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Hi, everyone. It’s Justine. This video is a new episode of the “French series”, which you probably know if you follow my channel already. I’ve decided to do four more episodes. Today’s the first one and every Wednesday this month you’re going to get a new one, so look forward to that. So far we’ve discussed wardrobe, makeup. Today’s video is dedicated to fragrances, perfumes, which is a topic that French women take very seriously. I would like to show you how we apply perfume, dos and don’ts in general. I will also explain how we integrate perfume in the overall beauty routine and why my country is so famous for its fragrances. Actually, I’m going to start with that. Why is french perfume so famous? There is a small town in the South of France called Glasse. This little town has been providing Paris and the courts and the kings of all Europe with perfume for hundreds of years, so all the know-how and the craftsmanship is concentrated in that little area in the South. All the noses of the Luxury houses you can think of have learned there, even today. The nose is the job title of the perfume creator. There is only one per house at a time, not more. So there is one at Hermès, there is one at Guerlain, etc.. That individual is extremely valuable to a company because if he can create a perfume that becomes a “classic”, a “timeless” fragrance, It’s going to bring multi-million euros to the company. It’s a huge business. Anyways, Glasse and the area around it has excellent weather, great sun conditions, and that’s perfect for flowers. If you drive through the region in your car, you’re going to see fields and fields of mimosa, tuberose, orange trees, and the orange blossom from that tree is for instance extremely appreciated in fragrance making. In the past, perfumes were made out of flowers; distilled. So perfume makers found in Glasse the best for materials they could think of, and that still goes on today. From distilled flowers to modern perfume. Today, perfume makers use natural but also synthetic ingredients mixed together, so if you’re good, when you smell the fragrance, you might recognize a note or two, a flower or two, but as a whole it has a smell [that] you couldn’t find like that in nature. The first “synthetic perfume” very well known and early on the market was Chanel No. 5. Do you know why it’s called Chanel No. 5? [Chuckles] Gabrielle Chanel had, at the end of the process, little bottles, numbered to pick a winner from, and she said I’m just going to pick my lucky number, so she picked number five. The perfume was also launched on the fifth of May, which is the fifth month of the year, 1921, and that brought good luck indeed because to this day it’s, every year, on top of the bestseller list in every single store. What’s the difference between parfum, eau de toilette, etc.? If you smell Chanel No. 5 or fragrances from that time you’ll notice that they’re all extremely strong and not all women wanted to wear something that strong. So little by little, fragrance makers learnt and started to develop lighter versions. Now, you basically have three main levels. Parfum is the highest concentration. That one does not leave you, ever. You can’t get rid of it, anymore. The intermediary concentration- a bit more diluted- is called eau de parfum and the lightest one is called eau de toilette. That one will disappear eventually, after six hours depending on the acidity level of your skin, but it will eventually disappear so you’ll need to reapply. Eau de toilette is the most commonly worn today because people say the smell of your fragrance should not overpower the smell of your food otherwise, you cannot enjoy your food anymore. We’ve got our priorities quite right in my country. [Chuckles] Also, since the 20th century, people have running water in their houses and can clean themselves regularly. We don’t need perfume to hide our own body smell anymore. Sounds gross, but hey- there was no daily bath in Versailles. You know what I mean? How to apply perfume? In France, there are two clubs, two schools of thought: The first one says you apply perfume delicately onto your strategic body points. The first one is the inside of the wrist, not too close to the hands, because you’re going to wash them, so you want the perfume to stay a bit longer. Then, behind the ears, here, or here on the neck, underneath the jawline. That’s for when you kiss people [Smooching] French way, so they can smell you. Then, the inside of the elbow if you want to smell stronger, and, not to forget, behind the knees. That’s for when you walk past people who are seated, in summer, so they can smell you, too. Everything is completely thought through. Important to remember is that you should never rub perfume. It is already on the points that are hotter than the rest of your body because the skin is thinner on those areas, so it’s heating up the perfume anyway and