How Golf Lessons Kill Your Distance

hey guys great to have here today and I got a couple questions for you now I know everybody wants a beautiful swing we'd all like to have our swing look really good on camera what if I gave you three tips that could help your swing look really nice on camera you can break it down in slow motion but as a result you're going to hit it 30 20 30 yards shorter I got a feeling you're probably not going to want to do that how would you like to sit in your living room making practice swing after practice swing looking in the mirror Chucky your swing working really hard going to the range trying to hit positions that look really nice on camera but then you go out to the course and you actually play worse than you did before well I think that we all would agree that we don't want to have those things happen now that's what we're going to talk about in this video I think modern instruction is going that way we're a lot of coaches out there trying to make your swing look beautiful on camera in the meantime they're killing your distance and you're not actually hitting the ball any straighter or any more solid I'm going to talk about three of these big myths out there three of these tips that you may have heard before how to avoid those and then the correct thing to do to play your best golf let's go get started okay so piece number one one of the things that I see that it's really killing people's distance it makes it look nice on camera is the idea of this short compact swing keeping in front of this man that sounds good when I hear about somebody talking about a short compact swing I think man that's that's good I would like to have that well the problem is in order to create speed in the golf swing we have to get a little bit more space and have a longer swing especially and this is a big key especially if you're not very flexible if you're not very flexible you need to be doing everything you can to make your swing longer looser more free-flowing so you can get easier power if you're already tight and you're trying to constrict that even more you're gonna really miss out on some distance so let me talk about a couple of keys here that that would be pretty important when you're doing this short compact swing and why we don't want to do those so one of the things that's very popular over the years has been to keep this left heel down now some players can do this you take extremely flexible players Adam Scott's like Gumby Tiger Woods extremely flexible if you can put your hands and put your knuckles into the ground without bending your legs you may be the kind of person that could keep that left foot down and still make a full backswing and get some pretty good power if you're anything like me I don't have that kind of flexibility I got to stay pretty loose let that left heel lift a little bit so that I make sure I get a little bit more of a turn another thing is making sure that our head stays very still and stable on the ball so when we do the first piece if I keep my heel on the ground I can go to about right here and I start to feel pretty tight if I stay very laser focused on the ball I don't want my head to move at all and to stay very very steel still that's gonna also shorten up my swing look where my hands in my clubs are going there that's not very far back so me not being the most flexible person in the world that's gonna kill my distance let me go ahead and keep my left foot on the ground I'm gonna keep my head stable and I'm gonna have that idea that I'm gonna make this short compact tight golf swing that in theory is supposed to help us be more accurate and more consistent and just an overall better golfer let me go ahead and hit one of my flight scope and let's see what it says as far as my club head speed in my distance I hit that one dead solid right down the middle couldn't really have hit one any better so maybe it's up in the air as far as could I be a little bit more consistent could I be a little bit more solid if I struck it that way maybe maybe not but my distance is gonna fall off the map so that's actually the way that I used to swing I always try to keep my left heel down I saw some guys on tour keeping their left tail down I heard coaches promoting to keep the left heel down back in college even on the mini tours high swung about a hundred and twelve miles an hour 111 12 miles an hour that was pretty much my full swing and that's exactly what I got here I got a hundred and eleven point two miles per hour I hit that ball pretty solid a little bit off the heel maybe 257 carry 278 total distance pretty good nice solid straight shot just down the left-center I mean most players would think that's just all I got and if I'm trying to keep my left heel firmly on the ground I'm trying to keep my head steady I'm trying to have that short compact swing I always thought of my swing as being short and compact because I bought into the idea that that's going to make it more consistent but then it just sucks away all your distance all of a sudden you lose 20 or 30 yards off the tee so that's the for first myth number one I actually found that once I started to loosen up my swing because I'm a little bit more on the tight side that actually got me a little bit easier distance so now when I swing nice and easy I'm actually a little bit more accurate or decently more accurate than I was when I was short and tight but I have another 20 yards because my swing feels a little bit easier I really want to go after one I'm thirty yards longer than I used to be if I try to really get after and that helps for par fives trying to get there in two so the next thing that I want to talk about is having that shorter swing so basically being where I'm going to go ahead and take a shorter not ever go past parallel and the way that I always used to play was a I never wanted to