21 thoughts on “How I Run Literacy Centers”

  1. Do you type in the students at the new centers everyday? I use the smart board to display my centers as well and I am having trouble with having to manually read type each group at each new station each and every day. Am I missing an easier way to do this?

  2. I loved your video! Thank you for sharing! How often do you change out your materials for each center? Is it just once you have been through the materials for one full rotation? Thanks!

  3. Are you doing the centers everyday or you have a different method when you're teaching something new ? A sound , or addition, subtraction…

  4. Thank you for sharing!!! Do you have the powerpoint template for you center rotation? I love the format and would like to duplicate it. I can inseert pics, I just need a starting point.

  5. Hi. Thank you for sharing your literacy center activities. May I know how long do you change these activities?

  6. The Micheal's link isn't working. I guess the Micheal's website isn't showing the containers on their website. Do you know what size containers you were using for your puzzle storage, so I can find them on amazon?

  7. I believe you have said you use class dojo as well, do you have both displays up during centers? Just curious as I really like how you run centers!

  8. Great centers!! I got some great info from your video. Can you tell me how long each center lasts? You may have mentioned it, but I don't remember. Thanks!

  9. Thank you for sharing! You have awesome ideas! I run my literacy centers similar to this as well…love the smaller groups! The kids seem to work better when they are in partners (and it's "quieter" too…sometimes!). Do you do all 12 rotations each day?

  10. Soooo excited when I saw this video go up! Thank you for sharing! Im in my Junior year of college (EC-6) and I am working on an assignment creating a Math Center for Pre-K. Love your videos.

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