it’s going to go into the room thanks to that. If you rub on top, you’re overheating the perfume. It’s breaking the molecules and it’s going to change for worse, the smell of the perfume later, so you want to avoid that. The second school of thought says- very easy- perfume should not be touched at all. So you spray a cloud into the room in front of you, [Spritzing] And then you walk through the cloud to catch the molecules, if that makes sense. [Laughter] It’s not rocket science, but everybody will tell you the same thing. The good thing about that is that then your hair smells, too and when your hair is moving, when it’s windy, wherever you’re going today, then it’s really nice to smell for people who follow you. But if you use this method, you will need to reapply a bit more often during the day because it’s going to vanish away faster. For that purpose, many brands now offer a solid version of the liquid perfume that you have at home so you can carry it around in your purse and use it anytime during the day. That’s one by Fragonard: one of the most famous houses in Glasse. I bought it there. It’s orange blossom, in beeswax, so it’s actually more traditional fragrance. It does smell like nature. I don’t wear this one. I put it in the box with all my pens and tools, so every morning when I open the box, it smells like the South of France. It’s fabulous. [Laughter] Which type of perfume would french women actually wear? I would say, definitely, it evolves throughout a lifetime. Every Frenchy I know would probably agree with that statement. Young women go for sweet things: brands like Mugler. Angel is a typical teenager or young women fragrance. Cacharel: That’s a brand I used to wear. When I smell it now on somebody else, I think oof– –way too sweet! My God! Ha! I can’t stand it anymore. And then, growing up, women turn away from light… sweet, light, flowery fragrances and turn towards more intense scents, like sandalwood or like tuberose; deeper types of jasmine flowers, etc.. If you walk through a perfume store in France, you will hear women trying things on and saying I’m too young for that one. Fragrances for different age targets smell very different indeed in French houses. Usually french women own more than one perfume so they can actually pick from a whole range based on the occasion, the day, the mood. My basic one is Chloe Eau de Toilette: That’s a classic. It’s a top seller so I also know that I’ll be able to refill when that bottle is over. It’s my third or fourth one already. It’s good for any setting, kind of. It’s not too heavy. It’s not flowery, because I don’t like it. It’s somewhere in between and it works pretty much all the time. When I need a confidence kick, I use Chanel No. 5 Eau de Toilette. That’s something I would match with my men’s shoes and on those days, I can swear, people take me more seriously. Really! Perfume is a weapon and French women know that very well. But, here, I also have to say it took me years before I felt ready and grown-up enough to actually be allowed to wear Chanel No. 5, even though I stick to the eau de toilette, because it’s such a symbol. Those fragrances from big houses come with such an image behind them that they’re not easy to support, I have to say. Then, I have a couple more playful ones that I would not use up the whole bottle of, so I usually get those in mini sizes.
Saint Laurent is typically one that does great sets of five or six little fragrances so you can switch up based on the mood. All of them are quite heavy, but I’d wear that to go out, for instance. How is perfume integrated into the beauty routine? Your perfume is you: it stands for you, and usually you spend a lot of time finding the one. So, all the rest of your beauty products have to work around it and adapt. So French women would typically not wear coconut-flavored body cream or watermelon lip gloss or something, because imagine when you add perfume on top of that, strong perfume… horrible! That’s why French cosmetics usually have very decent, discreet scents: it’s to not compete with your perfume. Another thing: You wouldn’t wear perfume every day of the week because the nose gets used to it, and after some time you can’t notice it anymore and you feel like you have to increase the spray to still be able to smell it. At the price of the bottle, you want to notice when you’re wearing it, and you want to enjoy it, so you typically hear women saying oh, not today or this week, I’m on a perfume break. I’m not wearing any. When French women wear their perfumes, they fully appreciate it as the luxury that it is. Now you know the whole philosophy behind French women wearing perfume. Finding the right one is a bit like finding your style in fashion: It’s fun, but takes a while. [Laughter] Now I’m curious. Do you wear perfume? What’s yours? What’s the history behind? Why? See you on Wednesday and Sunday, every week. Here’s some perfume for the wait. Bye, bye.

