How China Is Using Artificial Intelligence in Classrooms | WSJ

(speaking in foreign language) – [Presenter] Teachers at
this primary school in China– (speaking in foreign language) know exactly when someone
isn’t paying attention. (speaking in foreign language) These headbands measure each student’s level of concentration. The information is then directly sent to the teacher’s computer and to parents. (upbeat hip hop music) China has big plans to
become a global leader in artificial intelligence. It has enabled a cashless economy, where people make
purchases with their faces. A giant network of surveillance cameras with facial recognition helps
police monitor citizens. Meanwhile, some schools offer
glimpses of what the future of high tech education in
the country might look like. (speaking in foreign language) Classrooms have robots that
analyze students’ health and engagement levels. Students wear uniforms with chips that track their locations. There are even surveillance
cameras that monitor how often students check their phones or yawn during classes. These gadgets have
alarmed Chinese netizens. (digital dinging) (quizzical music) (digital swishing) But, schools say it wasn’t hard for them getting parental consent to enroll kids into what is one of the
worlds largest experiments in AI education. A program that’s supposed
to boost students’ grades while also feeding powerful algorithms. (speaking in foreign language) The government has poured
billions of dollars into the project. Bringing together tech
giants, start-ups and schools. (upbeat electronic music) We got exclusive access to
a primary school a few hours outside of Shanghai. (speaking in foreign language) To see firsthand how AI tech
is being used in the classroom. For this fifth grade class,
the day begins with putting on a brain wave sensing gadget. Students then practice meditating. (speaking in foreign language) The device is made in China
and has three electrodes, two behind the ears and
one on the forehead. These sensors pick up electrical signals sent by neurons in the brain. The neural data is then sent in real time to the teacher’s computer, so while students are
solving math problems, a teacher can quickly find
out who’s paying attention and who’s not. (speaking in foreign language) A report is then generated
that shows how well the class was paying attention. It even details each
student’s concentration level at 10 minute intervals. It’s then sent to a
chat group for parents. (speaking in foreign language) The reports are detailed, but whether these devices really work and what they exactly
measure isn’t as clear. (speaking in foreign language) We were curious if the headbands could actually measure concentration. So, one of our reporters
tried on the device. (speaking in foreign language) – This is a new technology with, still, fairly little research behind it. – [Presenter] Therodore
Zanto is a neural scientist at the University of
California San Francisco. He was surprised to learn that this tech, called electroencephalography,
also known as EEG, is being used in the
classroom on children. It’s usually used by doctors
in hospitals and labs. – [Theodore] EEG is very
susceptible to artifacts and so, if you are itchy
or just a little fidgety or the EEG wasn’t setup
properly, so that the electrodes didn’t have a good contact,
effects the signal. – [Presenter] Despite the
chances for false readings, teachers told us the
headbands have forced students to become more disciplined. (dramatic piano music) (speaking in foreign language) Teachers say the students
now pay better attention during class and that has
made them study harder and achieve higher scores. (speaking in foreign language) But, not all students are as enthusiastic. (speaking in foreign language) This fifth grader, whom we
caught dozing off in class, told us his parents punish
him for low attention scores and that kind of data adds a new kind of pressure for students. (speaking in foreign language) Companies we interviewed
said the data can go to government funded research projects. We spoke to parents who were unclear about where the data ended up and they didn’t seem to care too much. Zanto says, there’s likely
no privacy protection at all. – [Theodore] The
classroom is you’re trying to make an assessment of
an individual student, you really can’t anatomize it. (dramatic electronic music) – [Presenter] Experts and citizens alike are sounding alarms about various aspects of the country’s huge push
into artificial intelligence. These classrooms are laboratories
for future generations and while these new tools
may potentially help some two hundred million
students raise their grades, just how this all works
out won’t be apparent until they become adult citizens. (upbeat electronic music)

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  1. I'm sure liberals would like to use this to know which children don't care about liberal issues so they can be targeted early.

  2. Western parents just complain too much. If this happens in Japan they surely will praise how advance it is. Creative is good, but pls discipline your Kids. As for China, keep continue with those research or whatsoever which benefits for future. Neglect those negative voices.

