How do cancer cells behave differently from healthy ones? – George Zaidan

Translator: Andrea McDonough
Reviewer: Bedirhan Cinar We all start life as one single cell. Then that cell divides and we are two cells, then four, then eight. Cells form tissues, tissues form organs, organs form us. These cell divisions, by which we go from a single cell to 100 trillion cells, are called growth. And growth seems like a simple thing because when we think of it, we typically think of someone getting taller or, later in life, wider, but to cells, growth isn’t simple. Cell division is an intricate chemical dance that’s part individual, part community-driven. And in a neighborhood of 100 trillion cells, some times things go wrong. Maybe an individual cell’s set of instructions, or DNA, gets a typo, what we call a mutation. Most of the time, the cell senses mistakes and shuts itself down, or the system detects a troublemaker and eliminates it. But, enough mutations can bypass the fail-safes, driving the cell to divide recklessly. That one rogue cell becomes two, then four, then eight. At every stage, the incorrect instructions are passed along to the cells’ offspring. Weeks, months, or years after that one rogue cell transformed, you might see your doctor about a lump in your breast. Difficulty going to the bathroom could reveal a problem in your intestine, prostate, or bladder. Or, a routine blood test might count too many white cells or elevated liver enzymes. Your doctor delivers the bad news: it’s cancer. From here your strategy will depend on where the cancer is and how far it’s progressed. If the tumor is slow-growing and in one place, surgery might be all you need, if anything. If the tumor is fast-growing or invading nearby tissue, your doctor might recommend radiation or surgery followed by radiation. If the cancer has spread, or if it’s inherently everywhere like a leukemia, your doctor will most likely recommend chemotherapy or a combination of radiation and chemo. Radiation and most forms of chemo work by physically shredding the cells’ DNA or disrupting the copying machinery. But neither radiation nor chemotherapeutic drugs target only cancer cells. Radiation hits whatever you point it at, and your blood stream carries chemo-therapeutics all over your body. So, what happens when different cells get hit? Let’s look at a healthy liver cell, a healthy hair cell, and a cancerous cell. The healthy liver cell divides only when it is stressed; the healthy hair cell divides frequently; and the cancer cell divides even more frequently and recklessly. When you take a chemotherapeutic drug, it will hit all of these cells. And remember that the drugs work typically by disrupting cell division. So, every time a cell divides, it opens itself up to attack, and that means the more frequently a cell divides, the more likely the drug is to kill it. So, remember that hair cell? It divides frequently and isn’t a threat. And, there are other frequently dividing cells in your body like skin cells, gut cells, and blood cells. So the list of unpleasant side effects of cancer treatment parallels these tissue types: hair loss, skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weight loss, and pain. That makes sense because these are the cells that get hit the hardest. So, in the end, it is all about growth. Cancer hijacks cells’ natural division machinery and forces them to put the pedal to the metal, growing rapidly and recklessly. But, using chemotherapeutic drugs, we take advantage of that aggressiveness, and we turn cancer’s main strength into a weakness.

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  1. so what happens if you don't want to take chemotherapy or use their drugs will you die of cancer cells division or something else happens? I mean at first I thought cancer makes all that nagaitive symptoms but later I found out it was actually the drugs, radiation ect… that does all that and eventually the body can't take it anymore and you die. so, why take in the first place?
    need an answer please!

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  3. so our immune system can't identify cancer cells so lets give it a fake id so our I.S can id any cancer cell, heeling time is on

  4. If you want to know the cure for cancer you must know what the cancer cell is made of and quickly find a compound that will destroy it instantly

  5. To any researcher out there trying to find cure to this terror, i salute you for your effort, time and energy, if by chance you stumble upon this comment, i just want to tell you that you are the real MVP.

  6. Is there even a thing called Heart Cancer? Because heart cells rarely divide and we can't use any chemo and radiation.

  7. my friend has been through cancer of the bowl and now has bags instead of the toilet . she has gone through all the treatments just to find that she has lunch cancer . bless her soul as she fights on .

  8. Is there any way to differentiate a cancer cell from a non-cancer cell? I had a friend in college who had this idea of using nano-bots to somehow identify and target cancer cells. Its an idea I find really intriguing. I am just thinking about the challenges it has. And, I am not a medical researcher. I am a computer programmer. So, I might be going somewhat above my head. But, I'd imagine the process would be something like
    1. Identify if a cell is cancerous
    2. If it is, kill it. If not, move to the next.
    3. Repeat.

    Anyone care to fill me in on this?

  9. what happens if the "cure" kills all of your hair cells, would you never be able to have hair again?

  10. If someone has a strong immune system I mean really strong that it can defend it self from viruses
    Would this person be able to share it's genes to other people for stronger immunities?

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  14. Such an awesome video, the visuals are really clever! And very simple to understand for high school level.

  15. “You don’t relize how much your health means til your sick “ my dad said while he was badiling stage 4 pancreatic which is basically a death sentence nobody has lived through that and died from age and the life expectancy is 2-6 months from diagnosis ( my dad was doing so well on the chemo until it killed to many of his good cells and then his organs failed) it was a first in history that it worked that well a miracle but yet a terrible accedent

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  23. The complex imbalance of disrupting and targeting the cancer cell vs every other cell is very debilitating. Chemotherapy seems like an equalizer, it target all cells without any bias.

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