How Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Undermines Civil Rights & Favors Predatory Lenders Over Students

AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now, Democracy, the war and peace report. I’m Amy Goodman with JUAN GONZÁLEZ. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: We turn now to look at billionaire
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, a longtime backer of charter schools and vouchers for
private and religious schools. She has said she considers education a, quote,
“industry,” and called the public school system a “dead end.” A recent study by Stanford University’s
Center for Research on Education Outcomes, however, found that students attending for-profit
charter schools have significantly lower academic gains than those attending nonprofit charters. AMY GOODMAN: DeVos is back in the news this
month after she said she wanted to return the Education Department’s Office of Civil
Rights, quote, “to its role as a neutral, impartial, investigative agency,” unquote. An official with the office came under fire
last week after she said that most campus rape claims amount to two young people who
are “both drunk.” Meanwhile, attorney generals in 18 states
and the District of Columbia are suing DeVos and the Department of Education over a rule
to protect student loan borrowers that was set to go into effect July 1st, until DeVos
announced a “reset” of the rule, known as “borrower defense to repayment.” To discuss all this and more, we’re joined
by Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers. It’s good to have you with us. Can you assess, starting with today and the
latest news, what’s happening in the Department of Education? RANDI WEINGARTEN: Yes. It’s a disaster. I mean, it’s—so, what we said—so, we’ve
spent a lot of time, as we just talked about before, in Michigan. And we watched Betsy DeVos when she was, you
know, an advocate for privatization and charters and for busting up public schools in Michigan. And we said she was the most anti-education
secretary who had ever gotten that position. And I think everything she’s done since
then has proven that. So this is what she’s doing. Number one, it’s not just promoting for-profit
charters and vouchers, but it’s also taking a meat ax to the federal budget that goes
to vulnerable kids, both in education and in healthcare. That’s number one. That’s part of the budget. Number two, she is cutting the enforcement. And number three, probably more important
than anything, even though I think the budget cuts are really important, is that an agency
that is supposed to be about equity, that is supposed to fight for the vulnerable, she
is focused—she is squarely on the side of lenders instead of borrowers. And you see that with the borrower defense
rule you just talked about. She is squarely on the side of—you know,
of the powerful and not the vulnerable. So, she’s stripped away the transgender
rules, the stuff that’s going on with campus violence and campus rape—and what Candice
Jackson said, saying, essentially, even though she apologized, that, you know, 90 percent
of these cases are because somebody is drunk. And now the entity that is supposed to be
there to protect against discrimination, protect and ensure that people have a shot at education,
she’s saying, is now going to be neutral. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And, Randi, the importance
of her hiring as one of her deputy assistant secretaries Adam Kissel, who comes out of
the Koch Foundation— RANDI WEINGARTEN: Right. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: —for higher education? RANDI WEINGARTEN: Well, this is what—it’s
not just the fox guarding the hen house. This is an active, active undermining of the
equity and discrimination rules that were embedded since Johnson in terms of the Department
of Education. So it’s cutting the money for public schools. It’s preferring lenders over—and for-profit
colleges over students. And now it is actively undermining what OCR,
the Office of Civil Rights, is supposed to do for the vulnerable. Let me add one more thing, because the healthcare
bill comes into this, as well. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Yeah, wanted to ask you about
that. Yes. RANDI WEINGARTEN: Seventy-eight percent of
school districts in America use Medicaid. Seventy-eight percent. So if you—if you take the healthcare bill,
that basically takes a huge whack out of Medicare, ends Medicare as we know it, that then hugely
hurts every child in these 78 percent of districts—wheelchairs, feeding tubes, the screening and these kinds
of things. So, this is taking a whack out of the most
vulnerable, taking away funding from those who—from people who are poor, who need opportunity,
like after-school programs and things like that, and then, on top of it, basically, not
just undermining the enforcement, but basically saying, “We are no longer going to be the
