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Hello, everyone. This is Korean Billy from
the YouTube channel KoreanBilly. I am your guest presenter
for Learn English with Cambridge for today’s video. So before we move on, let’s talk
about language skills. Language skills open up lots
of opportunities to travel, and the language skills also help you make a new life
in a foreign country or even build up a new career. So today, I’m going
to meet someone who has already done
what I said, Son Heung-min. He’s a Korean football player
for Tottenham Hotspur. As I said, he’s Korean, but he has learnt English
and now his language skills have brought him
a new life in England, and even a new
career at Tottenham. Speaking of football, many physical skills
are transferrable across countries, right? Because for physical skills
you mainly use your body, not your language. But to integrate all
the physical skills and go deeper, you definitely need
language skills for that. The football player, Son Heung-min does such
a great job for that, so today I am going
to meet him near here and, at the end of the video, there’s going to be a special
announcement for a competition where you can win
one of five copies of English Grammar In Use, Fifth Edition. So remember to keep watching
and join the competition. And let’s go there with me. So here I am. I am near the Tottenham stadium. There are some pitches. So, this is the pitch
where Son is going to join, and here Son is going to teach Tottenham local kids
some football skills, like shooting,
passing and dribbling. So that must be really good
for the children. So I’m going to wait here
for Son to join us, and I’m also going to have
an interview with him about his journey in learning
the English language, and we’re also going to have
a fun language session with the children as well. I’m so excited. Let’s wait for him. So now you’ve been playing
for Tottenham Hotspur for nearly four years, and you are now
staying in England, communicating with
people in English, so how was your journey in
learning the English language? How was your first start? Yes, when I first
came to England, or London, actually I
couldn’t speak English well, but I had lessons,
like six months, but I think the best thing to do
is speak with your friends. So even when you make mistakes,
still I make the mistakes, and the players or the friends try to teach me
how to speak and how to spell. And I think this was
very important to learn English, and yes, right now my English
is not so good for me, and still a lot
to do to improve, but I think the friends and the
players helped me a lot to speak better English than before. And Dele Alli and Harry Kane
are your best British mates. Are they also helping you
to learn more about English? Yes. Those guys helped me really,
really a lot, because, especially Dele,
I was always speaking a lot, today as well, every single day we had fun, every single day
jokes without end. So I think this
has helped me a lot. Like I said before,
the players helped me really, really a lot to speak English. And you used
to play for Germany, and, at the time, you were not really good
at English, I believe, and now you are quite fluent and you can manage
to speak in English. Do you think that helped you build more
of a career for you? Yes, I think learning English or some other language
has always been an advantage, so as well, after my career or
when I finish football, I can do something
with my language. I think this… I really
enjoy to learn some English or some German when I go,
I don’t know, somewhere else as well. I think this shows some respect
also to the country. I’m really enjoying
to learn English, speaking English, even
when I’m not speaking well, but it’s really, really fun to learn
another language. But I think you are speaking
English quite confidently. Did you have any tips for building up
your confidence for English? I’m the type who is
always trying something. I said before already, when I make a mistake,
I try to keep saying the same things. Of course, you
will make mistakes because it’s not
100% your language, but I think it’s most important you try and fix the problems
and fix the mistakes. I think this is the most
important part of my English. I don’t know,
some people have a different way to learn some language, but for me it was really, really important to try
every single day. When I went to school,
I learned something, I used this straight away
when I came to the training and to the teammates, and I think this
helped me a lot. I don’t know if it’s worked, but you should try
to work like this and probably it’s helpful. And you must be still
learning English now, right? And how do you keep carrying
on your English study? Yes. Sometimes I watch some series
or some movies, try to watch in English
and not with subtitles. Of course, sometimes
you don’t understand but you try to understand
with the pictures. Yes, I think for me it’s easier, because around me are
all English friends who are speaking English, and I think this is part
of my football career as well, and my English as well. And my last question is can
you tell English learners about how important learning an English language is for
you and for other people? Yes. It depends how you take it,
seriously or not, or you think, I need really English
and probably you need it, but what I said before, I think when you
go to London, or when you go to England
and when you go to America, you should learn English because you should show
the country the respect. And if you’re
someone from Korea, imagine one guy is coming from Europe to South Korea and
he tries to learn South Korean; if he doesn’t speak well, we’re enjoying watching him
and enjoy listening to him. So think that’s
the different way. If you’re here in London, if you’re here in England,
you should just try, make them enjoy
to listen, to look. I think this is
most important to us, who want to learn English, and this is
the most important part. Thank you very much. Thank you. Now we’re going to do
the language battle and we’re going to test
each other’s language together. So let’s go there. The next one is this word, safe. Safe. Yes, you are safe. It’s the same? Kind of. Kind of. You’re having a conversation
and you’ll be like, all right, safe. Ah, got it. Got it. Got it. [Speaks Korean] Probably
you guys know. Does it mean McDonald’s? Vex. Don’t get me vexed,
that’s what most people say. Or like, I’m vexed,
don’t touch me. I’m vexed. Don’t touch me. I’m a really,
really Tottenham boy now. Looks like it. So the interview
and the language session and everything is done, and Son Heung-min’s English
skill is quite good, right? So maybe that has motivated
you to learn English. So for your English study, English In Use book series
will help you learn English and help
you have more confidence when speaking English. So check out
In Use series as well. So before we wrap up, at the beginning of the video
I said there is going to be a special announcement, right? Well, this competition, there are going
to be five winners, and the prize for
the competition is a copy of English Grammar
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it for this video, and I hope you guys also learned
something from this video. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to Learn English
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