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  1. Deadpool knows he's a comic book character because he is written that way. I thought I analyzed things to death. How do humans (not ink on paper fictions) know they are created by God? They are good at lying to themselves in order not to face the terrifying inevitability of oblivion.

  2. I know this a deep video and all, but can we just take a moment to appreciate the glory that is Mike's Deadpool sweater?

  3. I'm not nearly as well-informed as some others are, I haven't done research and I'm barely a casual fan, however I do have a very unique theory about Deadpool. He has an extreme healing factor, he has super strength, he has godly luck… And he has the ability to understand his own situation from an outside perspective. This is a list of and traits that have little-to-no connection… SOME connect because of Weapon X, but certainly not all. I've always thought of it like this: Deadpool has a super power. Just one. Only one. His super power? He knows he's the main character. That's it, that's all. He knows that this is HIS comic. He knows that no matter what he does, he'll win. So he f*cks around and has fun with it, because he might as well keep it interesting! He knows the writers can't kill him off and they explain it away with a healing factor, but in reality, he's in control of them. He OWNS them.

  4. Hmm this great video but it kind of scared me mainly because this is the first time I heard of ''phenomenology". Turns out I might be crazy after all. Long story short first time I ever heard of Deadpool was by mistake years ago by looking at random gameplay videos on YouTube. Ended up looking at the "leaked" Deadpool movie trailer. Nope, didn't become a fan but thought to myself "what a funny and cool looking trailer" and soon forgot about it. Years later a movie was released and of course it was awesome.
    This wall of text has no meaning what so ever, I’m just bored and thought I would share a REAL part of my life with randoms on YouTube.
    After looking at your video explaining how Deadpool works, I thought it was totally normal that you have more than one voice in your head. To clarify, the voice has never told me to go kill or hurt someone. Besides my thought voice (is that what you call it?) the other voice talks slightly different and mostly neutral. He/she (it’s a genderless voice) notices stuff that “I” wouldn’t. When I was younger I used to get weird looks when I said "I’m arguing with the voices in my head, they can’t decide what I want" so I stopped mentioning it. It gets a little weirder I would randomly feel as if someone was watching me. No not like paranoia where it felt like someone was staring, or with a camera watching you constantly. It was a specific feeling like I was being monitored by 'beings' (what my younger self decided to call them and still do, 27 now btw) from the future.
    It felt like they had the technology to watch a person’s life. I would wonder why I would only get these feelings randomly, so the best way I could describe it. Imagine you have a very long video on your computer (my life being the video) and you open the video in Windows Media Player. (the tech they use to view my life) The video is super boring (yup, luckily my life is boring) so they skip ahead randomly. From my perspective its happening (that feeling) every few hours to days, but to them they’re just scrolling through a video. One day I was like “yup I’m definitely crazy I should probably tell my parents, buttt the fact that I know this is crazy means that I’m not crazy!” I must've heard this quote in a movie or something “crazy people don't know they're crazy”' which is how I based my assumption that I wasn't crazy. That quote made so much sense. Think I was around 10 at the time. I also thought “wait why would beings be watching my life? I’m no one important, unless I did something horrible in the future, so they are wondering what caused me to go so evil.” My mind went to dark places really quick, I might’ve caused some great calamity by killing hundreds of people, epicenter of an outbreak of some sort. I was 10 so it wasn’t those exact things I’m just stating them so you know how it felt.
    This really freaked me out, so I kept my head down, only talked when spoken to, followed all the rules, made sure I learned as much as I could in school, never complained, told the truth no matter how hurtful (if pressured to tell the truth, I’m not a d*ck) blah blah boring. After a few years I was like, well I will just ignore that feeling and go on about my life. It has to be paranoia or something, let’s hope I don’t get too crazy and just snap one day. Not much changed in fact I’m still the happy go lucky air head person.
    After that I was determined to figure out why people behaved and thought the way they did. Hindsight, I’m 100% sure I should’ve told my parents so they could get me help. Knowing what I know now I could’ve been one of the crazies I see on the news. (I actuality don’t watch the news, untrustworthy source of facts but a great place for biased opinions catered to the masses for enjoyment) Point is, how have I watched Deadpool and done so much research on him and not see the similarities between him and I? That is why this video scared me. Now I have a feeling I’m going to fall down a rabbit hole just to figure out why I have these “feelings” and how have I not gone completely crazy yet.
    P.S. No I don’t have superhuman abilities to regenerate, although that would be nice. From a logical standpoint I know it would come with great cost.
    P.S.S. I’m talking about logical when nothing I just said made any sense. shrugs This is why I find the brain fascinating, too bad I ended up in a Technical instead of Medical field.