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  1. J'ador is my perfume since at least 15 years. But I have to say that I can't appreciate it anymore 🙁
    because I have wearing it daily for so long…

  2. This year I finally decided to find a perfume that was ‘me’. I had never had a good perfume before before spending hours in a Sephora and initially wanting to buy Nest’s Poppy perfume as I like a clean floral scent, but I decided with Nest’s Black Tulip Perfume; it was sweet and clean, but also with a bit of a dark mysterious scent that enhances the clean sweetness to the scent

  3. I don’t even wear perfume but the video is very interesting. I would like to start learning about perfumes because I’ll want to have my own scent👌🏾.

  4. One of my mother's go-to scents is Chloe! As well as Cashmere Mist and Coco by Chanel. Chloe is mature enough that my mom could wear it, but sweet enough that i could get away with wearing it. Cashmere Mist always smelled like old lady perfume on me until about a year ago; I guess I'm mature enough to wear it now. Coco, however, is still too strong for me. Mademoiselle was always my standby Chanel fragrance, especially going into the cooler months, but these days I find it's a little too sweet for me. I don't feel like the scent matches my personality anymore, and so have been trying to find a good replacement.

  5. I'm 36 and Chanel No.5 still smells awful to me, lol. I guess I have an immature nose, lol. YSL Black Opium and Prada Candy Night are my favorites, but during the day I usually smell like a cupcake, good enough to eat, lol.

  6. 'My' perfume is Eclat d'Arpege by Lanvin. I'm in love with it, it's so long-lasting and the smell is absolutely wonderful. One of my friends gave me a tiny sample bottle with it as a present. It was without the name so when the sample was finished I was devastated 😀
    I was searching for this perfume for eight years until I saw 'that cute round bottle'. I bought it immediately. Admittedly, I was too young for that perfume then, studying in the middle school, even though I liked the smell so much.

  7. My starsing is Leo , I'm quite sporty but can be elegant too … I adore nice scents from an early age ,but what really started it , it was a gift from my grandmother when I was about 13 … since then I collect various parfumes from the big houses to the small brands and every each of them has something special about them 🙂 But my absolute favourite is from Paco Rabanne Black XS …. I could literally bathe in it 😀 BTW I'm in my early 30's 😀

  8. I love this video, I come back to it every so often!

    I don’t think I’ve found my “one” yet, but so far annick goutal tenue de soirée is probably the most magical smell I’ve encountered. So beautiful. And Lubin’s Grisette for spring. If I was swimming in money, Chloe would be my ideal bedtime scent.

  9. when your nose is sensitive asf and you can only wear baby-powder eau de toilette…….. theres no perfume with that kind of smell 🙁

  10. When I was in junior high I wore a sweet pea perfume which was very light and sweet, in high school I wore playboy's Play it Sexy which is a sent I don't know how to describe but I still love it, and now I wear Bvlgari Jasmin Noir because it feels a bit more grown up and me. I definitely see how women's taste in perfume and it's strength changes as we get older, at least it is true for me.

  11. I love Chloe! My sister in law gifted me a bottle about 20 years ago and I always have this scent in my collection. I have some full size bottles in eau de toilette, and many minis in parfum because I love different scents for different seasons and occasions. I have two absolute favorites. .. First by Van Cleef and Arpels – (how I just 💖 this one.), and my new favorite is Love Relentlessly by Tory Burch. A recent discovery. Thank you for this video! 😍👍

  12. I love perfume. I have recently become sensitive to a lot of it and other scented items so I have to choose very carefully! I always loved Chanel no 5 but never could afford it. My signature now is obsession by Calvin Klein. I also like ck Truth (discontinued but I still have some) and I also have Chloe! These are my big favs at this stage of my life. I have a few cheaper scents. Amazing Grace by philosophy is pretty. And I still like le Jardin. Some favs from the past? When I was little…Sweet Honesty by Avon, Jean Nate, and Loves Baby Soft! Later I discovered that a scent called Organza reminded me of a grown up loves baby soft.

    I have also always been picky about hair products and body soaps because of them clashing. But some body products are nice enough to wear instead of perfume! I always loved Neutrogena Rainbath for example. And I always love to catch the smell of a good shampoo. My fav soaps are Dr Bronners for their wonderful scents (also very kind to my skin) and kiss my face unscented olive oil soap. Sometimes you just need a reset, as you said! And stripping back all the scent prepares you for a change. Also if I'm not feeling well or if my allergies kick off I need to get away from as much fragrance as possible.

    These days I use mostly unscented things like laundry products, lotion and deodorant and if i could find more fragrance free options i would use them, both due to allergies and to avoid the clashes between scented products. I have always thought it was very striking, romantic even! how a confident woman knows what she likes and uses the same things all the time…and how those things give her a unique signature scent that people recognize and think of her. This would include not only her perfume but her hair and soap and skin care products layered together to make her smell special. I have scent memories of most of the women in my life.

  13. I do believe that scent has power. once i found a small oil-based perfume bottle with no label in my grandma's wardrobe and wore a bit of it to school. i was surprised that the best-looking boy in our year just started talking to me, followed me for the entire day, and even offered to walk me home. i was puzzled because he's never talked too long to me before but i didn't care because popular guys aren't my type. anyway, i reckoned it was the perfume because he's always leaning in towards me like he's trying to take in the scent. also, the following day when i didn't wear the perfume, our interactions went back to normal and he was back to being just casual with me. i didn't mind but i did wonder about the perfume though. i never found the bottle again and i've been trying to look for the same scent everytime i get a chance to sample some. i could never identify/describe what notes it had but i'm sure i'll know it once i smell it.

