How Are We Transforming The Education System? | Vishen Lakhiani

♪ [music] ♪- [Vishen] So, my son Hayden
has just turned six, and soon, in a few years, he’s going to be starting high school. This has got me thinking a lot about the education
system. See, when I went to high school, I spent a
large amount of time studying subjects such as geography, and math, and history, and [inaudible
00:00:23], Hayden will study these too. Now, these are important, yes, but the fact
is, Hayden’s growing up in a different age, an age where people are walking around with
an advanced computational device, or the equivalent of the Encyclopedia Britannica, on their smart
phone. See, technology is allowing us to get access
to more information at the touch of a button. So, how should we change the education system
to take advantage of this? What else should we be teaching in school? ♪ [music] ♪But what about subjects that
help us with real issues we face in our day-to-day lives? How about parenting skills, or relationship
skills, mindfulness practices, learning to eat right, learning that happiness is something
that comes from within and not dependent on outside circumstances? What about the times you’re stressed out because
you can’t seem to get enough work done, and you wished you’d been taught better productivity
skills? Or you’re down, and wished you had learned
to meditate, to better control your emotions, or feel concerned about your weight and wished
you’d been taught to exercise and eat well? See, if you want to get good at math, you
study math. You want to get good at science, you study
science. And the same thing applies. If you want to get good at relationships,
you study relationships. You want to get successful, you study success. These are the real-world problems that can
really hold us back in life and directly influence our happiness, and I think it’s about time
we made these skills more accessible to everyone. So, when I think about the things that really
helped me become who I am today, I wish I’d been exposed to these subjects at a much younger
age. ♪ [music] ♪- [Woman 1] The importance
of communication in making me a better partner and lover. – [Woman 2] The art of nurturing and empowering
my son so I can be a better parent. – [Man 1] The ability to empower my mind so
that I can remain positive, especially on those days I didn’t feel like getting out
of bed. – [Woman 3] What appreciating my body and eating right
can do for my health and happiness. – [Man 2] How to set goals, and also the right
type of goals, so that you don’t set yourself up for perpetual struggle. – [Man 3] Empowering my mind so I don’t let
negativity, negative people, or negative treatment define my self-worth. – [Woman 4] How to be happy. – Now, I’m not saying that school is unnecessary. What I’m saying is that it’s incomplete, and
it doesn’t stop at just high school. Think about your college. When I was studying at the University of Michigan,
I ended up spending close to $100,000 on school fees. Do you know how much I remember from my four
years in college? Very little. What I do remember about the education I received
when I was younger was really the books that my father recommended to me, books like “The
Silva Method”for meditation, or “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz, which talked about self
image, or reading the biographies of great entrepreneurs. I must have read about 500 of these books
when I was a kid, and they all had a common trend. It was all about growing yourself, and learning
new ways of looking at the world. I believe today what really brings you security,
happiness, and success, is working on growing your potential. ♪ [music] ♪See, everyone who’s brought
into this world is born within them the power to do amazing things, but for 99% of us we
get beaten into mediocrity, and we’re never given the opportunity to achieve this. Education needs to shift from teaching us
facts to teaching us how to live extraordinary lives. The other 1%, I’m not talking about the world’s
wealthiest people, I’m talking about the world’s most fulfilled people, the people who are
living their dreams, who are happy, who are giving back to the planet, who are living
lives as truly great human beings. We believe education should be transformed. What would happen if everyone had access to
the skills and knowledge for them to truly lead extraordinary lives? I’m talking teaching people the right mindset,
teaching people self-empowerment, meditation, how to set and pursue the right goals, how
to live a balanced life, how to increase your lifespan by treating your body better, self-confidence,
self-esteem, self image, enhancing your intuition to make better decisions, entrepreneurship
skills so you can be self-reliant and self-made, how to give back to the world, how to create
great things, how to live a life that’s truly extraordinary. This is what we’re looking to shift. ♪ [music] ♪

100 thoughts on “How Are We Transforming The Education System? | Vishen Lakhiani”

  1. As a teacher i feel that your vision will enlightened the disciple hearts.

    Danur Madduma.

