31 thoughts on “How hands-on learning fires up your brain | Leland Melvin”

  1. I thought this was going to be about dendritic growth… Not "start assisting the community".

    I would have preferred an actual scientific discussion.

  2. These days Fathers would do well to get their Children's hands & Faces of those Hand Held Devices. Great message.

  3. Learning the vocabulary of a new language with hand gestures and movements involves more of the brain, increases sustained focus and interest thereby solidifying the new information. Hands-on learning even applies here.

  4. This has been proved by science. They did a study where one group learned by reading, and another learned by reading and playing/constructed stuff. The second learned more and took longer to forget than the first group. This is because humans are "wired" since Sapiens times to record experiences using all senses (even earing, touch and body position), thus using just one or not using others doesn't allow for a very good lesson.

  5. Embodiment of mind is what gives natural intelligence an advantage over artificial intelligence. Perhaps this means that robots have the potential to be more intelligent than mere computers.

  6. It’s actually ALL about having legitimate outlets to use those developed β€œhands on” skills. There a LOTS of people with this mindset and ability, BUT, how many of them are allowed to use this advantage in their careers?

    They answer is very few; sometimes without a sponsor, angel investor, champion, mentor, etc. these skill go to waste without application in the larger economy. Plenty of talented people all over the world with absolutely no place to display to maximize those abilities.

    This will sound bad, but they may as well use those skills to play video games or something unproductive and save themselves the frustration.

  7. Growing up building model kits and helping my dad on cars was more useful than my bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. It's probably not a hyperbole that some "engineers" graduate and go on to design complicated systems without knowing how a screwdriver works. As a roboticist, I do a mix of hands-on (mechanical and electrical) and programming work, and the same principle applies for the latter; taking classes on theory is useful for building a foundation, but it's useless without execution.

  8. know yourself and be
    be yourself and do
    do yourself and flow

    the next chapter will include reading on "how to not suck in spacetime as if you grew there"
    be up to date padawan

  9. I love this. Create makers by allowing them to – or desire to – create. Experiential learning. Absolutely perfect.

  10. Hands-on learning is how the world used to work I believe. Students or disciples would learn from say,master Smith,seeing and experimenting. At least for such jobs.

    I do believe papers(diplomas)came into play with evolution.For example,the king would need a letter saying that this dude learned from me and is trustworthy .

    Not everybody can easily understand abstract teaching and this,is present a lot in school. When on the field,you touch,hear,feel.

    I also believe that,some courses are not necessary. I mean learn English,grammar etc…but how will it help in the real world?

  11. He is talking like an occupational therapist about meaningfulness, learning through occupations and problem solving πŸ‘Œ
    I like it

  12. Time to use our hands wisely now πŸ˜‰

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

    Winny out… for now πŸ˜‰

  13. This guy is dead right. I was blessed with lots of hands-on construction work which made me a genius. But I wish I had had more special training so I wouldn't later have been stuck as a grunt saying "yes sir" to touchy morons with daddy issues. My mother trained me to be a good employee. DON'T train your kids to be good employees!!!!!! Train them to be owner-operators. Don't train your kids to be agreeable! EVER! Train them to be DISAGREEABLE. Studies are clear: Disagreeable people earn more and are a lot better liked than agreeable people. If you don't believe that, you don't know life.

  14. I’ve heard this before, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle . . . I think it is something Astronauts accomplish quite successfully while in space. How appropriate that your father thought like an Astronaut.

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