see my driver farther than that and I thought the shorter my backswing with my driver the more accurate I'd be again I would feel like I was still swinging pretty hard and not really getting over a 111 112 for you guys depending on where you are maybe that's 120 for you is your nice compact easy swing if you're super athletic or maybe if you're not quite as athletic you're getting up a little bit in age maybe you're short more compact swing is 90 miles per hour so it doesn't really matter what your current speed is if I'm a little bit shorter I'm gonna feel like I have to put out more effort at the top of the swing and I'm gonna get lower speed so if you look at that short compact swing again the one I just did that's exactly what you're gonna see the club doesn't get too parallel the third piece here and the one that I think is actually probably most important is you have to swing hard at the ball especially when we're practicing if you look at the guys that are really ripping it out there you're Rory McIlroy's you're Dustin Johnson's those guys are really taking an aggressive swing at the ball now if you practice on the range swinging 100% as fast as you can swing what's going to happen is your maximum speed is going to start to go up and up when you start to relax this left heel and make a bigger turn and let that Club go a little farther back to parallel or pass parallel there's probably been more major champions that swing pass parallel the last hundred years and there has been ones that swing shorter parallel what's gonna happen is your maximum speed is gonna start to go up and up and up and then when I back off of that a little bit let's say when I want to actually play on the course if I swing it 90 percent or 95 percent which is what the pros are swinging at they're not 100 but even when I back off of it that's going to be higher than my normal playing speed so if I practice this on the range and I try to go for speed I start to learn where I can generate speed and how to generate speed and I can get more playable speed from that too so now let's go over those three concepts let's go one by one here I'm going to lead you through a specific practice plan don't sit here and just watch this video if you're at your you know sitting at your desk stand up grab a club if you don't have a club just mimic these swings and wait till you get to the range and hit some balls trying these same things but we've got to stand up and do these if we just listen to them you're not going to be any longer we're not going to play any better so number one let's talk about that left heel here's what I want you to do the first thing I want you to do is go ahead and let that left heel lift and what we'll see is I can get to about right here with that left heel firmly into the ground if I loosen that heel up a little bit I'm gonna notice I can go another 10 15 degrees of my shoulders so if this is my shoulders there's the left heel firm on the ground as I loosen that up I get a little bit extra I want to let my hips go ahead and rotate too and I want to let my arms go as high as I can as I let that left heel loosen up a little bit that can happen and I can get that good club head speed doing that first so here's what I want you to do ten swings let that left heel lift a couple inches off the ground and then try to swing for maximum club head speed so let's do ten swings I'm just going to do two here to show you what this would look like so lifting that left heel big shoulder turn and I'm gonna swing as hard as I can once I've done ten and I get kind of familiar with how that would feel now I want to try to do that same thing hitting a golf ball now at first this golf ball may go anywhere how many hit it out of bounds right I'm a top one I don't care I'm looking for maximum speed so we start out around 111 let's try now I make sure my radar is ready let's try out now I'm gonna see if I can get at least 115 so I'm lifting that left heel instead of having that short compact swing I'm thinking about my hands going really far back think Davis love think Bubba Watson think you know all these great players throughout time Jack Nicklaus long free-flowing swing so let's see what that does when I try to give it a good rip for maximum speed again not whirring where this ball goes there we go actually hit that straighter than the one that I did before and I would bet I haven't looked at my radar yet but I would bet $100,000 if that was more club head speed let's see what spits out here one 21.3 10 miles an hour more club head speed the ball went straighter it carried were the last one rolled out – and I picked up about 20 yards that was just over 300 yards and I got about a 5 mile an hour wind into my face I'm really happy with that so again 10 swings practice swings lifting the left heel one to two inches letting the arms go as long as you can and then finally the final piece on that yet I go 90 or 80 percent swing speed no I want a hundred percent I'm actually gonna take it as a challenge to see if I can beat that hundred and twenty I want to see if I can get a hundred 2122 to really break this I'm at 120 one point three I'm gonna do everything within my power to get to at least 122 miles an hour here if my swing gets a little loose maybe my club goes past parallel which we'll get to here in a second I'm not worried about it I'm just talking maximum swing speed and I don't care where this golf ball goes there we go I felt like I swung a little harder let's go ahead and see what the radar says here again right down the pipe what you guys are gonna find is if you put out a lot of effort you actually have a little bit more control maybe the first few go kind of crazy but once you get the feeling for the timing of it it's actually just as consistent as your more controlled swing it just goes a heck of a lot farther one 21.7 so only