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I want to welcome you all to the lifestyle changers financial freedom presentation for those of you who do not know who I am my name is Angela Williams I have a bachelor's degree in finance I have a master's degree both business and accounting I spent over 13 years in the corporate America basically climbing the ladder as a senior financial analyst and then in 2008 I was laid off and after being being not being able to be employed for four consecutive years I had to jump out on faith and basically I needed to create my own job so I decided to be an entrepreneur and I opened up my own business on glamour and gifts and I have basically been a successful business owner for the past 10 years now I was introduced to this opportunity that I'm about to present to you over a year and a half ago I am a financial coach and as a financial coach we basically get paid to teach people how to get out of debt and invest and just by applying the strategies some of them that you're gonna learn tonight I was able to cashflow well over actually ninety seven thousand dollars as of right now I'm a hundred percent debt free I've also been able to grow my investment accounts to well over two hundred and ninety dollars as of right now and also been able to increase my credit score to a 758 so I'm really really excited to share more information with you tonight now what I want to talk about is the power of business ownership I want you to look at this chart why owned businesses create about fifty five point nine million jobs so they're able to employ about forty four percent of the white population now compare that to Asian owned businesses that are able to employ about thirty three percent of the population Hispanic owned business are able to create about 2.5 million jobs every year they're able to employ about eight percent of the Hispanic population and African Americans create about 1 million jobs and so we're only able to employ about 4 percent of the black population but I want you all to think about it it's over 130 million people who can work a job so regardless of race is still a need for people to have businesses because the more businesses the more job opportunities that are available but before we can even talk about anyone opening up a business the first thing we need to do is we need to talk about how to get off financial house in order so by the end of this presentation you're gonna know how to increase your cash flow how to eliminate debt how to build your emergency fund at the same time fund your retirement and you're also gonna learn how to increase your credit score why is financial literacy in high demand right now well 77 million adults do not pay their bills on time 56% of US adults do not have a budget so if you don't have a budget how do you know where your money is going 7 out of 10 Americans do not have $1,000 in their savings account right now there are some people that is on this webinar that don't have six hundred dollars in the bank right now see 67 percent of African Americans have no emergency savings in case they lose their job lose their spouse or they get sick the average wealth in America is about one hundred and forty-one thousand dollars but the average wealth for Hispanics is thirteen thousand and the average wealth for African Americans is about eleven thousand so as you can see we are in last place and that is because we are overspending we are not saving we're not investing we're now owning homes we're not even buying homes so obviously there are some some changes that need to be made still loan debt is at an all-time high technology is gonna kill over five million jobs and so if you just be paying attention to what's going on everything is becoming automated you know so now there's kiosks where you can order food they're working on driverless cars driverless trucks you know if you go to San Francisco there's hotels where when you go to check-in you're gonna check in with a robot and not a real person so just imagine how times is gonna change and so what's gonna happen is instead of you preparing your children to go to school get an education to get a job you're gonna have to prepare your children to get an education and create their own job sixty-eight million piece credit score is below 600 so that means that if your score is under 600 or even in the 600 range you're still paying twice the interest rates then somebody that has good credit let's talk about Social Security I actually went online and looked at how much benefits I am going to get once I hit retirement now you know that they take Social Security out of your paycheck every single paycheck right well guess what I got notified from Social Security that basically told me that 70 they only gonna be able to pay me 77 percent of my scheduled benefits so they took all that money I'm a paycheck and normally I'd have been getting about fourteen hundred but now they telling me they only gonna be able to pay me seventy seven percent and they said that's by 2034 well guess what by 2034 I'm not even gonna be 65 years old so by the time I turn 65 it'll probably be about 7 percent or 65 percent but if you're on this webinar and you're in your 30s you might be 25 you need to be really paying attention and created a plan because it's quite possible that Social Security may or may not be there for you by the time you retire now the average Social Security check is about $1,300 so just imagine that you turn 65 you haven't paid off your house or you don't even have a house you're still renting by the time you pay your rent and utilities $1,300 is pretty much gone so how are you going to be able to take care of your son provide for yourself if you do not get serious about saving for your future let's talk about the investment of scenario for many people so I want you to think about your 401 K your 403 B maybe you got a TSP because maybe you work for the government think about your age right now and I want you to look at this chart if you are 30 years old you should have sixty four thousand dollars in your investment account right now if you are forty-five years old you should have