  2. While I was in school I didn't learn like other students, so I grew up believing I was stupid, teachers really made me feel dumb….There were a few who took their time with me & I'll forever be grateful for the ones that did.. I know so many ppl who feel the same way. As an adult, I've learned so much on my own, my curiosity to learn & grow never stopped, & slowly but surely I've realized just how intelligent I am, but it's taken me years to get to this point. I still don't think schools are a good place for me to learn though, even college. They need to teach kids differently, not all kids learn the same. Yet they sit them all down & expect them to learn the same & if they don't, they're judged & singled out or worse left behind like I was. Everything I've learned I've learned outside of school. Public school didn't teach me much education wise. I think schools should find out what children's strengths & talents are & focus on those. I think they need to teach different kids in different ways. I learn hands on mostly, not by sitting in a class under florescent lights while a teacher drones on. I fall asleep or day dream, unless I'm passionate about what they're saying. I also think after awhile teachers get burned out, and it shows… Kids see it & feel it, and because of this, lose interest and don't learn. So I think teachers maybe need some type of motivation to stay passionate about what they're doing too. Anyways, just my two cents. 😉 Much love, keep doing what you're doing!!! <3 Love all the other comments and ideas too!

  3. When I was growing up I remember I said to my mother I wished I was being taught these kinds of things, that was at age 15 almost 15 years ago… I'm still working on this for myself everyday.

  4. Those that seek will find. I am humble and I'm grateful to be a part of this movement. Reading is one of the greatest advantage we could have. I can remember reading things that didn't feed my spirit. Things that led me to know personal growth. I can remember as a very young teen speaking into the universe that I wanted to be smarter. I knew and didn't believe that the education that I received as a kid was simply not enough! Overtime the universe guided me towards knowledge that was unknown to my thought process. I knew it at an early age that I was being robbed of my education I also know that I was and I am an extraordinary individual The knowledge you gain will open doors so that you may apply what has learned.

    "Negative reinforcement reminds you of who you should be in the world. Positive reinforcement guides you to who you really are."
    -Sade' Jones

  5. I agree wholeheartedly with your Mission. Learning to be a good human person so as to live , adapt and contribute to the society at large should be the basics of good education. We are in an Information Age so getting info is easy but the desires for the right things are sadly very lacking

  6. Why was this known when I grew up?  I was born to early and only hated school all my life.  I felt stupid since first grade and has to experiment learning on my own with my own gifts I knew I had unnoticed.  David

  7. At the beginning of the video it sounds like Vishen says, " my son Hayden has just had sex. I was SHOCKED and thought, "that's very liberal-minded." Then i saw a picture of a small boy and so i thought, " GO Hayden."

  8. When you are stifled, put down, discouraged from your dreams by your peers, how does one find the right path? What is the right path? I am very good at mathematics – naturally. I always found math easy. I was given projects at my places of work that required a good understanding of math. Others were left to, in my opinion, lesser interesting work. At the age of 9 or 10 I became very interested in flying. Flying float planes in remote places of the world. I began to think of myself as a "flying hermit". My world would centre around float planes. However, my parents discouraged my dream saying it was "too dangerous". I fell into a whirlpool of depression, panic attacks at age 40. All the jobs I ended up doing had no challenge. For my entire working life I stumbled through jobs of no interest to me. I am 77 years of age, lost all my ambition years ago, did not know where to look for help. In retrospect one must have support in order to become his/her best.

  9. Loving it 🙂 I truly created a great Story für myself and others and am not done yet. I am sure, we'll cross our ways sooner or later. May the Universe bless you all 🙂

  10. I have had the same philosophy about education and learning for a long time. I'm happy that Mindvalley is making these types of classes available to people. However, many of these skills, such as meditation, communication, success skills, etc should be taught in elementary school all the way through college. We need a complete overhaul of the educational system in the United States.
    Teach children how to eat right, how important exercise is, how to meditate and deal with anger issues without resorting to physical violence. I won't see it in my lifetime, but if people are motivated to change their lives now, there are programs such as these that will help them reach their goals, for a fee. But my personal feeling is that it should be free and taught to children when they are young. What a different world it would be.

  11. I like that!I agreed. We all need different and more mindful schools in these times. It's really crucial to change for the new generation and for long life learners. Thank you

  12. You are changing my life for better sir! I'm really happy I came across your videos! Thanks a million and go ahead make the world a better place!

  13. great idea!! went on website to try to join..very complicated on where to click to get involved also scrolling up and down with too many pictures hurts my brain . keep doing what ur doing brotha

  14. Step after step Evolution took us to who we are now. Last three steps are, Self Consciousness (empowered by thought) Reasoning (explosion of intelligence) and finally feelings (happiness – sadness) Education is still on the lower first two last steps. No one, any Church, Government, school have taught us or created an environment for us to enrich our final Evolutionary state FEELING. (Feeling) Happiness is the latest gift to us by the universe and we should pass it on to our toddlers who will be imprinted with it for the rest of their life. I am curious when we master our feelings to feel gay (joy) what will Evolution bestow on us. Bliss?

