How Beavers Build Dams | Leave it to Beavers | PBS

Beavers are vegetarians. They gnaw through bark to eat the sugary layer underneath. They’ve been gnawing through forests for 20 million years. Felling trees with your teeth takes great strength, skill and patience. One technique is to slice halfway through and let the wind do the rest. The Beavers incisors are strengthened with iron, which makes them orange. They grow continuously and even self-sharpen. The pond makes it easier to move around the heavy logs. They need to build their dams. Out of the water, it’s a struggle. Stones help weigh down the base. The whole family works together, carefully interlocking the timber. They dredge mud from the pond bottom to seal the dam. Each pond traps several inches of sediment every year so there’s plenty of it. the young act as apprentice builders, learning the tricks of the trade. The final results are impressive. In the Rocky Mountains beaver dams slowly filter billions of tons of water. The ponds build up soil and nutrients and help prevent floods and droughts.

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  3. Nature's little engineers with boltcutters for teeth, quite amazing.
    Man uses 10 years of school then 4 yrs education in construction and an additional 3 gathering experience.
    These little guys wake up going, hey pop, yo what'up son, wanna chew up some trees, and build a wall in the middle of knowhere.?
    Sure let's go, and how bout we do it in a flowing river, no tools allowed situation, to make it interesting.

  4. Ối giời ơi… Chúng vừa thông minh lại còn chăm chỉ nữa chúng khỏe quá trời.. Nhìn yêu chúng thế.

  5. Aside from ants, bees, spiders, I guess these are one of the animals that actually work together for the better of the environment and it’s fascinating to watch

  6. Beavers are smart and tough water mammals, only using their teeth to cut down tough trees to build their homes. The more beavers the more trees being cut down but they play a role in ecology system. Unlike humans who cut down trees for money and wealth, they practice sustainability in forest management and for their livelihood.

  7. Wht a terrific to watch their job while their doing its more proud to watch n 🤝 who showing for 🤝👌👈

  8. We re often say that we want make the world a better place while we destroy it. We should all learn from the beavers.

  9. "leave it to the wind"
    Yeah right, I tried that. The trees are 2/3 through and still standing. It does not work on dead needle trees, the wind just does not move them enough.

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