two hundred and thirty one thousand dollars in your investment account right now if you're 65 years old you should have a minimum of seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars in your 401k right now so I want you to look at this chart I want you to find your age and I want you to ask yourself are you on track and if your answer is no that just means that whatever it is that you're doing right now and what you've been doing up to this point is not going to create a lifestyle where you're gonna be able to fund your lifestyle when you no longer able to work see 81% of Americans don't even know how much money they need to be saving every month to even retire on track fifty percent of Americans who are already at the age of 50 have zero in their retirement savings so by the end of this webinar I'm gonna show you that even if you are starting fresh at zero I'm gonna show you how you can get right back on track now there's a reason why most people do not have any money saved for their retirement I want you to think about you in corporate America maybe you making $50,000 a year well eleven thousand dollars is coming right off of your paycheck because of taxes taxes is one of the biggest bills that you have and so what ends up happening is a third of your income is being taken away from taxes another thirty your income is being taken away because you are in debt so think about your mortgage think about your car no payment think about your student loan payments all of those debts those payments was calculated based on your growth but you're forced to pay it off of your net and see that's the trap also you got to think about inflation the cost of everything is constantly going up but your raises in your job is not happening enough every year to keep up with inflation now another thirty your income is going back out the door because big business is constantly advertising to you we just what finished back to school it was August right now we got to go into Labor Day then we're gonna have Halloween then we're gonna have Thanksgiving we don't have Christmas and then the year starts all over guess what there's New Year's everybody's ready pop bottles there's Valentine's Day there's Mother's Day Father's Day Memorial Day fourth of July and the cycle just keeps going and then you all know somebody that it's their birthday and now people celebrate their birthday for the entire month people are having babies people are weddings and there's more and more reasons why you have to go into your pocket so what's happening is you're working 40 hours a week but yet you don't own your paycheck and this is why you are living paycheck to paycheck so what I'm about to do is I'm gonna give you a solution I'm gonna show you how to make more money without getting another job or without going back to school getting into more debt in hopes of getting a better paying job and I'm also gonna show you how you can manage your money better welcome to the world of my econ my econ is a 13 year old debt free financial literacy education company we are based out of Atlanta Georgia there's over 75,000 distributors across the country and the strategies that we have learned in my econ has allowed us to keep over four hundred and fifty million dollars in our pockets now what my econ is gonna give you is a business in a box so we're gonna give you a ecommerce internet business why because that's the wave of the future you know to it 224 million people shop online so this is not one of them business opportunities where you gotta spend money and on inventory carry inventory and try to find people to buy products off of you okay so we're gonna give you a website that has digital products that people can use and consume on a daily and monthly basis so some of the products is we're gonna offer identity theft protection which is our ID defender we offer the smart money system which is a do-it-yourself credit repair kit we also have the cash flow manager do you know other people in other small businesses like maybe Mary Kay or Avon or TLC well guess what many of those our business owners do not have an automated system in place to track their expenses so they're losing thousands of dollars at the end of the year when it comes to tax time and so we have a software that is going to track their expenses and it's going to help them to be able to get all of the business deductions that they qualify for we're also affiliates of Priceline so if you know anybody who use Priceline to book their travel you can get paid for every Hotel every airfare we also have health and wellness products and teas we also have roadside assistance as well as credit monitoring services one of the products that I absolutely love that is on our websites that you can offer to your family and friends is the cashback MA if you know anybody right now who shop at Walmart they shop at Best Buy they shop at Macy's JC Penney's Ashley Stewart Avenue Home Depot Old Navy foot lockers they go to the movies you name it there's over a hundred different department stores in this mall and guess what you get paid every time you spend money and you can earn commissions off of your clients who purchase a cash bag mall and they are rebates you can earn a percentage of the rebate so this cashback MA offers up to 30 percent cash back also on your website is travel portals so that's right if let's say you're thinking about doing a cruise to Miami or Tampa you want to go to Bahamas or Cuba guess what we have some cruise travel portals discount portals in your website so as you can see this is a four-night Caribbean cruise from Miami to Bahamas for a hundred and eighty nine dollars so not only can you book your own cruise at a discount but guess what you can offer your services to other people you would come up with your own rates and you can use this wholesale discount so you can make even more money from the comfort of your home now what sex might econ apart from any other business opportunity in the marketplace right now is we're gonna give you something nobody else kids and that's personal finance education because it's not about how much money you make it's about how much money