How machine learning is being used to help save the world’s bees

For such tiny creatures bees have one of the
biggest jobs in the world. Hi, I’m Katharina! And I am Frederic. We use machine learning to better understand
how nature works. And we’re doing that
by observing bees. Bees have a symbiotic
relationship with nature Plants depend on the pollination of bees, including the
fruits and vegetables that we eat every day. Bees and other insects are dying around the world and we do not know why. We don’t want
the lack of knowledge to be the reason that
bees continue to disappear. I thought, ‘We have to
do something about it’. So we built a hive monitor that uses a camera to
track the bees as they come and go. Bees always return to their queen. If we observe 500
leaving the hive and only 200 returning we can assume
there is a problem in the local ecosystem. We train the model using Tensorflow Google’s open-source
machine learning framework that examines the video
from each hive. But what do we do with
all this data that we collect? We share it with experts so they can make
informed decisions on things like when
to mow lawns and where to plant
trees and flowers so that bees can continue
to power our ecosystem. This tech is only the first step. Us humans will have to
take it from there. To all those putting nature first Search on.

100 thoughts on “How machine learning is being used to help save the world’s bees”

  1. I don't see where machine learning is being used. Its just tracking how many bees leave and comeback to hive, just a simple algorithm.

  2. It is the herbicides and pesticides that is behind most of the cause while anything else in the natural world is a mystery but could be very well connection to the polar shifting of the magnetic poles and the electromagnetic field that animals that are reliant on for their biologic function to navigate including migration?!?
    This Polar Shift also has a direct negative effect upon our technology for navigation that needs to be calibrated for aviation, maritime and aerospace?

  3. I hate how much of a corporation google is. Theyre the least human corporation possible, and when they try to look more like a good humanitarian company, it always looks like bs.

  4. This is so simple to deal you just need to plant green fields which nobody use with bee friendly flowers and such places have each town and every garden i believe that bees dont have enough food diversity in nature bees are only happy where cows are and sheeps they work perfect together.

  5. We did everything it took to destroy them first and now we are trying to save them. We are not as smart as we think ourselves to be.

  6. Without the bees we would starve. Great job, Google AI! 🍇 🍈 🍉 🍊 🍋 🥝 🍌🍍🥭 🍎🍏 🍐 🍑 🍒 🍓 🍅 🍆 🥦 🥒 🥕🥒🥜 🥗

  7. Human's destroying the environment and strangling to save it before human's destroy themselves, money is nothing if u can't save the oxygen for the future

  8. The ladys house beside me has a honey bee nest under her house and sonehow by the end of the day there will be at least 20 bees inside her house and they always end up dying by the window. I think that might be a reason why not as many return.

  9. google you lost all your reputation siding with China, it doesn't matter what you do now, all that is meaningless

  10. 0:26 we don't know why bees are dying
    Answer It is because of phone
    Phone? How come?
    Well it is because of your phone Radiation
    Phone product lots a Radiation so its kills bees
    Not only bees. birds also you can check this in youtube in one country tested 5G

  11. Good and I hope I can do a great job for humanity with Google. Well honestly I don't know English and I wrote the same text from Persian to English with the help of Google Keyboard

  12. Google just said we do not know why bees are dying? If you know anything about it you would know more than google and it’s bee researchers. Another way google plays dumb.

  13. googEL since you have bought youtube in 2007 👀OU HAVE DESTROYED the best thing that was on the NET .

  14. You need to get rid of a app in the appstore here is the app: countdown – Death? – there is an app for that people keep on downloading it and getting nightmares so please get rid of it in the play store. Have you seen the movie? It is real I am not kidding

  15. Quantum Computing is more about marketing hype than quantum phenomenal calculations!
    Quantum supremacy is a psycho-analytical human mind influencing tool, without much substance and I may be called pessimist!

  16. A food documentary purported that the import of vast numbers of bees from all over the world to pollinate the almond trees in California was the cause: anything infectious (mites etc) become instantly globalised when the bees are returned at the end of the pollination season.
    This study as it stands will entirely miss such factors… but it's great to see an effort is beginning 👍

  17. – Me: "OK Google"
    – Google Assistant: "-"
    Why is Google Assistant not responding?
    Because Voice Match does not work in Turkish.

  18. I'm doubting do this mechine learning kill traditional farming.
    Do it encourages tower (floorwise on buildings) forming.
    Wich makes billioneers multi billioneers.
    My fear

  19. Save ur @@# first and chk with the bees , in america fire in the west in california and fire in the east Bec if trump the pig , unrest at the South Bec if refugees and weak Canada at the North !!

  20. i don't eat NACHO ,,, because my body refuses it … … GMO is made for only one reason … … to stop bugging the crops … … + chemtrails … … … 그러니까 양자 컴퓨터라는게 … 빛을 이용한건데 … 빛이 파동의 성질도 갖는다는 전제하에 하는 거잖아요 … … 말이 안되잖아요

  21. In this video they showed only a monitoring system in the bee hive. They did not show any other monitoring system or sources of data that measures external events such as tree plantation schedule or harvest schedule. Can a singular set of data of hive activity be indicative of external events? So, I am assuming they are running this test against geographic location based data that google has collected like google maps data.

  22. I like tensorflow but I feel the explanation in the video was unfulfilling, and that there was proper machine learning. Not just observation

  23. Machine learning is taking away our fricking jobs. Even music is becoming AI and all.. some set of brainy people just sit in front of computer, run tests and creates a pseudo realistic solution with this 'machine learning' stuff. People who work hard get a hard blow on their face, becoz of you. How can you expect everyone to actually know computer and all?! The world needs people with all kinds of talents, not just pressing keys.

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