agency that makes sure that there’s no discrimination for America’s schoolchildren.” AMY GOODMAN: Explain this latest news on OCR,
the Office of Civil Rights. Explain the implications of this. RANDI WEINGARTEN: So, what—since—from
the moment—from all of the civil rights laws back to the 1960s, one of them was the
education law. There was public access. There was voting. There was education. And part—and what was created was the Office
of Civil Rights. And so, there was a presumption that that
office was going to fight against discrimination and fight for equity. This was not just something that Barack Obama
did. This goes back to every president, Republican
and Democrat alike. And so, when she says she’s going to make
that agency neutral, she is taking a step away from the enforcement of civil rights
laws. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Neutral between the perpetrators
of discrimination and the victims of discrimination. RANDI WEINGARTEN: I mean, how do you make—how
do you make a law that—where—you know, look, I represent a union. I represent people. I believe people should have due process. And I believe there are false accusations. But, frankly, as a survivor, as a rape survivor,
how do you not create some kind of climate to actually help people tell their stories
and get redress? And it’s not just on—you know, it’s
not just in terms of Title IX, but it’s every other law. I mean, think about what happened after Brown
v. Board of Education. Think about how the so-called choice movement
was used by segregationists to stop people from having—stop black and brown kids from
having opportunity. So, the OCR, that entity, is the one that
people go to in order to enforce discrimination laws. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And what alternative is there
at the state level to be able to beat back some of these things that are happening now— RANDI WEINGARTEN: Well, the good— JUAN GONZÁLEZ: —at the level of the federal
Department of Education? RANDI WEINGARTEN: Look, the great thing is
that 18—you know, we went to—we went to the attorney generals. It is fantastic that the attorney generals,
18 or 21 of them, are now, you know, suing to enforce the borrower defense law—or,
regulation. I mean, what this essentially means—let
me just—because those are code words. What this essentially means is that Corinthian
College went bankrupt. All these kids were left holding the bag,
with the student debts. What the borrower defense law means—or,
rule means, is that just like Corinthian gets its debts discharged in bankruptcy, these
kids should not be holding the bag. That’s what it means. So, the AGs are suing on that. And look, we—thankfully, we were able, in
a bipartisan way, to get the new federal law covering K-12 passed last year in the Congress. And even Lamar Alexander just said to Betsy
DeVos, “You’re misreading the law.” AMY GOODMAN: I wanted to ask you about—well,
NPR is reporting Wayne Johnson will be the new head of Office of Federal Student Aid,
after James Runcie abruptly resigned last month. RANDI WEINGARTEN: Right. AMY GOODMAN: This is according to the Department
of Education. FSA is an agency responsible for administering
$1.4 trillion in outstanding student loans from 42 million borrowers, plus aid programs
for millions of college students. As not mentioned in the department’s press
release and first reported by BuzzFeed, Johnson is currently the CEO of Reunion Financial
Services Corporation, a private student loan company. RANDI WEINGARTEN: Right. I mean, this is—I don’t think saying the
fox guarding the hen house is enough to describe what is going on. You basically have people from an industry
that bilked kids, that have had predatory practices, now running the student aid programs. And it’s just—again, it is this preference,
this out-and-out preference for the lenders, for the for-profit colleges, that we have
fought for the last several years. Like, you can’t give worthless degrees and
leave kids holding the bag with unsustainable debt. And basically, we are winding back the clock
on this, as well as on rights. AMY GOODMAN: Well, Randi Weingarten, we want
to thank you very much for being with us, president of the American Federation of Teachers,
as we move on to other education news.

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    Randi uses exagerations, assumptions, over dramatizations, and metaphors to induce anger. while being light on substance and useful information.

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    Question to Ms Weingarten – How did we ever get along without a federal Dept of Education for 190 years? I went to school during those years and came out just fine. Dept of Education is a great area for budget cuts so we can get our economy under control.

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