you keep okay so in our income shifting membership we're gonna teach you budgeting we're gonna teach you how to minimize your taxes we're gonna teach you how to eliminate your debt we're gonna teach you how to build a better credit file we're gonna give you investment education and we're gonna give you retirement planning so one of the strategies that you're gonna learn is how to increase your cash flow so this came directly off of the IRA website and basically what the IRS was saying is that over a hundred million people get tax refunds and what you need to know is that a tip tax refund is not free money it's actually your money from you not adjusting your w-4 correctly and having them take out too much money out your paycheck now the IRS believes the reason why you're doing this is because you don't have the ability to save your money so you want the Uncle Sam to take more of your money out your paycheck so at the end of the year you'll have a savings now here's what we know most people who get a federal refund check in about 90 days that money is spent so they're not using it for savings but here's what Uncle Sam said you should do with that extra money you should consider taking that money and put it into your savings account or use that money to pay off debt the problem is why are you not doing it so if you look at the top of the w-4 it clearly tells you that you should consider completing a new form w-4 each year and when your personal or financial situation changes so personal situation is you have a child you get married you get divorce financial situation maybe you buy a home or you start a home-based business so let's talk about strategy number one again I want to show you how to increase your cash flow why because 80% of Americans over paid a taxes because your w-4 form is filled out incorrectly so once we give you the education you are no longer gonna be one of those people that claim ten on your w-4 for six months and then adjusted back down to zero at the end of the year you're not gonna be one of those people who are filing exempt because you want to keep more of your money or you know you're getting a bonus so you file exempt so they don't take no taxes out well guess what if you're not over the age of sixty-five if you're not legally blind and if you make well over eleven thousand dollars you can't even qualify for exemption so if you were ever audited you're gonna have to pay that money back you are gonna get fine and you can be put in prison for up to a year so why do something here legal and ethical when we can show you how to do it the correct way just by tying a business to your income so we're gonna show you how to legally correct your w-4 most people when they think of the w-4 they think that is based on the number the pendants that you have well not really it is about allowances and actually there's a bottom half for the 2018 w-4 that gives you additional allowances that you qualify for because now you will be a business owner so just by adjusting your w-4 we can show you how to get an extra one hundred to twelve hundred dollars every single month so let's say you are you know your mom maybe your children are now adults they're graduating from college they're no longer living in your house you cannot claim those children on your taxes well guess what the most you can claim on your w-4 is probably about two maybe you're in corporate America you single and you have no children well again the most you can claim on your w-4 is two but we're gonna show you how just by tying in my econ to your bit to your income you're gonna be able to lock the bottom half of the w-4 and you can increase your allowances from two to up to eight let's say you're married with two kids or you can be a single mom or a single dad with two kids well the motion claim on your w-4 is copy about eight but we're gonna we're gonna show you how you can unlock the bottom half guess what then it can increase your allowances anywhere from nine ten the highest I've seen is actually twelve so how can we do this without you oh and Uncle Sam at the end of the year where we're going to teach you strategy number two and that's how to minimize your taxes and I just want you to think for a minute how many of you on this webinar pair cell phone bill I'm do I pay about 120 dollars a month how many of you have internet access in your home that you're paying for how many of you have a car note or you lease in a car and if your car is paid for how many you are actually driving it how many of you travel you go on vacation how many of you have children that are over the age of six we'll see many of these monthly living expenses that you incur every month can now be converted into business write-off because there's four hundred and seventy five different tax deductions for a home-based business so guess what you can write off a percentage of your cellphone your internet access you can write off a percentage of the interest that is in your Cardinal or your lease payment you can also write off the tires don't gas you put in the car your oil changes or you can decide that maybe it's um a higher standard deduction if you write off your car miles some of you are maybe drive eight thousand ten thousand sixteen thousand miles a year guess what you can be reimbursed fifty-five cents per mile let's say you do go on vacation in my econ we're considered marketing director so if you are on vacation and you're passing out brochures and business cars and you're just meeting people while you're out and about and you're telling them about your business guess what your marketing so you get to write off that airfare the baggage fees you get to write off the hotel fee if you get over all the meals that you are eating and also we're gonna show you how you can hire your children into your my econ business and you can write off up to twelve thousand dollars per child and this is powerful but let me show you what these business deductions can do at the end of the year on your tax returns so let's say you're a single mom and you got two kids and let's say your gross income is about fifty thousand dollars well you're gonna get the head of a