  14. Gucci bamboo and Flora smell sweet which are my favourites. I wore Chanel n5 when 16 y/o and no wonder people around me said I smelled like a mature woman.

  15. Hermosa explicación. Amé Trésor aunque las versiones posteriores no me convencieron. He usado varios aunque el actual es Woman by Ralph Lauren. Saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷

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  17. As a guy, I very much enjoyed the perfume education. I look forward to sharing this info with my daughters when older.  I always wondered why some women wear too much perfume as if they are trying to cover up some bad smell. Perhaps they use it too frequently and have desensitised themselves to the smell.

  18. I keep my parfume very simple. My go to is jusy Black musk parfume oil. I variate it with white musk or pachouli or jasmine pressed scents. I guess my parfume style is natural and mysterious :p

  19. When I was about 19 I worked at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. I fell in love with a fragrance called 'Quelqu Fleur' – I wonder if I would like it as much now? It was pretty floral, but didn't seem overly sweet – from what I remember. It was incredibly expensive though. I might be ready to give Chanel #5 a try now though.

  20. In my late teens I loved an Avon body cream that had sandalwood, & I still love that scent. Over the years I've had favorites that lasted for a year or 2, then I got tired of them. Not long ago I received a sample in a subscription box & its the only scent I'll wear now. It smells like heaven! Aqua Universalis, by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

  21. Thank you Justine for this video. It provides me with information that useful, the philosophy behind every custom (culture) in this context, and practical tips at the end. Keep up the good job

  22. My favorite French fragrances are Nina Ricci (I love the red apple), Guerlain Shalimar, and Estee Lauder; Rose de Grasse. ^^

  23. Back in the 90s, my father bought me sample sizes of perfume he bought overseas and I remember this one perfume in a beautiful bright blue bottle. It stood out to me when I was 15 because it smelled powdery and has a floral, fresh scent. It's called Fleurs De France and made by Edouard Pinaud. Didn't know at that time that this particular perfume was created back in 1910! It had a unique smell unlike any and to this day, I remember that scent. Unfortunately, it may have been discontinued. If it were still around, I would have bought it only for novelty though, as I prefer sandalwood scents now, like Chanel Bois des Iles.

  24. My number 1 will always be Dune from Christian Dior. When I was 13, a family friend gifted me a bottle of this perfume. I was so in love with it that I would apply it in excessive amounts in my hair, on my hands, even on my clothes lots of times a day. I was living in Romania back then. Later on, I moved to Paris and, even if my French friends have given me really nice French perfumes to make me come across as "more Parisian", I still stick to my first love. 🙂

  25. Justine, each second of this 9:54 minute video has been perfect. You are the best! So much interesting information about perfume! 🌾🌾🌾 You are amazing! 💖

  26. Mine is Daisy eau de toilette by Marc Jacobs. I was gifted it one year and I liked it a lot but I want to get more into having a small collection. This video was very helpful and informative

  27. I love Philosophy Amazing Grace- it makes me feel just that- Amazing and graceful. I also like that the company has matching products- head to toe wash and several lotion options, so you don’t have to wear perfume every day, just when you want the extra umph. They also have a great skincare line, that’s not gonna compete with your main scent.

  28. Im from Brazil and I found this woody and citric parfum from a Brazilian brand called Natura.

    I absolutely love the smell, I feel powerful and mature.

  29. I'm currently 16, almost 17, and i think i've always loved perfume. even when i was a little girl i used to use my moms perfume whenever i could. for a few years "alien" by mugler has been my go to, because my mom always used to wear angel. a while ago i got a bottle of chanel no. 5… and although i love it, i love the smell, i don't think it suits me just yet. even though i sometimes look 25, it feels like i can't keep up with the scent. i'll probably gift it to my mom soon, it'd fit her more. it's so difficult to find a perfume that works for you.

  30. My Grandmother has ALWAYS worn the same perfume, I have always enjoyed the smell of it. This year, I was old enough to start wearing it myself, I'm 40. Estee Lauder, Youth Dew. It is the most enchanting, mesmerizing fragrance that I have ever worn. Thank you Grandmother, I love you to the moon and back!

  31. I have two. Both gifts. One is called Sunflowers and it is eau de toilette and the other is Flor de mayo and it is eau de parfum. I kinda like them…but…..mmmm i will continue surching.