picked up about a half a mile an hour club head speed didn't hit it quite as solid a little off the toe but again 286 not too bad now let's go ahead and try to get one a little past parallel so this is a big one when we start thinking about these short compact swings I don't mind if your swing is short as far as the club as long as you're making a good turn going back as long as you're doing the other things correctly but what I found sets so many players struggle to get the maximum distance that they can what I found is let's go ahead and get it a little bit longer I think what you'll see you'll pick up a few miles an hour clubhead speed but in reality it's going to go about as straight as it did before so this one I'm gonna go ahead again ten practice swings I'm combining lifting that left heel getting that high hand path and I'm gonna go ahead and let that club get a little past parallel again does it look perfect on camera no it doesn't look perfect on camera does that matter not if you're hitting it twenty yards farther and it's still in the middle of fairway I would much rather be twenty yards in front of my buddies in the fairway with a little long backswing then I would having this really pretty swing and shooting five strokes higher so let's go ahead and try to ramp up the speed a little bit more letting the club go just a little bit long and again like I said this isn't a crazy thing there's tons of players that gone past parallel and their backswing in won major championships this is what the pros are already doing it's just all the new instruction is kind of coaching this out of the game and killing people's speeds so let's go ahead and try to go a little bit long with the shaft on this one and combine that with the bigger shoulder turn and the wheel hit the hill lift I know I made a little bit more distance there again it's not gonna look perfect on camera but I swung a little faster one 24.7 that's pretty good for me that's that's getting there as close as I can go over drew that one a little bit didn't hit it perfect but I still got 307 yards of distance again that would be left-center fairway left side of the fairway not really losing a ton of accuracy now you're gonna get to where if I just swing all out 100% as hard as I go you may lose some accuracy but again we're trying to get that top number up and then you can tone it down from there you don't have to swing a hundred percent every time you just have to practice it a hundred percent then when you get on the course you're 90 percent is gonna be faster than it ever was before so ten swings lifting the left heel letting that thinking of that long free-flowing swing I sort of recap we're gonna go ten swings ten practice swings lifting the left heel thinking of a long free-flowing swing really letting those arms back there then we're going to hit a couple balls going for maximum speed 100% effort on each one of these then we're going to do 10 swings where we still do the hill lifts and the long free-flowing swing and we're actually gonna let that club get a little past parallel again not gonna look perfect on camera but if you drive it 20 yards farther you hit it just a solid just as straight who cares play with it so 10th practice was doing that then we're gonna hit a few balls again just going for maximum club head speed now when you take it out to the course all I want you guys to do is the exact same thing you can just tone it down a little bit you don't have to lift the wet left heel way up just soften it up a little bit so it comes barely off the ground your club doesn't have to come way past parallel but if it goes a little bit past parallel that's completely fine okay so what should we do next the next step to take for this is to go to the power turn that's what we call it on the top speed golf system I got an awesome bonus video that's going to teach you how to get that bigger turn not only from your hips up to your shoulders to make that good full backswing and then even more important to come all the way get through to good full finish you really need this especially if you're not very flexible that's gonna allow you to still get some acceleration through the ball by making that more free-flowing turn so I'm gonna play a preview of that video here in a second just click the link or the card on the screen you'll get instant access to that or the link down below the video best of luck and I'll see in the power turn with the correct technique we can all hit it with really good distance without a lot of muscular effort and it all starts out the very first thing you have to do is get a good powerful turn to load up the body and it's not only in golf but in all sports we have to rotate the body at least 90 degrees with the shoulders as you swing at the top preferably we can go even a little bit past 90 to really get loaded up that's going to allow us to have a lot of power so we don't just have to look at golf for this let's actually look at other sports they're rotating their body then they're coming forward so we have to get that load we have to get this big shoulder turn to be able to create power in the golf swing so in this series of videos I'm gonna show you exactly how to do that that's one of the first keys to getting power and we're all going to get at least a 90 degree turn if not more than that I think you'll be surprised at what you can do so let's go ahead and get started with the next series of videos and I'm gonna show you how to get this big powerful turn I guess so before we go let's take a look at this in action some of the top pros now here we're looking at Adam Scott and you're gonna see as he rotates to the top good full shoulder turn this is pretty typical of what I see with the top pros a little past 90 those guys are working on their flexibility so sometimes I can get to 100 or even 110 degrees you