household deduction of eighteen thousand and let's say you don't have a home or any other write-offs well your adjusted gross income is gonna be thirty-two thousand dollars the tax rate at their level is gonna be about twelve percent so the taxes owed is like thirty eight hundred dollars now let's see what it looks like when you have a home-based business and you tie it to your to your income cuz pay attention when you are working a job you're paying the highest tax rates in America you have to work your attacks first and then you can spend your money but when you have a home-based business the table turn so what happens is you get to work you get to spend your money and then you are taxed so let's look on the right-hand side you said yes to my econ and now you got a home-based business so let's look at that adjusted gross income of $32,000 well see now you qualify for business deductions right so you're gonna write off your car mileage so maybe that equates to $4,000 you write off your cellphone $1,200 you right off your travel $1,200 you right off the meals of 1600 guess what you got a net adjusted gross income $24,000 but guess what you got two children and they're over the age of six and we're going to show you how to put them to work in your business and guess what we're gonna write off the $24,000 child wages deduction so that's gonna make our adjusted taxable income zero one zero times twelve percent zero and so what we have done we have showed you the true meaning of what we call income shifting and that's where we take you from a higher tax bracket to a lower tax bracket and guess what because this single mom taxable income is zero where you know since her income is dropped she's gonna qualify for Earned Income Tax Credit she's gonna qualify for some child tax credit so she's not only did she able to keep her money up front but she's also gonna get a refund check so what i am telling you is that your my econ business can be your number one asset and it can keep more of your heart or money in your pocket so let me share with you the two options that you're gonna have available to you if you want the tax advantages of a home-based business so option number one is you can just share w-4 you can get your money throughout the year up front so let's say for example you're just your w-4 you get an extra six hundred dollars a month that's seventy two hundred dollars a year and many of you on this webinar don't even get federal refund checks for seventy two hundred dollars a year but I want you to pay attention let's say you took that extra money that you got in your paycheck and you invested it there are index funds that you can invest in right now that may be paying sixteen percent return on investment well guess what now at the end of the year you have seven thousand seven hundred and fifty-two dollars in your that's an account that means that you made 552 dollars off of your own money now option number two is you do not adjust your w-4 you just apply the write-offs on the back end at the end of the year so what that can do is that can add an extra thousand a five thousand dollars to your federal refund check but here's the problem with that you can do it but what you miss out is the return on investment because guess what you're gonna get a lump sum one time at the end of the year so you weren't able to invest that money throughout the year so guess what your money didn't make no money and so we want to let you know how to use the write-off but the choice at the end of the day is yours now we're gonna teach you the tax laws directly from the IRS publications we're gonna give you a software called the cash flow manager that is gonna allow you to track your income you're gonna track your expenses and it tracks your mileage so every time you spend money on cellphone meals trips you're gonna log it into your your expense register it acts as the date the amount who you pay what it was for and a location you could take a picture of your receipt is going to be stored in the cloud so you don't even have to to keep up with your receipts and again you can track your mileage at the end of the year you're gonna be able to run a report it's gonna have all your expenses for the year and it's gonna have your receipts and this is what's gonna make you I already implying it this is what it looks like if you decide to adjust your w-4 you pick an option number one we got Michael Macklin that's able to cash flow at extra three hundred and forty five dollars a month we got Marta Cunningham four hundred and twelve dollars a month we got Edwin Rivera out of New York City cash flowing five hundred and sixty dollars a month back into his household we got Kingston of Victoria Bomb cash flowing over six hundred and sixty eight dollars a month we got my business my beers one of my business partners Randy out of Randy and his wife out of California they both adjusted their W fours and they were able to bring a extra thousand dollars back into their household so just by applying the first strategy that we teach you in my econ you will cashflow an extra 1,200 to 14,000 dollars every single year without selling or recruiting how powerful is that this is the only opportunity that you can earn while you learn but this is what I want to talk about um many times people get this extra money and they feel like you know what I'm just gonna upgrade my lifestyle well that's not what we want you to do because again this is a financial literacy our company and our number one goal is to make sure that you are debt-free so we're gonna give you some education so you'll know how to apply that extra money that comes into your paycheck so strategy number three is all about debt elimination and so you're gonna go through my personal finance workshop I'm gonna have you list out all your debts and then I'm gonna teach you a strategy you can use with your extra money so just for this example this is a business partner that's getting an extra $600 a month in a paycheck and so there Cardinal is five hundred and forty five dollars a month so we're gonna put that extra six hundred dollars on top of that five forty-five guess what they paid off a