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  1. B.S being out against nature and leeches of society teaches manhood media doesn't teach a thing about being a man

  2. I don't know, but maybe things like this happen because young boys don't have any value unless they are in service to women. Maybe because they have no other role. Or maybe because they are brow beaten into believing that we live in a patriarchy, which we don't. Maybe boys don't learn anything in school because everything has become female centric. Our schools today and society are striving to make boys effeminate. This confuses them specially when they don't have an outlet to be males. I wouldn't be surprised if the lecturer announces that his son is transgender soon.

  3. The reason there’s so much violence, and the reason boys tend to emulate that: is because violence is ingrained in our (boys) DNA, it’s called testosterone.

  4. Good lord, what a loser soy boy. If you’re so concerned about what your kids are learning from what they’re watching, have discussions with them to make sure they don’t take things the wrong way. YOU be the role model for your kids! Be an active parent and the biggest influence in their life and it will work out fine.

  5. This speaker needs to experience some wilderness and understand nature. He believes in a lot of magical thinking.

  6. So I wonder why that study didn't include how many men are sexually assaulted? They need to include prison inmates in that study too.

  7. I have a really horrible feeling that this guy doesn't understand the basic issues having to do with life. Human beings exist in a fundamental state of conflict. Resolving this conflict is how we continue to survive as a species. I believe that he is fundamentally misread everything about the message of Star Wars. The Warriors Journey has to do with the discovery of the weaknesses in oneself and how to overcome them. Star Wars is an example of a Warrior's Journey. The reason why the Empire had to be defeated and it was understood by the audience that this Empire was an oppressive government. What Luke Skywalker had to discover was the true nature of the fall of his father and how to redeem him from this fall. It's about the fundamental Brokenness of the way in which fathers relate to their sons in American society. This is a far more important thing then pursuing some abstract idea of defeating a patriarchy. Men who are emotionally whole in themselves can stand both in a position of strength and a position of compassion. Weak men are only in a position to defend themselves. The society as it is right now seeks to Rob men of their fundamental wholeness. The constant assault on manhood from our media is meant to make men into mealy-mouthed beta male Orbiters for seemingly all powerful women. I look forward to movies depicting powerful female villains,to counterbalance the Mary sue female characters coming out. Speaking of Star Wars I actually like Rey in the new series however I'm almost looking forward to seeing her possibly fall to the dark side. this would actually create another cycle in the way in which the force balances. it would also give way to the possibility of a woman being in a position of needing Redemption and finding it.

  8. Sorry Bobo. Life IS fought alone. I had to spend most of my life fighting alone for myself with no one to help and no one to guide. Had I been the type of touchy-feely namby-pamby that you portray I would never have gotten where I am now. There is the judeo-christian ethic which teaches respect and worth but this is not it.
    Because I stayed true to "the quest," I now lead a team. I have greater value and worth than if I had been taught to walk around with a mangina being all touchy-feely.
    The best stories match the One True Story–a man standing up for principal staying true to that principle and pushing through all obstacles with the help of the Deity until he reaches the goal. I face the day to day I'm not in some academical Fairyland where I can build my own little stories around what I imagine reality to be.

    Embarking on the Quest–the goal of which is to be a man and to build your own life around moral Godly principles, is not something that any boy should be cured of it is something he should be encouraged to do. I would rather have a little Errol Flynn running around than some Barbie Boy who wants to play dress up.

  9. Why are there so many betamales complaining about the fact that they're genetically inferior kids won't be able to hack it unless we turn all the men into manginas?

  10. Very obviously a false statistic. Maybe it's accurate when u count everything from cat-calling to telling a woman she's beautiful as assault

  11. The Bechdel Test adds nothing to the story and should be ignored. Focus on good scripts and dialogs, instead.

  12. I feel sorry for your Son. Fathers like you are the reason Boys seek masculine role models in movies. Low self esteem turns Males into bullies and rapists. I expect your poor Son to be on the news within the decade. "We have tools at our disposal like GIRL POWER, and we hope that that will help, but I gotta wonder is GIRL POWER gonna protect them, If at the same time actively or passively we're training our Sons to maintain their BOY POWER." Your Son may end up being yet another casualty of a beta male role model. And your Daughter is likely going to suffer just as much or more because you're sending her into the world with delusions of grandeur and a false sense of security that are not preparing her for the realities of the world. I imagine the Fathers of Maren Ueland and Louisa Jespersen were very much like you. And you'll raise your Boy to be as beta as you are, so he'll be incapable of defending his Family in a home invasion, or maybe he'll just beat up Women. Real Men created the civilised world, and spineless whining betas are doing their best to destroy it. If you are looking for "Toxic Masculinity" you need look no further than the mirror!

  13. Men and women has the same rights but not the same functions in society. There are biological and psychological differences with a purpose. Dysney is no educational system nor has ever taugh anyone how to deal with the world. Single motherhood represents over 70% of the criminals in our jails. Who's raising those kids? What male role model do they have. A balanced child needs a male figure. Men can't give birth but are supposed to protect and discipline sons and daughters. Women professional development can't come by sidesiding or dismissing the only real reason for being a woman, the children. And the man can't relinquish his duty as provider and protector. My perfect movie: "A Quiet Place"

  14. Power puff girls was phenomenal. Then studios got it and diced it up and ruined it. Power Puffs original was the best! Right now we are preparing cartoons for the child adults who won't graduate from college. The professors chin was filed down, the mayor's secretary is nixed, the teachers breasts were ripped off, there is nothing but rainbows and gum drops (and the hypnosis panda that did pretty well compared to other bad guys)

    Your female leads in the industry that you showed are pretty good.

  15. You lost me the minute you forgot that Princess Leia picked up a gun and shot at hardened shock troopers killing some, questioned the plan of her jail break, withheld information under torture, stood up to the greatest boogie man in the Galaxy, and rallied good men to a great cause. She not only demonstrated honor and courage, but grace also. Maybe the problem is the current generation can't recognize virtue when they see it. Please, the narrative in this presentation is flawed. Turn in your man card immediately.

  16. I don't get the whole top 100 popular movies thing if the top 10 was 11% female lead then that either means men are the primary consumers of movies or that those 11 are not as good or anticipated movies

  17. Good concept…but more needs to b done to encourage our men to protect and defending our women..and to halt the emasculatuon of our men…they need heroes who are strong, brave, kind and chivalrous..we've woosified our men and boys…..I want a man's man to be my husband…to care and protect, stick up for me and at all times know that I'm proud of him in all he does…as a man!

  18. Formative years (0-9), is of vital importance and I'm fully in agreement that our media choices for this age group should set a positive message for boys & girls. Of course I think the bigger impact on young children is whether they are surrounded by healthy adult relationships or not. If divorced and lacking a male spouse, you should strive to make sure your male child has access to other positive male role models (especially in how they relate to women).

    With saying that, it pisses me off when SJWs throw a hissy fit at movies meant for adolescents & adults that are obviously escapist nonsense. A male oriented flick of "Male hero, show me boobies / female love interest" is not all of a sudden going to turn adolescent / adult males into sexual predators or men who'll disrespect women. I don't care if you think it "objectifies" women as sexual objects, what your posters on the wall of Orlando Bloom didn't objective males (or all those women on the Views talking about hot male bods)? Males can in fact enjoy their escapist movies like women can enjoy their unrealistic relationships as shown in Romance Novels & Romantic Comedy's. We're all adults, to the extent our formative years went well, we are fine.

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