  15. Thank you Vishen for leading a new mindset for our world, so we can groom ourselves and our children for success through empowering ourselves, our souls, our minds, and our bodies with evolving teachings like the ones Mindvalley Academy provides.

    Blessings of Love and Light to all Mindvalley!

  16. The education system has always been crappy and self-perpetuating. I read extensively and feel as if I would know nothing if I didn't. Thanks for what you do at Mindvalley Academy

  17. Superb message that touches all bases. I have bee a proponent of this way of thinking all my life and will continue to do so.
    Many thanks, Vishen.

  18. Muy interesante, me alegro de haberme suscrito a Mindvalley Academy, pero le sugeriría me permitiera trasladarlo al español.

  19. Thank you so much dear team Mindvalley Academy for the valuable information you are providing time to time . with my best Regards

  20. this is my first time to log in and within a short period of time,i am encouraged to move on with life which I had given up with.I am currently in university but taking the course that I was forced to do so I had given up and thought that my whole life had been ruined,thanks to mindvalley.

  21. Dear Vishen, what you want I want that too. The world would be a better place with understanding, courrage and we would all be a lot happier.. As a psychologist and psychotherapist, I do all I can to give people a more lucky life and that is what is my mission. For me it is a vocation, I do every consult for free because that is what makes me happy. You are a marvelous man by doing what you do. Love peace and happiness for everyone. Sincerely, Lutje

  22. Education not only takes place in brick and mortar but in all aspects of life. Education is probably more important in the family and social environment. I'd like to know how difficult to do good education(and it's not public schools) but with children from broken homes. Family has really been demonized in the USA, Inc.

  23. Wonderful !!! I never in my life met a Normal child that fitted a box education should be about expanding what is already inside a children.. and we should be teaching to learning styles. I taught meditation under the radar for 15 years and taught in 200 schools.. I so wished I had had a camera the smiles will forever be etched on my heart.. I had to call it relaxation.. Sounds like it's time for MINDVALLEY SCHOOLS… I spent my life bringing the treasure out of the children and wrote a book called REMEMBER WHO YOU TRULY ARE.. for adults to take off the layers I will be on my children's books soon…

  24. Since I was a child, I grown up in Spiritual Community and believe in God and their teaching and their life contradicts and started pondering, I learn some thing and my teacher telling some thing and another life. I was asking question after question no one willing to answer for my question. Children shouldn't ask this puts me down for a while. some times it does. I continue searching for the meaning of life and purpose. I know my call when I share my vision and Goal always the answer is are you crazy? How you are going to do this? This is big? I never heared this? Change your thinking this not gone work? srounded by all this negativity for long time. No one willing to join this vision of love and Humanity. they taking advantage of the vision given to us, that is ok plenty and enough for all. what I found in others greed and self exalting motive and puting others down and discouraging others. My mission is to give what I received freely, but others abusing the sacred gift and abuse it for self interest. I choose to help and others to grow in wisdom and understanding. thank you for helping others. knowledge is power but unless we uae it for good it dangerous. I am with Love, peace, feeding and prosperity.
    Love is greater than all! Gi. Haile

  25. Thanks sir,
    I am really impressed of your Idealogy. But how can I get help of your services. I have no Idea about it. In few words if you can best explain to me. I will be thankful to you.

  26. Amazing! I feel as if everything I have been searching for is right here in this moment. I want, I choose and have been chosen to be a part of this movement! How can I join?

  27. When I was in school they classifiedme as below average. As I got older my knowledge of certain things and how I process infomation. Was mind blowing. My mentor that I talk to says I qoute" You're not a dummy!" I told myself that I was stupid and unicapable of going to College. then I started working online. But there is all these promises that you'll make whatever commission they you can make. Great plan so far. But i go check to check everyday.

  28. Thank you. Quite informative. Really enjoyed listening to your words. I hope we get there one day. More power to you.

  29. “When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” – John Lennon

  30. I agree with you. I actually waited to go to college until I had raised my family and am so glad I did.  By that time I had so much more confidence in myself then I would have had right out of high school.  I realize this isn't the best role for everyone but it worked for me.

