How education is important for us

what is that what is that let me see so what I going to use there for what are you going to do that sorry 200,000 you mean for ponies but this is a this is a parasite it's a rodent so what can I use this for sorry actually so what I'm saying is what am I going to use this for he's your fire and then what I will you finish your college fire with something yeah you are just repeating after him instead of explaining something you are just anything he says you are repeating I don't understand what you're saying so excuse me hello hello what Rahman so you have any idea what did you use in trapping it I've seen how they did drop it Hardy did chop there are actually no accident we need to not only to my mouth uncle I am accent howdy through dance was chopped what I am things the how was the rodent trap I want to know the process before I am AK seen how the rodent was trapped that's what I want to know the process of of capture I feel imam in order to knock on door what is he saying okay well maybe the next time I pass by try and maybe I can adopt literacy and then okay because we are just losing money losing money now you are losing money I was trying to ask him to tell me how it was trapped the process of chopping them the road ended he couldn't tell me because I how was it captured how was he captured how was it captured what I'm saying is how was it captured what was the process of captioning I do for you and there you who yeah but I want to know the English we also see something completely different this indicates that education is so important and education education is really important

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