How long does it take to learn to speak English Fluently?

Hey naturals, what's up? It's Gabby Wallace from Here to help you with your English fluency and today I'm finally answering one of the most popular questions that I've ever gotten This is a very frequent question that I get all the time, which is how long does it take to become? fluent in English And most teachers will tell you it depends which is a true answer It does depend on a lot of things. But today we're going to go even deeper into that answer to understand why it depends and what it depends on so that you can make an informed decision and Know what you're getting into on the road to English fluency So if you're interested in that then keep watching just before we jump into The answer to this question if you are ready to work on your English fluency I highly recommend that you get the English fluency formula audio ebook that I wrote for you putting together all of our best tips Here at go natural English in one easy to download audio ebook. You can click right up there to get it or both to slash ebook Awesome. So it depends this is probably the most frustrating answer ever. Am I right? No one likes to hear It depends it leaves you waiting wanting to know more like well, it depends on what just tell me So first of all, okay, I'm gonna talk about three points today. We're gonna talk about what this question really means we're gonna talk about how long it takes to become fluent in English and how to Actually use that time better so that you can learn Faster because I was reading online About the maximum number of languages like the world record of languages that one Person can speak fluently and I learned this guy odd fahza from Lebanon Apparently speaks 59 languages fluently. Yeah five 959 languages and I'm like, where did you get the time to learn all those languages because supposedly now, this is a spoiler but supposedly it takes 1,200 to learn a language fluently So I want to know how Ziad has all this time to learn 59 languages and we're gonna talk about that okay, but going back to The first point what this question really means because I think when you ask this question, you're not really asking How much time it takes to learn a language fluently what you're really asking is Is it worth it? is it worth it is the time I put into learning the language actually worth what I'm going to get out of it or Maybe you're really just asking because you want to know how much time it's gonna take and you want to know if you have time but this could change your thinking if you actually understand how to use your time better and You become fluent in English faster using the tips that we're going to talk about today So if you want to think about is English worth it to learn well Let's think about it. English is a global Language that you can use when you travel when you're researching or learning about new things when you meet people from other countries it's a language that you can use in your career in most people's jobs it's gonna help you to know English or to get a new and better job and Three learning English is just really good for your brain. It's like a workout for your brain It keeps your brain young and beautiful. Look at your beautiful brain. Yes, your brain speaks English, okay so also becoming fluent in English is a Process so it's not like something that just happens overnight It's not like, you know getting a Christmas present where it's like ooh now I have it where before I didn't have it It's not like that I think a lot of us are trained to think of English fluency as something we get when we pass a test and Passing that test has a specific date after I passed the test. Whoa, I'm fluent in English, but it's actually not that Simple it's actually Better in a way because it's an ongoing process and each day that you study is Like putting money into a savings account Into your bank account so that when you need to use English you can take that Savings or that English study time out and use it. Okay, and you might get to a point where you feel like well I used all of my English savings and you need to study more or you need to Save more English in your bank accounts. I Think you get the comparison I'm making right? That's when you need to keep pushing yourself to become more fluent in English When you notice there's some discrepancy between the amount of English that you want to use and the amount that you have in your English Savings account. Okay, very good. So now let's talk about this number 1200 hours I told you I let the cat out of the bag how many hours it takes to become fluent in English? This number comes from research online from the common European framework for learning languages Which has six levels from beginner a one to mastery or fluency C two and each of these six levels supposedly takes 200 hours of study to complete so This is an average guys. This doesn't mean that for you. It's gonna take 1200 hours it might take more it might take less and this depends on a few things I'm gonna talk about three main points that this number depends on Okay, first are you familiar with how to learn a language? Have you ever learned another language? Do you speak another language? Have you studied in another language? Have you taught another language? I know for myself that with each language that I study and also the more that I teach language I've taught English now for over 17 years. Oh my gosh So with each language that I learn and teach it becomes easier and easier because I understand How to do it so it's kind of like cooking I think when you learn your first recipe ever and you're like, oh my gosh, I can make spaghetti This was so hard, but I did it, you know It becomes easier each meal becomes easier and you can get creative and make own recipes Anyway, I always end up talking about food because I'm always hungry but back to how long it takes to become fluent in English So it depends on first of all, if you know how to learn a language So what I try to help you guys out with is understanding how to learn the language. I'm Not the kind of teacher who only uses you grammar rules or vocabulary or direct information. I do that too but I also love to teach you about how to learn the language because that's gonna help you speed up and Minimize the number of hours that it takes to learn English fluently. So and also help you learn any language right second Let's talk about how you use these hours there's a huge difference between a focused hour of study where you're just immersed in learning English and An hour of study where you're not really sure What you're doing or what you should be Looking at or what materials to use or maybe you're looking at some good English materials But you're also looking at your cell phone your text