How do you teach a Cat to Jump? – RT Podcast

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  1. I think it's a pretty interesting idea to put a character in a survival squad, and add this communication problem to it, especially if that character is very important to survival because of some skills, but not working around it at all is just stupid, you could at least make her a comic relief character by translating her just for the audiences, cussing out people for being stupid or something.

  2. When Gavin was talking about the dead animal, no problem eating, just thought that was interesting and "Wow, what a wimp!" Pay some crime scene cleaners if it's that much trouble. Geez

  3. lol UL makes it proper. More like that tells you nothing, because hacks and garbage human beings will put that on their products even when they haven't been tested. Their product fails to meet any safety standards and sets you up for possibility of injury. You might as well be checking all the UL listings of every product you use to verify it's safe and being used for its intended purpose. A sticker means jack without some way to prove it was put there by the governing entity which controls the image.

  4. Pripyat is the name of the city that chernobyl happened in chernobyl was just the name of the nuclear plant

  5. 33:43 I believe it's the ratio it's uploaded in. If someone uploads like, a 4:3, or vertical 16:9, in the original ratio then YouTube knows that. But if they take it into a video editor but then export as say your normal 16:9 landscape video then that's how YouTube sees it.

  6. "Arya was incompetent in the library" – Burnie…did we watch the same scene? The entire scene she wasn't noticed by a single walker until her blood started dropping. Insinuating that her footsteps are quieter than blood dropping.

  7. So you're saying I went to Vegas the same weekend from the same area and airline but never saw them. dang.

  8. My cat used to trap himself under my sister’s bed. We have no idea how he did it, and the first time he did it, we didn’t find him for two days

  9. Cat owners might be the most delusional people on Earth.

    "My cat understands doors it's soooooo smart" Yeah okay guys.

    as a korea,
    i'm so mad at whoever did the subtitles
    not only did they not translate
    the parts they did "their" best
    the chick says, "gasgas!!"
    and the subtitles says gasu gasu!

    then another part the subtitles say "hai hai hai"


  11. Gavin, what does death smell like? I know what decomposition smells like, but what does death smell like? I have only heard that phrase in Paranormal books I read.

  12. For me GoT went downhill from season 6. So now series are overall just mediocre. Like I’d say Vikings and Sons of Anarchy are much better. Oh and obviously Endgame has the better ending. (Before i even see the GoT ending lol) oh and I agree with Barb, Brie Larson is hot.

  13. Saw episode 3 of season 8 last night, lighting was way better. Might have just been volume of data to stream compressing colour tones – which was mostly a dark palette

  14. I'm pretty sure one of the interviewees on Leaving Neverland was exposed as giving false info. Like being on the train before construction even began on it. Given there's only 2 subjects, that puts a huge damper on the validity of the documentary for me.

  15. Wouldnt Gavin and Barbara be Millennials? Does Bernie hate Gen Z (like me) but call them millennials?

  16. Anyone else tripping on the fact that the wall behind Barbara makes it look like she has orange bunny ears on?

  17. When Arya was in the library, her head was previously struck, like she wasn't able to focus properly on more than one thing so she had to re-focus once out of harm's way and have an actual goal in mind. Once she got one and was able to focus and recharge (in the same room as Clegane and Melisandre), she was able to set a goal and follow through. That goal set her on speed and stealth mode in order for her to off the NK!

  18. The best moments in life are when Gavin says something ridiculous and you hear laughing in the background.

  19. Everything Gav said about his cat seems like the cat use to be a human in a past life, and I'm not sure if Gav is safe or not as these old human ways may grow more concerning…

  20. I can't confirm that MJ didn't do it or if he did, but the guys are a lil suspicious. Like they want over a billion dollars and used to defend him when he was alive. Safechuck used to be a choreographer who dated Jackson's niece. He later was rejected from the mj dance team, yet defend Jackson for the longest time. Idk I'm conflicted on what to believe.

  21. i just want to say(without spoiling) that i 100% agree with all of Burnies points about that episode of GoT.

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