seventeen thousand dollar car balance in fifteen months instead of thirty two months now we're gonna go to all their credit card debt he had over eight thousand dollars in debt he's paying two hundred dollars a month and minimum payments so we're gonna take the five hundred and forty five that he was being in that car note because now that car is paid for plus the six hundred dollars that was in his paycheck on top of that two hundred so now he's paid off eight thousand dollars in credit card debt in six months instead of six years now we're gonna tackle that mortgage his mortgage payment is twelve hundred dollars a month so we're gonna put that two hundred he was paying for credit card debt the five forty five and he was pinned in the car note and the six hundred that he's getting everyone in the state checked on top of that mortgage and guess what he paid off a two hundred thousand dollar mortgage in six years instead of 30 years how powerful is that so he paid off two hundred and twenty five thousand dollars worth of debt in eight years and four months but he saved three hundred and thirty two thousand dollars in interest payments because he paid his home off faster this is what it looks like when you did free he owns his paycheck so there's two thousand five $45 of free money this is what it looks like when you apply your income shift to your debt Carmen was able to pay off ninety five hundred dollars in less than three months ninety five hundred dollars in debt Kingston in Victoria bond was able to pay off a card now they own it we got made Cunningham out of Atlanta Georgia paid off ninety three hundred dollars in consumer loan in less than ten months we got Daisy here actually out of Chicago Daisy is actually self-employed so she doesn't even have a w-4 so she couldn't income but she went through the budgeting class and she was she was able to see where her money was going and she took back her power and started directing her money and she was able to pay off twelve thousand five hundred dollars in debt in 90 days we have Pierre out of Chicago that cash flowed over forty thousand dollars she was able to pay off eighteen thousand nine hundred and ninety eight dollar IRS debt she paid off three thousand dollars in personal loans and over nine thousand dollars in credit card debt in less than 18 months we got Christina that paid off ten thousand dollars in student loans so what we want to do next is I want to show you how once you're debt-free how you can take control and you can build your investment account remember how we went through the chart and asked you to find your age and I actually was you on track this is how you get on track so this is what it looks like when you pay off your debt and now you got money that you can just invest twenty five hundred dollars a month is over thirty thousand dollars a year so that means if you invest your money you have over half a million dollars in ten years over 1.2 million dollars in fifteen years so even if you 40 years old and you start from scratch you're still can be have a million dollar asset that is going to pay you during your retirement and you can retire early so strategy number four is we're gonna teach you how to become an investor see what you gotta understand is that money has emotions it has feelings and money wants to go to work for you but it has to be told what to do and so what you have to learn is you gotta learn all the different investment vehicles in America that you can actually park your money in so that that money can compound and grow over time so we're not doing adding and subtracting we're now multiplying so in my econ we're gonna give you some investment education so you got to know the difference between a CD and a money market account you're gonna know why your money should never be in the bank you're gonna know the difference between a mutual fund our index fund or ETF you're gonna know when to have a bond and we're not to have a bond you're gonna know about the futures market you don't know about the options market you're gonna know about stocks and in my econ we're gonna teach you how to be a stock owner because we have been contributing to capitalism but it's time for us to start participating in capitalism and own businesses on land owned stocks and companies okay so if you are shopping at Walmart you should be only Walmart stock if you are buying Jordans you should own Nike stock we're gonna show you how to own stocks in companies in America this is what it looks like when you apply the strategy we have to Nika here that owns Apple she owns Nike Amazon Abby Tesla Facebook we have another business partner here John Anderson that owns Apple and Ford he has a vanguard of 500 index fund he got a tee roll price equity fund this is me I have a number of different investments but some of them here is AMD AT&T avid laughs Union Pacific get some amazing dividends large cap from Vanguard index fund we got Oscar I'm who is the owner of Fitbit Gro pro he also own cannabis not because the marijuana market is the wave of the future right now we have Andre Mohammed actually out of Maryland who is a more advanced trader you as you can see he has serious AMD Apple he got SC and he made a whole lot of money with FC as well as sprint and other stock holdings but my my on trade Mohammed is also our expert trainer and he is a stock options trader and he is going to be offering our team advanced trading education where you can invest in yourself and you can learn how to make an extra hundred to five hundred dollars a day trading stock options and these are real people real results in our organizations so as you can see we have someone that was able to profit a hundred and forty seven dollars trading stock options in one day three hundred and eleven dollars in one day six hundred and twenty one dollars in one day here at the top this is a stock option trade where they profited over nineteen hundred dollars in one day and I'm telling you it goes higher the highest month that I have seen anyone on the team profit is over twenty thousand dollars off of one stock options trade so I want you to think about this how many people are you