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guys I just reached the hotel the journey was good and it was a bit too sunny but I think at the end of the day it was really nice I am now looking for the entrance ah – dates sugan Hotel I'm very excited the rest I will tell you later tell me the invoice or she will send me the invoice later on or maybe I can do it all so I check out relax a bit hi guys I'm Megan and welcome back to my channel guess what I'm right now in Austria in a hotel where I am not staying for a vacation or something but I'm here because of YouTube so three to four weeks ago when I was in a vacations I got an email from this person who wrote me about this event where the Nobel laureates come and they meet young researchers and scientists and there are workshops from different universities and different Institute's for it is event they basically want to promote education in the state of baden-württemberg of Germany and for this event they are looking for bloggers and vloggers youtubers and social media people who can promote this event and at first man I got this email I wasn't very sure that if it's really legit but then I researched about it and I found that it's legit and the person was writing me at this legit and then I responded that okay I will communicated communicate with you once I'm back and I spoke to this person and I got to know that it's an amazing event that is one promoting the education and to the state of baden-württemberg in Germany is basically the top state with the highest research fundings for research projects and for education purposes so it was pretty much interested because F myself first I am a PhD and I know how important is it to get fundings for your research it's very difficult when you don't get fundings you might really have to end up your research that a research group or the PhD students might have to look for something else I know it's very stressful so I know how important it is do you have a proper funding for your work and second this is my actually the very first event that I'm doing why our YouTube on YouTube to promote this event so it's like it's a very very big deal for me and I might not sound really right now too excited but I am and to be very honest more than excitement I'm extremely deadly deadly nervous because since as I told you I have never done anything like that so it's kind of a professional event or professional meeting that I will be when I will be meeting with those people that I'm doing my YouTube and I have no idea whatsoever will follow up what I will be basically doing is that tomorrow on July 5th there is a boat trip on the boat and see I don't know whether in the English also its potency or how but in German its Borden tea and on this boat there will be like around more than 20 research institutes or groups from universities presenting kind of what they do just like presenting what the group is doing and at the same time there will be young researchers and scientists like PhD people post-op people or students from different parts of the world who actually have to apply for this event and they have to go through a scrutiny and then their applications are accepted and along with those there will be Nobel Prize winners that's what is hitting me very hard because I personally have never even seen a Nobel Prize winner in my life real so I don't know I know they were like normal human beings but I have high and deep respect for them so I'm I'm really nervous how it's going to be I will also try to catch hold of a couple of Nobel Prize winners and I wanna I wanna I wanna see how it all works out so right now I am in the hotel because I had to check in today as this evening I will be meeting the organizers for the very first time along with me there are two more bloggers now with the other two bloggers we will be going to have dinner together with organizers there maybe we will talk other details out and finally tomorrow early morning at 7:00 we will be picked up from here and we will be taken to the place where the boat trip actually starts and then the evening before we drop back to the hoedown guys I'm ready I just straighten my hair a little bit and I'm wearing just a normal shirt it's going to be the first contact it feels like first contact with the people I'm so nervous so we're excited but very nervous and less excited actually both I hope it goes well so cross my fingers the other two lovers are also staying in the same hotel and we decided that which we will share a taxi and go to the when you have the dinner right now it's around 30 minutes apart so 30 minutes away from here and so it's 30 minutes away from here that's why we were like already going at 6:45 and yeah reached at the lake with Sasana and I got to know that the third flogger isn't coming would you like to be able to say yes of the third lager we got to know canceled and so we are only two of us and we're not waiting for the dinner time with the main organizers I am back in my room it was wonderful like really amazing than I expected so this blogger I had this another blogger Susannah Kelly there and it was really such a pleasant environment everybody was so friendly we talked in English although it was not easy for the organizers but they did they're really cooperative and the really lovely people I must say so all the nervousness I had was really gone and like the very first second I met Susannah down and then when I met the others it was completely gone I came back now at 11:00 and tomorrow we will be leaving from here at 6:45 sharp to the same place where we met today and we will be starting our boat trip at 7:45 and we have to be there for like maybe a couple of minutes before the boat trip starts it's right now 11:30 I'm deadly tired now I have to like I went for dinner and then we were sitting and chatting and then the time passes so quickly and then I'm finally here in the room we also got some insights on the event tomorrow and like how what will it look like and how is it going to be and what are we supposed to do it was really very helpful what I really like is when the team you're working with is so positive so lovely so friendly and supportive you tend to put in more efforts than you thought or you can and you tend you tend to make the work more better than you actually can imagine so I am really looking forward for tomorrow's event now until before I left my my room today I was a bit like nervous but I must say that after meeting all these lovely people I I just I'm just glad that I said yes to this event and I came here and I'm doing something that has of great importance in the field of research education and promoting education from the state of baden-württemberg and I really think that these people are doing the good stuff since I have to leave tomorrow like at 6:45 sharp I have to get up at like 5:45 or latest 5:50 get shower go to breakfast like for 2 in peace for 20 minutes and then finally get ready and leave I'm looking forward for it I'm exhausted to the bone and I hope that six and a half or seven hours will sleep Phil bringing some rest to me good morning guys it's July 5 695 I'm supposed to go down and grab the shuttle the taxi with Susana in the colleague from the Khalid Hameed yesterday was getting up late like I was getting up at blank 555 