  32. My favourite scent is , Quelques Fleurs , by Houbigant , N.B. Justine in correct English we say scent never perfume . Perfume is non U .

  33. I loved this video!
    I have always been a perfume grid person. I have a few fragrances from parfum to body spray. I use body spray for me, it's a pick me up I the morning if it an average nothing special day, with scents like grapefruit or fresh cut flowers. They only last a couple hours. Eau de Toilette for work or appointment, like Marc Jacob's Daisy or CK1 lol. I've dated myself with the last one. Eau de parfum for nights out, when I need it to go the distance, like D&G light blue. For the parfum I have Chanel No 5. My husband bought me my first bottle as a wedding present to wear on my wedding day. I told him I always wanted a bottle but thought I was enough to wear it or pull it off. He ordered it direct and when he gave it to me the pretty chanel package, he told me I was the most he can ever hope for in life and he wanted everyone to know when I walked by. Now I wear it and it makes me feel like I own the room. Sorry for the long post, it's funny how you never really think about how the little things make you feel.😘

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  36. OPIUM, the original of years and years ago. Mon paris, flowerbomb, dolce, LIGHT BLUE, it reminds me of Sicily, and when my mum entered my room, while I was sleeping. For everyday routine COCO MADEMOISELLE. At first smell it seemed to me unique, I bought it some years later and I’m sure it’s different. They must have changed it. Anyway I think it’s an “elegant” perfume.

    La France c’est la patrie des parfums.
    Je suis italienne. Bisous

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  40. Very Irresistible by Gyvenchy is my big gun for parties or for a job interview. I feel , sexy and elegant when I wear it.
    CK one was my favourite as a teenager (although I wore many others that I can’t stand anymore like Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel or Ysatis by Gyvenchy) and I still wear it in the Summer months. I love the citrus aromas.
    Oh Lola! By Marc Jacobs is my Spring go to. It’s a floral fragrance but I don’t find it overly sweet and it delicately disappears through out the day. I also wear it in the Summer.
    Youth Dew by Estee Lauder has always had my name on it, but as you mentioned it, I was too young for it, so my Mom got me the bath oil to soak in its elegance. Now that I am older, is my Fall/Winter perfume of choice and I still use the bath oil occasionally.
    My Mom was a huge perfume enthusiast and she sold them too. She taught me a lot about how perfume is created and “trained” my nose to identify different notes. She also taught me how to apply perfume exactly as French women do. She passed on to me the love for perfumes!

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    3. JLo Glo

  43. My grandma loved perfume and had a pretty sizable collection by the time she died. Around that time I was becoming interested in it as well, so when I was helping my aunt clean out my grandma's room, she gave all of the perfume to me. Most of the bottles were old enough that the names had rubbed off, and I used up the ones that were nearly empty a while ago. I still have half a bottle of Lancome Miracle and Estee Lauder Beyond paradise, as well as a handful of others that I can't remember off the top of my head.

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    I want to thank you for your wonderful inspiring videos for they give such great insight in things!

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  46. Before I purchase a perfume I must use a sample of the fragrance for about one week. For some reason, one that I am not certain of, a fragrance may smell fabulous in the beginning and all of a sudden it smells terrible, like cat urine. So generally if the sample can hold up for the week, chances are it will always smell lovely. I know one other person that has the same experience.

  47. I was in a waitingroom and looking through a magazine, it had a sample of Alien by Thierry Mugler… I fell for it hard! So unexpected and I couldn't get enough! My husband is on an international ferry regularly, so i asked for a bottle. Not cheap but SO worth it. Instead of wearing it all day, I mostly sprayed a bit on the top of my hand and then go to sleep. Smelling the scent all around me. Soothing. The next bottle I used during the day, when my husband wasn't home. He didn't like the smell.
    I also have had DKNY Be Delicious (green), D & G The one and some of the Calvin Klein fragrances. But nothing as favorite as the Alien! Thanks for the video, Justine.