  5. here is question how come zombie pool did not regenerate just like the dead pool we know and love
    zombie pool is basicly a alternate version of deadpool so shouldent he have his powers or no

  6. sooo. im sure someone thought of this…but if he (deadpool) gets sliced in half will there be two deadpools?

  7. deadpool if he wanted to could end everything like u guys know that right? he can destroy marvels reality our reality and others tell God and him are left his ultimate power is he was never apart of his own reality his insanity he's the medium of possibilities he can do anything

  8. I think, interesting idea of deadpool's comic awareness should include both his insanity, his identity, his unique perception of oneself and metalevel – the way he was intended to be. He is a comic book character. And he's also a thinking individual, capable of acting, thinking and feeling, but not actual freedom. He's written.

    But aren't we also written by the very laws of physics, biochemistry and neurobiological responses?

    He sees through the fourth wall, because there is fourth wall for his perception to see. He's allowed that unique sense of self, that makes him different from other marionettes. He's still a conscious marionette, aware not only of itself but also of it's purpose.

  9. that theory or my theory: deadpool cant see us. he went through so much injuries he thought the only way he is so unkilible is that he is comic book charecter, what happends to be true. he became mad after some time and and turned into deadpool

  10. Well sure… His reality is different because of his unique relationship to his body. I assume like any superhero's reality is different, since they're not "normal". That said, I think that Deadpool is just mentally ill. He assumes that there's an audience. He even believes it. But he doesn't "know" it because of his relationship to his body.

  11. who the hell watches the whole video?! not a single comment below the video even mentiones anything from it. everyone responds to the title only.

  12. i guess jocker is rhe same because maybe he is not insane maybe he is saner than them all maybe thats why when he fall in that nuclear thing his mind open and see he is fictional and maybe thats why when he think batman dies he suddenly go normal maybe he think that his purpose in life has ended so he dont need to do anything bad and sometimes in comics he talk straight for u

  13. I think Deadpool's real power is to affect the perception others have on his reality to match his own. He doesn't simply see the medium he exists in and comments on it. He manipulates and warps it to his whim, if only to a degree, to show the readers how he sees his world, not by telling, but by literally showing.

  14. What if every "fictional" show/story we create or have created actually made us "create" it? And what if we were created by those stories and they made us create them. What if every single person in the world is the centre of an independent/interconnected story with our own individual creators?

  15. That or Dead-pool is just a comic book superhero portrail of someone who lives with the trueman show disorder…. and I think that's pretty meta. …and you've all been fooled.

  16. Love nerd sync but I would actually disagree with scott here. As I interpret it, the white boxes are what he really thinks while the more unstable yellow boxes are what he wants you to think he's thinking. This helps play into the tragic clown character that I tend to see him as. A broken man who uses humor to mask his tremendous pain and even play down his actual mental issues (eg impulse control, anger issues). For me, this gives his character far more weight than the fun jokey clown we got in the movie.

  17. If I was a comic book character that knew they were a comic book character I would try and break the fourth wall as often as possible to gain all the power I can.

  18. This is a great theory, but it sort of falls apart when you realize that there are other Marvel heroes who are aware of their status as comic book characters. Most notably She-Hulk, who even gained the ability to fast travel from one location to another through the sides of panels after being taught by a retired golden age hero who had more 4th-Wall breaking experience.

  19. if I came up with a comic book character from having a weird dream, am I not seeing an alternate universe where this person actually exists? Or am I merely creating the universe/idea in my mind

  20. Deadpool knows he is a comic character(in marvel) and joker knows he is a comic character too(in dc) and both are some kind of crazy.

  21. I know this comment is really late, but I have a comparable relationship with my body. I have chronic joint pain, chronic muscle pain, and chronic headaches. I do not have a diagnosis yet, so I do not have a name for the constant pain I am in, but it is there nonetheless. It forces me to be aware of my body in a way I never was before. I often find myself mentally or vocally speaking to my knees or my hips or my hands, wondering why they are hurting at any given moment. The pain individualizes each body part in a way, separating it from the rest of my body and making it its own entity, that I can stretch or rest or apply heat to try and stop the painful sensations emanating from it. Since no pain medication I can buy without a prescription works on my pain, I have to treat each of these body parts separately in a quest for pain relief, objectifying them in a way I would never have before experiencing constant chronic pain.

  22. ORRRRRR, hear me out. In some weird way, the fact that Deadpool knows he's not real, that he's in a comic, in some weird multilevel quantum way, makes him real?

  23. Well if you think of it aren't highly religous people also like deadpool in the sense that they know why they were created have knowledge of the creator and know they are just always observed? Except in religion you have the grace of once it's over you can return to the creator depending on the religion whereas deadpool is brought right back into this real fake

  24. Could u please do freakazoid. He's my 2nd fave but the internet seemingly forgot how awesome he is. Thanks love ur videos btw

  25. I was just looking for Deadpool videos and then I randomly saw this in my recs and boom, same guy as from the World Mythology videos.