but in quickly showered and then I realized that the time is 6:15 I rushed had a breakfast I look what's very special like this and now going for the very first event fingers crossed yesterday my god start to work so I have to get a new card for in my room so I have to quickly get it renew because this evening I would be back at 8:00 and have no idea whether that time I would like to just go to bed sleep or still do something Azzam we take moments so we've just reached and that's the ship kind of a massive beautiful structure doesn't look like a ship so that's where we have to go inside we've got our name cards and now the event begins we we still have to gather a t-shirts though because we haven't got those and we are wondering where we'll get them from so yesterday somewhere like behind that place we were sitting in having dinner and to the year view okay guys so I'm here right now I'm on the boat I'm taking a short break it's an amazingly beautiful boat with like three decks already inside and one top floor and it's full with people of science students research students PhD postdocs full with professors I see and it's full with like Nobel laureates I got to see some of those and I was really wondering yeah it's amazing to be a Nobel laureate and like inspire so many people because I already just looked at those people and I'm inspired already and I'm really looking forward to have the event grows and develops because it's already right now looking like full of research people looks like real conference and I've been to some conferences and I know how the country doesn't look like so it's really amazing to be a part of such an event I feel really again good I'm very grateful to be with him back to invite me and sponsor me and have an experience for such an event because I think it's doing more good to me than anyone else because it it's like my environment and I'm now just excited because I have to grab certain people for interviews I think 7 p.m. in the evening we will be back so like around 11 hours or so we will be in the boat so how was your experience with the boat trip it was really awesome I had some really awesome discussions I met two young scientists who had actually met here and they're already like have ideas of how the lab and buddy Wow they said they're gonna continue working together so that's really cool yeah it's been awesome just talking to people the young scientists are so approachable and really friendly and you can tell everybody is really energized coming off this week and they all have the ideas and yeah so it's really exciting to talk to people who are passionate about what they do yeah and and she also got hold of a noble person a piece Nobel Prize winner I don't know why I say always right yeah and then she ended up the discussion happy mood but it was really good it was good yeah his lecture is really interesting now we are just looking for our we have to buy tickets for that what degree aren't really sure that it's doing that job or it's doing that job well enough in fact just a few days ago I read that the the Flat Earth Society then membership has burgeoned to the extent that they can now fill a two thousand cedar or two thousand berth cruise liner luxury cruise liner and they're organizing a cruise in 2020 but they cancelled it when they found out that the cruise ships navigation system depends on the earth being round I was a bit tired guys so I actually slept on the chair doing the panel and then I was so tired today went back and slipped on the grass behind training officially over the the boat just parked and people are getting out it was hell of an event like I have never seen a conference like this I must have have been to conferences but the fun the energy the people having this vibe of like life like life like vibe was here at the first time I saw in such a conference or in a conference where you expect that if there are Nobel laureates and if there are young researchers scientists or research groups is going to be very boring but it wasn't it was so amazing in the end people were dancing jumping like crazy and I spoke to some of the students who didn't want it to be foamed and I asked them what do you miss about the event and they said everything having laureates dance with them on the floor on the dance floor not only along with their wife so like some of the laureates came with their partners but the laureates were also dancing with the students which they found amazing and when it asked them would they like to come back and they were like yes we would like to definitely apply again and come back and this is such a great thing I am back in the hotel it was an amazingly SuperDuper even doing a certain job that I had never done before and working with such lovely organizers so the entire team of baden-württemberg was amazingly supportive helpful understanding and not like they are the people who would like just say it's like work and they were just doing from work point of view all this but like from the point of view of helping and like understanding what are the problems of the other people as well I I'm going to stay this night as well because there were there was like not good connections with the Train and anyway also came with car so I will Stitch night as well here and tomorrow I will check out and in the coming days I will update and upload both of logs and I'm planning to do and rest I will put the details down below so I hope you like it and I hope I am able to do justice to this first job that I got why I YouTube because because there were so nice people I want to do even much more like better that I can't imagine the trip is over I'm back to my hometown like on my way in like half an hour I'll reach there it was an amazing trip and I cannot stop talking about it and thinking about how what a good decision I made to say yes in attend this event and I collected such a good experience I'm very desperate to go home and make my videos and share my experience with you and tell you how essential it is to have such events as a student specially in your life and how do they change your life through and through and especially when it comes to meeting people like Nobel laureates in the field of physics in the field of chemistry and talk to them and share your experiences with have their experiences shared with you it's really life-changing I must say so at least these people are also stars in their fields and they were exchanged the entire scientific world so yeah I'm now on my way and I'm very excited to make the vlog about it

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  1. Knowing German states and their rivalries, how comes baden-Württemberg is funding a meeting in Bavaria and lodging in Austria(!)???

  2. haha, yes, we can do everything in Baden-Württemberg. Imagine what else we could do if we had a catchy name like "Bavaria"! (btw. check your spelling in the outro 😉 )

  3. A big thanks to Baden-Württemberg to sponsor my trip and add this lovely experience to my life. Putting efforts and funds into science and promoting it, is one the best things to do.

    Science has no borders, it doesn't discriminate, it doesn't treat us bad. All it does, is bring us together for a better and bigger life.
    #muchlove #LINO19

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