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  49. This was the first video I watched of you, and I just realized that I hadn't commented on it. (I don't even know how the Google algorithm decided it should push your content to me, given my interests! Happy accident 🙂 )

    For my consciousness, the sense that most impacts me from the standpoint of memory is smell. A smell can instantly, totally unexpectedly can transport me back in time, in some cases decades. Recently on a late summer/early fall day, I walked by a freshly cut lawn. I was shocked – my mind took over without my permission, and all sorts of images from high school popped into my head. I used to play american football, and that fresh cut grass smell meant the beginning of school.
    I wear cologne, but I wear it only so that if a woman gets close enough to me, only she can smell it. The look on her eyes then is worth a million dollars. Almost all of my lovers want to bathe me in it (Drakkar Noir especially – I know, dating myself) – it just isn't me. Over the years, only one appreciated the way I want to wear it. I don't know anything about these, but men should look into it. Can't want ladies to be knockouts, while you play video games all day long and snack on cheetos:

    There is very little that will turn my head faster than a woman that smells out of this world in her perfume, or even her shampoo. As I have gotten older, I have noticed this art form less and less, at least in the US. I think for women today, everything has become about convenience, comfort, and does it fit with the feminist ideology.

    Quel dommage  (for guys like me).

  50. What do you think about Yves Rocher brand? Have you ever used their products?.. What do you think about the quality?.. Thanks! ♥

  51. This probably sounds dumb but as a child I was obsessed with the scent my Aunt wore, Vanderbilt. This was the mid 80's, she wore it everyday to work, she was a secretary. I never researched what happened to the company, but I do know it went from being an expensive name brand perfume to something you could buy at Kmart. I would still like a bottle for nostalgic reasons, it would be fun. I can't even really remember what it smelled like? The bath and body works peach or cucumber body sprays always remind me of high school! Not perfume per se, and I couldn't afford it, but all the stylish girls at school had them or Tommy Girl fragrance. I was too poor for any of that, I don't know what the heck I smelled like then (shudder the thought!)?!?! When I was 19/early 20's I really liked anything that Escada made- like you said, very young, very light and very fruity- really not that far from a body spray! I tried to wear more sophisticated scents after that like Dolce and Gabbana Sicily which didn't suit me at all, Light Blue however stuck around for a bit as I finished the large bottle- still, while I loved the scent, it didn't feel like me or mesh that well with my body chemistry. For a few years I went with Armani Code for Women, and my BF at the time wore Code for men- drove me wild that cologne! Then after my best friend kept stealing my perfume I switched, I really couldn't stand smelling like her, she would copy everything I did/had or "borrow" my stuff, it was infuriating. I reverted back to less mature but still nice scents like Vera Wang Princess, which was really sweet and I was maybe still young enough for it lol. I tried another scent I thought was more mature, Marc Jacobs. It was ok but not great on me. I also tried Calvin Klein Euphoria, which at first was great but eventually became too heavy for me and started causing migraines, shame, because everyone loved it on me. I'm still on the good hunt, I have collections of mini bottles and I rarely wear them, I have tons of tiny sample vials so I've been trying to get through those and mixing/matching heavier scents with lighter scents to make a balance. I have a peony/rose scented Body spray I wear most often, then with a spritz of the heavier perfume for staying power and diversity. I still feel all over the place when it comes to what I like, I do however tend to choose lighter scents, fresh or sweet- nothing too heavy that can trigger allergies or migraine (I'm looking at you Flower Bomb/La Vie Est belle)!

  52. I wear Amazing Grace by Philosophy. This is a clean smell. I started it because I’m a dental hygienist so I can not wear heavy perfume to work. All my patients love it. If I’m going out lately I’ve been wearing Love Spell from Victoria Secret, I love it and it compliments my body chemistry.

    Great video!!! Thank You.

  53. I love your videos ❤️ you have such a way of explaining things that is not boring and it’s fun to watch cause we always learn something new!
    I am one of those people that falls in love with dozens of perfumes and hasn’t got that special one . Although I am more drawn to sweeter scents..: I remember that I loved Hypnotic Poison by Dior, Le Parisienne by YSL, and now I wear Candy by Prada. exactly in that 1st example , in strategic points, and it’s light although sweet. One thing to remember is to apply small amounts. ☝🏼another I fell in love with was Sì. 🙃

  54. I love J’adore. I have a travel size that lives in my purse to give me a boost when i need it! ❤️❤️❤️

  55. Thank you for an interesting clip. I discovered the art of fragrances not too long ago and have been exploring this field for some time. Guerlain is becoming one of my favorite houses.

  56. Younger i had several Chanel perfumes including #5, they did absolutely nothing for me. Back in my 20s i liked discontinued now "Mansoon" from Coty and "Princess" by Marina De Bourbon. Today , pushing 50, i have a huge collection of perfumes – flowery, fruity, spicy scents, where the center piece and a beautiful jewel in it is Chanel Exclusiff "Beige". Love 💖

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