28 thoughts on “How Golf Lessons Kill Your Distance”

  1. Hi CLAY!! Really enjoyed this video!! On this video, it looks like the position of the teed ball is more centred in your stance than off the lead foot. is this the case for good solid long swings? Set ball high stand so ball is closer to centre of stance?

  2. Just about all the greats of the past raised their left heels at the top of the backswing. Sam Snead, Bobby Jones, Arnold Palmer, and Jack Nicklaus all did it. Makes for a very elegant swing. Many of more contemporary golfers, Davis Love, John Daly, and especially Bubba Watson do it as well. Bubba’s left foot is entirely off the ground, except for the toe, at the top of his swing.

  3. Just going to drop this here and see how you guys think about this video once you've watched this other video done by Clay many moons ago.

  4. I agree that if you not flexible keeping that left heal down will kill distance, but what are your thoughts of bending the left arm? I am not as flexible in the shoulders and I completely foul up my shot if I force my left arm to stay straight.

  5. I had a swing that was "too steep" according to my instructor…he flattened it out and man it looked awesome on camera…I couldn't make contact tho, fats, thins, loss of distances and LOTS of frustration…I actually really started crying one day on the course and went home…multiple lessons…all this guy did was just make me swing my arms so much flatter than was comfortable to me…my scores tanked…and I started to hate golf until I was done with the series of lessons I bought…I ended up quitting for like 6 months…when I came back I went back to my old swing (yes it is slightly steep, it's not horribly steep and causes me no problems and can hit it far and consistent)…this guy was soooooo ok obsessed with making me hit a draw and swing excessively in to out…it basically broke me…sometimes instructors need to understand we are not pros, we want to have fun and enjoy the game…I didnt come in looking for a swing overhaul I came in to get some pointers with my current swing on my driver…instead he completely changed everything, and I lost all desire to play because I felt like I could not play golf because my swing was either too steep and my "prettt" swing made me think that I just wasnt good enough for this game….yes I needed to flatten a little, but this guy demanded I use a 1 plane, turn and burn swing with a massively strong grip and that I NEEDED to play draws and not my controlled fades…point is, as soon as I went back to old swing, started scoring in the high 70s again after about 3 to 4 months of returning

  6. Today, I lifted my heel, swung more freely beyond parallel and shallowed my downswing and wow!! Straight and long so pleasing. A huge thank you to you for all these videos!!! Awesome work !!!!

  7. There's another YT video, Dustin Johnson specifically says, "I hit about 80%. If I hit any harder I'd be all over the place more often." (so NOT 90 or 95%) IME, hitting 20 yards shorter with conservative swing gains 30+ yards by almost always hitting straight ahead instead of off to the left, off to the right…

  8. Thanks so much, when I was getting fitted for clubs the instructor fucked up my swing even though I was hitting it great. Thanks for saying not to do what what he said so I can know that I’ve always swung right. Ur an online instructor and better than one u pay to meet.

  9. Hi Clay,

    My spine straightens in my backswing, could this be to get a longer swing without lifting my heel?

  10. Nicklaus always raised his front heel, McIlroy, Johnson, koepka etc etc massive hitters, still accurate. will never be them but if you want to be better try to mimic the best.

  11. I noticed that the address of your stance with the teed up ball is pretty close to the center of your body. I was told the driver is the longest club and the teed up ball should line inside of your left heel. Please tell me if this is correct or not.

  12. What if you broke your left shoulder an inch down from the joint and the bone overlapped cause that's what happened to me and k always slice cause of it so any tips on how to help with that?

  13. Im so glad the planted lead heel is being challenged now. I was on the range the other day and saw a father with his young son. The boy was naturally lifting that heel intuitively knowing that that is what you do to get a bigger turn. The father told him 'no, no don't ever lift that. That's not how it works.' This whole 'the body has to be wound up with spring tension.' is just so wrong. Hearing this father tell his son that kinda made me sad.

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