How do I decide between an MBA or Masters of Finance?

[ Music ] >> Lisa Bevill, Former Director of Admissions,
IE Business School, Madrid Spain: An MBA is a master's in business administration; it's
a generalist program that allows individuals with professional experience to develop greater leadership and management abilities while having the opportunity to focus in a little
bit more depth within one area. A master's in finance program is extremely technical,
allowing individuals to gain a broad range of skills within a specific industry. It gives
them a great deal of flexibility, especially early on in their career. >> Clifford McCormick, Director of MBA Admissions, University of Pittsburgh, Joseph M. Katz School of Business: If you're considering the differences between a master's in finance versus an MBA itself, it boils down to the individual. I
think if somebody has a significant number of years of work experience, particularly
management or leadership already, then they might want to consider something that is very
in depth, such as a master's in finance. However, for somebody who really wants to understand
the business model as a whole, the functional areas such as human resources, marketing,
operations and someone who aspires to lead people, lead groups that are experts themselves in those functional areas, then an MBA is probably going to be a better fit. [ Music ]

15 thoughts on “How do I decide between an MBA or Masters of Finance?”

  1. Iam new in MBAfinance and struggling in all lectures maybe coz iam from IT DEPARTMENT.and all concepts r new to me

  2. What's the difference between MBA Finance track and Master of Finance (required a few years of working experience related to finance NOT general MSF in the US)? For a person who have worked in the risk management division in a major investment bank but wanted to move to the revenue center, which program is more relevant? Thx!

  3. I did Industrial engineering which is a career with a broad scope. Now here i am … Specialist on nothing!!… I'd go for Finance

  4. I was actually thinking opposite of what he said. I have done business management but got no experience. I understand the business model as a whole but need more specific field so may be finance will suit me.

  5. I decided to take accelerated course to receive my Masters in FInance…I graduate next month, but i decided to leave the country to learn in Israel.. so i think i just wasted all this money on school. I decided to put my job search on hold. I knew exactly what i wanted, and then i stopped.

  6. i done b.a about six years ago in business administration in iran im still jobless im nt determined about higher education its realy waste of the time and money

  7. great now im more loss than I was before. I want to make a lot of money, I want to lead, I want a great deal of job security, and time to raise a family I do not want the huge MBA debt.

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