focused and when you’re studying, you are studying. There are no other distractions. Planning into your day specific study time. They’ll tell you, in nursing school you need to make sure that you’re not just giving, giving, giving to other people. You need to also give back to yourself.

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