are hanging around right now that is talking money that's talking financing that's talking investing so you when you partner with our team your circle is gonna change the conversation is gonna change and I can't think of any other opportunity that gives you all this education all of this education in one place think about the cost of bad credit whether or not you'll be able to get a home whether or not you can rent an apartment whether or not you can get the car that you want even your car insurance payments your credit card interest rates whether or not you can get a job or not get a job is based on your credit file and here's an example of two people buying the same car the person with good credit their monthly payment is only three hundred and eighty-seven but the person with bad credit is paying two hundred and twelve dollars more a month the person with good credit is paying about three thousand dollars in interest but the person with bad credit they fifteen thousand dollars in interest so that means that the person with bad credit and bought a car twice and so it might become one of the final strategies I want to talk to you tonight is about how to increase your credit score so it might be kind we're gonna give you a step by step credit repair education it is complete with video tutorials we're gonna show you how to pool all three of your credit files from all the three credit rules we're also gonna show you how to analyze on your credit report we're gonna give you the dispute letters that's already have the legal wording in it created directly from attorneys that you're gonna be able to use and you're gonna be able to send them out to collectors and credit bureaus so we're gonna show you how to remove inaccuracies off your credit file things that cannot be validated we're gonna get removed off your credit file we're also gonna show you how to rebuild your credit with trade lines you might even need to add your rip payments to your credit score but we're gonna provide you all of this information and this is why it's powerful we're gonna teach you how to fix your own credit so you're not gonna be one of those people that spend $80 $100 $150 $200 a month to have somebody else fix your credit because one thing is that's putting your personal information in other people's hands and from identity theft perspective that's not something you want to do but you also want to be able to take back your power because your credit score affects so much in your life why would you give it up to somebody else to fix for you so we're gonna teach you how to fix your credit and just by applying our income shipment strategy Japan off debt we affect sixty five percent of your credit score because sixty five percent of your credit score is based on whether or not you pay your bills on time and whether or not you have maxed out your credit lines so just by paying your debts down fast you're gonna see your credit score jumper extra fifty hundred fifty points in a short period of time so this what it looks like when you take your income shift money and pay off your debt this is my cousin Melinda Tyson out of Memphis Tennessee she paid off five thousand dollars in credit card debt paid off her car loan and increased her credit score to a 704 in less than twelve months we got Gregg out of Chicago paid off $30,000 in consumer debt it increased his credit score to the 800 club in less than 10 months we got Lynette Boswell Vargas she cash flow $13,000 paid off nine thousand dollars in credit card debt and it took her from the 596 credit score to the 700 club we got Gabriel that paid off eight thousand dollars in debt in less than nine months his credit score increased from a 597 to a 750 we got alicia botti who cash flow $42,000 paid off $12,000 in credit card debt increased her credit score from 586 to 756 so what's in it for you if you are interested in getting your financial house in order and you can use all the strategies that I just talked about tonight if you want to learn how to burn your debt up the fastest if you want budgeting tools so that you know where your money is going if you want your retirement strategies so that you can analyze your 401k balance so that you have know how much money you need to be saving every month so you can reach your goals if you want investment training so you can learn how to invest in stocks trade stocks owned businesses owned real estate if you want to be able to income shift and give yourself a pay raise if you want the tax advantages of having a home-based business if you want the cash flow manager software so that you can be IRS compliant if you want the credit repair education so you get in the 700 club if you want an e-commerce website so you can generate even more money if you want unlimited tax advice discount travel shopping and eating guess what you can partner with my econ for $34.95 that's a dollar sixteen a day they have an emergency an emergency ecommerce website tax shelter and to be able to generate business income and by joining us tonight you can adjust your w-4 tomorrow and you can receive an extra 100 to 600 dollars in your paycheck in the next 10 to 14 days but $34.95 but I'm not gonna stop right there because I know what some people on this webinar right now who want a whole lot more money you're actually interested in being a financial coach and you want to do this presentation just like I'm doing it right now and you want to be able to build an asset that is going to pay you well guess what you can fire your boss and you can build a six-figure income or maybe your desire is to be a millionaire but you don't but you don't play sports and you're not an actor and you're not a politician and you don't own a corporation well you can get there as a financial coach as financial coaches again we get paid to teach people how to get out of debt and invest and all you're going to be doing is you're going to be selling income shifting memberships and you're also going to be attracting other entrepreneur minded people to be financial coaches and you can also earn income on all income shifting memberships that they sell as well so as a financial coach you got to