21 thoughts on “How Devin Learned Sex Education • Ladylike”

  1. My mom sat me down when I was 14, told me all about it, asked if I had questions and told me if I thought of anything to ask her. By the sound of some of these comments mine was rather comprehensive.

  2. Devin ik this video is completely unrelated to what I’m about to say but I just wanted to say you’re so strong & beautiful! You’re story helped me. I was sexually abused as a child & I’m still coping with it every day. ❤️ it’s a long story.

  3. We did the same cup experiment but we didn’t drink the water and we use chemicals that turn the water pink #NewcastlePublicSchools

  4. Mine was almost the exact same and only said absence. But I was in a public school. My state in general was religious

  5. I’m 11 and I know everything I don’t want but at my school 5th graders send nudes so that’s a thing

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