messages your Facebook your whatsapp Instagram blah blah blah if you're not focused those hours are not counting so you can't just open an English textbook and Like go eat a hamburger and watch an hour pass and you're like, oh well That's an hour of studying English because my book was open, but you weren't really actually Applying yourself or focusing so your focus. Your attention is super important and it's a challenge I'll admit it, you know It's a challenge to say focus and in the last several years the average person's attention span has decreased significantly Because we're so used to fast paced media on social media on YouTube it's true. Everything is getting faster So we have to work harder to really focus and apply ourselves to learning new skills Just know that you have to make that decision to focus and do the work in order to reap the benefits Of English fluency and number three those 1,200 hours are going to go by a lot Faster if you get help Feedback. So if you get help to know what you should be studying in what order and a guide and actually get the right materials That will help you because you won't be spending that time looking for materials or trying to plan your own Study plan or your own syllabus if you can get help with that by taking a class Maybe the go natural English course that will help you a lot and feedback is super important because you don't always know What you don't know you just don't know what you don't know, right? So if you're learning English and you keep making the same mistake Or you have the same doubts each time you make a certain sentence. You're not progressing You're not getting feedback. You're not getting corrections, and you're not improving So it's totally okay to make a mistake But you don't want to make the same mistake over and over and over just because you didn't know that you were doing it So get help and get feedback. It's going to really speed up your learning process a lot Also, the good thing is if you're watching this video You are not a complete beginner If you're watching this on understanding most of what I'm saying? You're not a complete beginner you're already at the intermediate level in English So that means that that cuts the hours that you need for fluent speaking in English to probably about half about 600 hours now if You are super focused and you have lots of free time You can probably reach fluency in English in about mmm six months if you're studying about five hours a day So we're doing some rough math here. But if you're a normal person who has a job and has family they'd like to see and Friends, they'd like to see and other hobbies and taking care of yourself and etc Doing other things in life besides just studying English full time It'll probably take you a little longer maybe a year if you're studying a couple hours a day. So the reality is it takes time but one thing that we do a go natural English is try to make English a part of your daily life because we need Focus study time but we all Sony time where we're using English on a Day-to-day basis where we're making it part of your life Because even if you study five hours a day You need time to process English to live with English to make it a habit To feel comfortable with using English as part of your life I don't know if you've ever studied really hard for a test then you take the test and you pass and then you forget everything because you just Crammed so hard and you didn't actually internalize What you learned? That's what can happen if you try to cram English into a very short time So we try to develop good habits to make English a part of your life That's part of the go natural English method is that you're not only learning English? You're learning to make it a part of your life so learning English in small bursts throughout the day in five to fifteen minute bursts are it's really good for people who are Busy and also who need to stay engaged with English if you lose your attention easily learning in small Bursts will be best for you. So tell me in the comments how much time each day Do you? Focus on English how do you know how long it's gonna take you to become fluent in English? Well first you have to know what level you want to be in English So, where do you want to be ask yourself that question first? What is fluency to you? And Second. Why do you want to become fluent in English? So you have to know the reason why in order to stay motivated? Because it takes time and there are times when it will be challenging and you might feel like giving up but knowing your reason why Will help you to keep going so you know where you want to be now you need to know where you are today and then measure the space between where you want to be and where you are today and How many hours of study will that take? so with the common European framework It takes 200 hours to get from one less to another so if you want to advance your English to the next level think 200 hours as an average Amount of time that it will take to improve your fluency So then think about how many hours per day or if it's less than an hour per day? I think about how many hours per week. Are you able to? Study then divide the number 200 by the number of hours you can study per week and there you will have the number of weeks or the amount of time that It will take you to reach the next level in English So do the math to plan backwards from your goal and here's the thing Those people who focus on the amount of time that it takes are Usually not going to be as successful Because you're not focusing on enjoying the journey. You're just focusing on the goal The thing about English is that it is a journey and we have to use English as we go It's not just a matter of passing a test or Waiting for 200 hours to pass It's an active process of achieving fluency as you go. So the most Important part of becoming fluent English is not counting How many hours it will take or asking how much time will it take to become fluent? The most important time is? devising a good strategy understanding Techniques in order to become fluent in English and making English a habit and an everyday part of your life So that your living English and not just counting the hours that you are studying. Okay I hope this was helpful for you If you enjoyed this then please make sure that you are subscribed to make sure you're part of the go natural English group of subscribers here on YouTube and if you want to learn more of our strategies techniques and ideas for Practicing English to get fluent faster get the English fluency formula ebook click right up there Go to go to actual English comm slash ebook. Thank you so much for watching and I will you and another lesson soon. Mwah Bye for now

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