have a heart of a teacher and you have to have the desire to want to be a part of something greater than yourself I know this is my calling this is what I'm supposed to be doing I supposed to be freeing people from debt and you have to be have the willingness to learn the business learning strategies and be comfortable teaching them and the easiest way to do that is to apply the strategies to your life first and once you do that you're gonna be able to motivate people to success and so if you can find yourself doing webinars like I'm doing right now workshops if you want to do meetings or you want to do financial literacy classes we welcome you to become a financial coach now as a financial coach you're going to be able to have access to what I call the secret to a six-figure income and that is the power to build leverage in your business so I want you to think about traditional business let's say you as a real estate broker a mortgage broker or let's say you as an insurance broker okay now in order for you to create leverage in your business you gotta hire other real estate agents other mortgage agents more insurance agents why because guess what every time if you're a real estate broker every time one of your real-estate agents sell a house they earn a commission on the seller that house and you earn a commission on their sale of their house and the same thing happens when a mortgage is closed the bolster the mortgage agent and the mortgage broker get paid what happens is you're able to make money off of other people's effort it's almost like your job your job hires you for your time your education your experience your job have you doing what they don't feel like doing and what happens is they can leverage you and they can make more money by hiring you than trying to do it themselves the only problem with your job is they're paying you only what they think you are worth and I know that you believe that you can make way more money than what they paying you right now so what I'm gonna show you is how you can also build leverage in your my econ business by attracting other financial coaches because like I said when you attract a financial coach that financial coach is gonna go out and they're gonna sell income shifting memberships for $34.95 and so they're getting paid off of every membership that they sell but you're also going to earn a small Commission off of every sale that is made this allows you to work smart and not hard and this is what it looks like when you start to build your asset let's say you have a hundred and twenty five people in your network and that can consist of customers financial coaches customer base is all considered together so if you had a hundred and twenty-five people you'll be making four hundred and fifty five dollars a month that doesn't seem like a lot but guess what that's four hundred fifty five dollars can go straight into your investment account let's say you got six hundred twenty-five people in your organization that's four thousand dollars a month that may not seem like a lot to some people but for other people they may be able to fired a boss if they had an extra four thousand dollars coming in month after month let's say your organization grew to over 3,000 people you'll be making over twenty eight thousand dollars a month well guess what that makes you a six-figure income earner so you're gonna be making doctor and lawyer your money without going to school for eight to ten years and not having a hundred thousand dollars in debt now as your team continue to grow because you're gonna attract more financial coaches and financial coaches is gonna be attracting other financial coaches because they're trying to build their own asset guess what if your network was over fifteen thousand you'll be making a hundred and fifty three thousand dollars a month that's one point eight million so if you ever wanted to know how to be a millionaire this is how you do it so we are in $35 referral bonuses for every income shifting membership that we sell we earn anywhere from five to twenty five dollars for every membership that is sold within your organization regardless of who it is you also can earn $1 to $8 a month in residuals off of every monthly membership so you think about that for a minute let's say you have other thousand people in your organization that's 8,000 dollars a month that you're getting month after month year after year even without getting out of bed and we have no chargebacks and the reason why I'm at the top of my econ it's because when I built my asset I can will my mighty kind commissions to my son and if anything was to happen to me he will continue to get my monthly income there's no other opportunity on earth that you can do that will give you so much potential for $34.95 and this is what it looks like when you sell income shifting memberships we get paid every friday this is $1,900 made in about 14 days why is it so easy because guess what we sell we don't sell tees we don't sell makeup we don't sell jury we sell money and how the people can keep more than money we sell education that's the easiest thing in the world to sell $2,400 30 days 7000 45 days 36,000 45 days 31,000 in 30 days 4000 in 15 days 2000 and 23 days 5000 in six weeks 9,000 in 30 days six thousand and thirty days 33,000 in 45 days 25,000 in 30 days now these are regular people who are working from the comfort of their home and we are building businesses across the country so for those of you who are interested in being a financial coach there is a one-time payment of forty seven dollars and 86 cents and after that again it's only a dollar sixteen a day to maintain your business is going to give you the website is going to give you the sole proprietorship status so you get the tax advantages and giving you the e-commerce website and you get access to five streams of income when you partner with our team so everybody that's on this webinar is a part of my team you're gonna get access to my training University this is the training portal so you are gonna get financial planning tools budgeting tool you're gonna get personal finance and investing education what you're also gonna