  3. This technology will cause a great impact to the mentall health of those students, it may sound promising to get a high grades but it is controlling and will add pressure to the students.. It may cause depression to suicidal thoughts

  4. Academics is not everything and there are different kinds of intelligence. Kids can't bring out their creativity if they are constantly monitored.

  5. Dont force the kid on what you want them to be. This is just making them more anxious. Support them on what they want to be.

  6. Every subject teacher wants their students to be good at that certain subject, but can a physics teacher play football?

    All it is is that let students be creative and enjoy school, and not getting these brainwashing headbands on their heads.

  7. Making kids slave to concentration… parents say ‘NO’ to this, thank God I am in a country which allows kids to be kids and not slaves

  8. Actually what they are doing is purely for educational and discipline progress without analyzing emotions in each students. In addition, what they are doing was griping their physical freedom and psychological freedom. As long as force is established, their creativity lowers as well.

  9. it's like teachers can look into and monitor my mind, and that just sends shivers down my spine. I feel like China is turning children into robots

  10. Imagine how much pressure the kids would be in. Our parents and teachers literally see live if we lose concentration. And istfg if Asian parents see this stuff, that might as well be your death.

  11. This is coming to a town near you folks. Don't say I didn't warn you and it's going to get much worse yet eg. Black Mirror levels plus.

  12. If that was available on my school .. I will pretty much sure be scolded by my parents everyday for dozing off 😪😪😪😪😴😴😴

  13. Poor kids with ADHD will no way out with those focus head devices lolol I know mine would always show me getting distracted by noise every second how scary 😂

  14. People are always afraid when new technology comes around. The concern is always justified, but if you never try you’ll never know.

  15. Hey, while the US eats cheeseburgers and victimizes it's society into self oblivion, the Chinese will conquer the stars.

    All this talk of Jesus, and he's now more likely to save the nonreligious Chinese than the Pharasetical Americans. They draw close with their lips, but their hearts are far from their God.

    Although privacy is a big issue… Even for God when he watches women undress because he sees all things.

  16. It's like controlling the students with technology.its not a age to always study they should enjoy childhood with freedom .it's like putting shackles in their happiness and freedom.its totally sucks.they are not toy to control so bad…😑

  17. The mark of the beast "666" in the making, "no one could sell or buy anything without the mark"(Revelations 13:16-18)… Jesus has become our I my Saviour from the wrath of God which is to come at the end of the ages. Be washed in His blood. God bless you.🙏🏽

  18. "there are even surveillance cameras that monitor how often students check their phones or yawn during classes"
    it looks like students aren't allowed to get bored or to feel sleepy in school

  19. It is naive to blame Just Chinese…The device looks similar to Focus 1 funded by Harvard University… live demo in the below link:

  20. Please China read the Holy Bible this is also the mark of the beast where people are marked in their forehead or hand. It is very dangerous for one to open their third eye if they are not born again of the Holy Spirit. There is a spirit world and Jesus is TRUTH.
    He came to save us all, pray and seek Him now while you still can.

  21. Why not buy a robot and let it go to school rather than their children.. robots are much more reliable.. and let their children work in factories then.. children are more forceable.. ALL HAIL CHINA 🇨🇳 you done it right.

  22. I'm very lucky to have been able to get birth in India because I can't imagine a lifestyle like this, privacy is a right and I wouldn't trade it even for country's development in technology because that's not how you do it, remember human made machines so don't let machine manufacture humans

  23. The kids who aren't paying attention are the dreamers, the people who end up entertainment! Also a kid I knew who always was looking out the window, the teacher would say! Looking out the window won't get you anywhere!!! Well it did, he's now a captain of huge ships at the age of 30 and guess what? It's all about looking out the window 🤣

  24. This could easily backfire to cause kids to just fake trying to show engagement even more to later on just become Burnt out. AI should more so guide the teacher on how the students prefer to learn individually as well as if they are truly interested. If not it shouldn’t be punished upon. You won’t be interested if you don’t have enough context on why you should be interested.

  25. They might be studying harder but why is it being punished that they aren’t interested. It’s so forced and military with not teaching the students first if there is importance of education and if it ties with their individual goals. If they aren’t learning as better they need to find how to teach them individually to succeed

  26. Looks like these students are gonna die in a short time due to the radiation of the device they put on their heads

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