How do we teach and learn at the UOC?

the u OC is an online university where students and teachers meet in classrooms on the virtual campus learning activities are proposed in each subjects virtual classroom but how did teachers teach and students learn at the U OC the educational model adapts to students needs thanks to the learning activities and assessment students don't just pass subjects they develop professional skills students are always accompanied by teachers and classmates the teaching team is made up of the professor the teaching assistant and the tutor the professor designs the subject assures the level of quality and coordinates the teaching assistants the teacher assistant guides and drives the class provides feedback and assesses the learning process the tutor individually welcomes accompanies and guide students throughout their time at the University the tools and resources help students carry out the activities and learn whenever and wherever the professor sets up the classroom adding the tools and resources needed to carry out the activity these tools may be specifically designed for the purpose or adapted from other sources the model promotes participation and collaborative knowledge building students learn with and from others creating a community with classmates teaching staff and alumni the educational model evolves constantly thanks to applied research innovation and the harnessing of new trends in e-learning the elearn Center drives this evolution and ensures the continuing excellence of the model through its commitment to Applied Research the universitat of Babb turn de catalunya has become a laboratory for research into eLearning when the results of this research can be applied directly to the teaching you

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  1. Is this a bespoke virtual learning environment or a customized version of one of an existing VLE such as Moodle?

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