have access to we have our own marketing and branding system and it's called the income shifting pro system and what it does is it's going to give you ads that you can copy and paste on social media we're gonna give you a commercials we're gonna give you training on how to turn social media into your ATM so guess what you don't have to beg family and friends to support your business we're gonna show you how to brand yourself online using the power of your computer or your home and this system is gonna allow you to generate some leads and the system is gonna work for you and help convert them leads into brand new business partners can you get excited our mission is to get into every home on every high school campus on every college campus and we want to get in every church and we want to share the power of financial literacy and we again want to break all the strongholds of debt because guess what when you are debt free you free you don't owe nobody you own a hundred percent of your paycheck and you can do what you want to do when you want to do it you can be debt-free you can fire your boss you can get out that cubicle you can work from home you could work for yourself you can spend more time with your children how about being able to send your children to college without them having to get us too long how about leaving your child inheritance with not only insurance but more money investment accounts stocks land real estate what about businesses maybe you have a dream business right now but you don't have the seed money to get started this is how you do it so whatever it is that you want to do right now all you got to do is make a decision and say yes and when you say yes we're gonna show you how to own your life the information I gave you tonight should have been taught in our schools but it wasn't and so it's we're on a mission right now to help as many people as we possibly can so whoever invited you to this webinar right now I want you to send them a text message and I want to I want you to text them 34 if you just want to apply the wealth strategies to your life get out of debt fix your credit or text 47 if you want to be a financial coach like myself you don't have a problem talking to people having a little one-on-one meetings you don't have a problem inviting people to this webinar like we're doing right now so you don't even have to know how to do it presentation you just need to be good at inviting people to a webinar if you're good at copying and pasting on social media and you want to make money off your Facebook page type 47 will get you trained and will show you how to build and brand your business so I'm going to end this presentation right now again get back to the person who invited you on if you have any questions you can unmute your line and I can answer any questions that you may have if there are any questions you can ask them right now you just have to unmute your microphone got a packed house tonight love it love it well okay question okay go ahead when you post ads what'd you say so people can actually get your abs well we're gonna teach a whole different there's so many different approaches that you can do we have ads for people who want to get an extra two to eight hundred dollars in a paycheck and now I can say I'm at the end of the year we have some people where you can say who would be interested in being a financial coach who would like to get paid to teach other people how to get out of debt and invest we have a lot of different graphical ads that pictures that you can put on there I actually give you training so you can have an idea of how to brand your Facebook page so you'll know what you should be posting Monday through Friday and how to also gonna teach you how to build your network on Facebook you know cuz a lot of us have family and friends but the family of friends may not be interested in what you have going on so I'm gonna show you how to build your friends list with new excited people who is in your target market who are already in the market to fix their credit or to get out of debt and you can add them to your friends list and then we also provide you with different traffic sources that you can use where you can send traffic to a capture page and it's going to create some leads and the system will send out automatic emails text messages and voicemails on your behalf to help you convert those leads into business partners any other questions no all right well thank you for coming on a webinar on if there is any other questions you can unmute your line I guess I'm the only one yeah you know what that's good cuz what that means is that you heard everything that you need to hear for you to say yes and another business opportunity where you can get all of this education for $34.95 I just haven't found it and the fact that you can make money just by just in your w-4 before you even made your first sale I mean it's really a no-brainer you know so I when I got into this business again I was self-employed so I couldn't adjust my w-4 either but I realized that I was losing thousands of dollars every single year because I didn't know the tax laws for a small business I had no idea that I could have hired my son in my business I've been a business owner for ten years I missed out on over $70,000 just because I was ignorant to the tax law so just that education alone changed my life and it was definitely worth me paying thirty four ninety five and you know now that I have a team that's across the country you know again I'm making six-figure income from the comfort of my home and all we're doing is using our laptops and our phones so it's a powerful opportunity and again whoever invited you tonight can twiddle get signed up they'll put you into our private group on there give you access to our training website and again you can invite your guests next Thursday the same time so that I can help you build a check okay all right hey Tina hey Wanda I see you hey deja I see you thank you thank you oh is that Marielle I see her laying in the bed yeah see you hey Derek goodnight Roman tonight Lauren thank you all

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