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[Laughter] that's a good question I'll be right back what let me go my man welcome sir I enjoy from you our volcano is a hill or a mountain on Earth crest that's connected to the magma chamber underground the best part about a volcano is the lava and the magma did you know lava and magma are two different things the magma is underground and lava is when it's on the surface so only after the magma breaks the Earth's surface it's when it's called the lava Wow look at the eruption oh wow there's so much ash in the air we gotta go WOW volcanoes erupt because pressure is being forced out of the Earth's surface sometime there's too much pressure whoa so just like if you take the soda can and you shake it and press your start building up and up and it will explode when you open it just like a volcano does when the earth is open Oh crushed somebody see crushed yes make a pizza crust yes the earth crust you're right guys it kind of shaped like a crack mmm some volcanoes explode so big that it makes a huge hole that you can see some volcano even have produced an island like Hawaii I have an idea let's go [Applause] we're in Hawaii and guess what got sunglasses got my beach ball and got my pool noodles let's get swimming in Hawaii now let's go on an adventure inside a boat whoa we're here so now we're underneath the earth crust and do you guys hear it I hear lots and lots of rumbling oh no it's full of ash and gas in here whoa whoa we should get out of here while we can look back whoa oh no guys the volcano is about to blow the floor is magma we gotta hurry let's go get get out of here now it's so much fun let's do a pop quiz question number one we're dead lava flow on the Earth's surface the North Pole or in the glacier the answer is the Earth's surface question number two where does magma flow on its Arctica underground magma flows underground in last question why does volcano erupt is it because they're full of yummy pizza or is it because pressure is being forced out of the Earth's crust or is it because that's how soda is made the answer is it's because the pressure is being forced out of the Earth's crust if you got it right good job and if you didn't it's okay cuz we're learning right now you can answer and try it again Mars coming back let's Brinker and I am that's why volcano erupts wait where's my and where's daddy I guess Miya we should probably all go to bed to think one-wheel good question Ryan why do we yawn welcome to ryan toysreview so everybody on hai jaan you yawn your mommy on your daddy on from animals yawn – panda yawn a cute little puppy yawn cat yond and a lion yawn too but why do we yawn do we yawn because we're sleeping do we yawn because we're bored do we yawn because we saw somebody else beyond all this yawning is making me yawn too but the question is why do we yawn we yawn because your brain needs to cool off this is your brain it has been working hard all day and so it needs to cool off with more air when you yawn ah you breathe in more air and it goes in your body into your head and cools off your brain think of your brain like a big computer when you use your computer it warms up and up and up and it gets super hot because you're making it work a lot and when your brain works super hard it starts warming up and then you dawn so it needs to cool off so all day everything we do requires your brain to work it could be playing video games it could be working out it could be science experiments so make sure you get some rest did you know that yawning is munzo contagious so if I gone you do too did you yawn humans and animals can use yawning as a way to communicate with each other so if I wave to you you wave to me and we just both it right out choosing words so if I yawn my dog will yawn too and they will also yawn because they can understand me and how I feel now that we know why we on let's take a quiz so why do we yawn because we're hungry because we because we smell bad or because we need to cool off our brain fun fact did you know that guinea pig yawn huh to display anger oh that's ok there there there there you're gonna be fine all right to recap so why do we ha yawn again it's because we Richie it's because we're ticklish know the reason why we yawn is because we need to cool off our brain great dog now that we all know why we on let's go tell Ryan [Applause] please click on one of these videos for I enjoy reading more fun you

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