  26. I'm no philosopher, but the idea that our subjective perceptions shape reality rather than us perceiving reality as it is is absurd

  27. Excellent interpretation through the phenomenological lens!… I just found this through the NerdSync vid & LOVE it!. Being an MA graduate in psychology from one of the few schools in the US that specializes in Humanistic, Existential, Phenomenological, & Transpersonal perspectives (University of West Ga) – I found this extremely insightful! ~ Thanks!

  28. deadpool's character also says some interesting things about insanity. our current pc term for insanity is 'neurodivergence' and what that implies is that insane (or mentally disabled, mentally ill) people's brains do not behave as expected, or within the norm. deadpool's insanity alters his perception of reality, as neurodivergencies often do. this means that deadpool's fourth-wall breaks are a product of him perceiving the same reality as all the other characters… in a different way.

    what's interesting about this is that it provides us with a new way of thinking about 'insane' people. perhaps 'insanity' is too dismissive of a term. perhaps their altered or different brains provide us with a different and insightful way of looking at reality. that is not to say that an insane person's view of reality is incorrect, rather that it deviates from the norm – the common experience of so-called 'sane' people. maybe it's worthwhile to listen to the so-called 'insane'. maybe they have a new perspective we wouldn't otherwise have thought of.

  29. Alienation from the body and/or the world is a common response to trauma and chronic pain. I wonder how badly Wolverine has it.

  30. You use your hands to speak in distracting and unessacery ways, the motions you use did not represent the words youre using so it doesnt aid in understanding you.

  31. 0:59 Geez Louise, who drew Captain America's body like that?! I've seen hypersexualized females in comics but his teetas here are bigger than Dolly Parton's! It's creepy and obscene; I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Herk! XO~~~~~~

  32. Video: Trigger warnings can be constructive instead of just censorship. We should be more tolerant of the horrors of reality, but we should also prepare people to face horrors before hand.
    Comments: <proceeds to be not watch video and complain about censorship>

  33. I'd argue that nearly every super-powered individual (hero or otherwise) that has a non-standard sense would perceive the world differently from normal people. Deadpool is merely an extreme example. For supers who can feel magnetism or other forces, we have no way of knowing how they'd actually be perceived. Even an extension of a normal sense, like being able to see a wider spectrum can affect how the person even sees things that normal people can see. I've seen multiple supers who can process not just new stimuli, but entire separate displaced set of stimuli. These people can observe 2 versions of themself standing face to face and perceiving what both sees simultaneously. It is impossible to understand how this would actually feel to the person experiencing it.

  34. So 2+years late but meh. I think everyone's reality is different, i spend hours thinking over it. I mean… I do agree our reality is our experiences. But can I ask you please to describe the color red without using any other color, or computer color codes. It's hard to do, and I follow up that question with this. Do we all view red differently, I dont just mean like some people see it as a symbol of anger or war while others see it as power or speed(hi wh40k ork players) but do we see the color the same. Sure we all agree red is red but what I process red in my brain might be how someone else would process green in their brain, we both look at say a red apple abd go yep thats red but if I somehow jacked his brains output maybe I just might go hey that apple is green.

  35. I just love how any time a video reviews Deadpool or cosplayer dresses up as him, it's always the same. They take on the persona of Deadpool and his frame of mind when talking to others.

  36. Deadpool is a paradox. He's stupid and genius. He's aware and he's not a aware. He is a paradox and he is not a paradox. And he is none of these things.

  37. It's called derealization and it's a coping mechanism. Deadpool is experiencing near constant trauma and the only way he can survive it mentally is to convince himself "there's a man with a typewriter…". It's an actual symptom of trauma based disorders (such as PTSD, OSDD, DID, DPD, etc.) as well as various other conditions, only combined with additional symptoms and presented in a very specific way.

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  39. more random shit about phenomenology: there is no chair or tree off in the distance unless you DECIDE there is a chair or tree out there based from your own perception of how you define the properties of a chair or a tree. our perception plays a role in defining what surrounds us in reality. (transcendental phenomenology, and also note the phenomenological approach as a process of re-defining our reality after removing all preconceived notions of what we learned to call a "chair" or "tree", and instead experiencing purely without the bias of what we have previously experienced in "reality". Thus reality is subjective, rather than objective and universally defined. ) there ARE things in reality, but they have no meaning, only our perception of it. (transcendental phenomenology). its more of a process / way of relating to reality.

  40. How can I know that stuff exists and everything isn't just spirit? If stuff is just something I imagine, stuff would be spirit?

  41. 7:15 you wan't me to do a time loop? I just came from Scott's video and now you made me do it again? Well fine. I could watch it another time, though. It was rly interesting

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