  31. Hi everyone…. I need to learn more from you guys. Cause I've been rejected, I know how feel if no one loves me, hurt by someone I love, working as waitress, feel like I am not good enough… Everything is upsidedown… Only my sons keeps me going even if I feel like giving up… Thanks

  32. Its about high high time places like yours are growing….I am very exited…
    Super. Well done. THANK YOU

  33. I am sorry to miss you for I was in hospital because of appendix operation.Now I am getting better.

  34. I so agree with Him. I am 70 now and still struggle in life with creating and moving along in my Purpose.

  35. Yeah! The Silva Method helped me overcome aggressive breast cancer 20 years ago when no-one gave me a chance of survival (not even the doctors). Anything that can help me expand my mind…

  36. I agree with what ur saying ,but you know they're just gonna say , school is for education to get a job , not to learn about self development and relationships or meditation, they already do have personal development classes and physical education, and there's no way they're gonna take history away, Thats part of the scam , like Michael Jackson says "your history books are wrong!" The education system structure is about mass control of the masses, dumbing people down into the "little me" I cant do anything syndrome,, you have a Brilliant point about it being an old system and that the kids these days have knowledge at the touch of a finger, thats a brilliant angle, good luck

  37. Are u even involved in the education system? Thats the way to make change, what steps have u made? Dont u think the government is going to have an answer for all this, if u can't beat the system, join it and fight from the inside

  38. I stil agree with everything u say, but the system will say all these subjects u want taught come under counseling or the parents role, that the purpose of the education system is to get jobs in the end ,not teach u how to love etc, they teach home economics in schools , how to cook etc, the system doesn't want this , you'll have to start your own school or get into the education system to actually change it,

  39. Hi whomever it concerns… is it possible to make all Mindvalley Academy videos captioned to make them accessible for anyone who uses captioning to learn?

  40. This is so true, thank you for your work. As a nutritionist, creator of The Eat Real Food Online Health Summits and someone who has been ill with an autoimmune condition I wish I had learned what I know now back in high school.

  41. Could not agree more! I would add one more area not taught in schools that would create a more peaceful planet, and that is self-compassion.

  42. Excellent video! I could not agree more! Unfortunately, too much of education is the blind leading the blind, instead of having the courage and space to take a look and see where we can take a step forward. 🙂

  43. Woooww, I've been inscribed on your page for some time, I've been watching some of youtube videos that were coming to me, but today, here and now, I went in, because there was a course by T.Harv Eker in his training group Coach, At the moment (and I hope and desire for a long time) is my Mentor, and by "chance" I found a Course, where I worked from Spirituality and I was interested! And I saw that from your "Academy" and here and now, seeing you, listening to you, listening to you, and feeling "sentimentally" from the heart and Soul, I loved your space! I felt energetically that it was a "Great Space" and I was fascinated with your messages, as well as in your thoughts, feelings, energy and that Great and Fantastico Espiritú that I felt!

    Simple, and simply … EXTRAORDINARY! <3

    At the moment, I was speechless .. sorry .. _ /! _

    I also want to apologize, because I am Catalan, I live in Catalonia near Barcelona, ​​I am Spanish, and for many many years I have not practiced and lost much of your language both for work and personal matters.


    It has been a pleasure to meet you!

    Sending you, everything, all my Love !!

    Always yours,

    Maite Arbonés
    Lleida – Catalonia (Spain)
    Tf +34 629818800
    [email protected]

  44. Thanks Mindvalley for the video on sustainable education rather than traditional education which is to be transformed for the demand of the time.

  45. Great marketing tease.  This video doesn't tell me how to live an extraordinary life – it tells me what I won't learn from a conventional education system.

  46. all these are supposed to be taught by parents first of all, but they often fail to do do, school could do but there is so much to learn with regular subjects which are useful as well such as geography which would be real good Americans do learn a bit one subject Ithink that needs to be taught and som
    ehow encompasses all others you mention is meditation of full awareness and compassion

  47. Great ideas! I love this. In many ways schools, K-12 and college, fail their students. Helping students build self confidence, self esteem, …. are very important.

  48. Thanks Vishesh for spreading a good understanding about education. Educate ourselves .. we cannot get everything in school.

  49. Everything you shared in my email is really useful… The problem is here in the Philippines… This season is a typhoon season… Always no electricity.. no internet. Just like a few days ago.. it's flooding in my place

  50. My favorite is definitely the girl staring at a screensaver one minute in. I've learned a lot while staring at screensavers.

  51. This sounds like an opportunity to infuse these idea into our current system and eventually it will morph into a more holistic education system.

  52. I have always said that more life skills should be taught in school but those seem to be the first things that are cut from the curriculum in times of austerity. Cooking, cleaning, budgeting, parenting and basic sewing should all be taught. How to learn or research to find answers should be taught. Meditation, compassion, morality, how to conduct healthy relationships, respect, self respect and confidence should all be taught. If young people really valued themselves and had respect for others they wouldn't be killing each other over post codes!

  53. isn't what we get from "asking people what they wish they'd learned" still data from the self that they didn't wish to become?

  54. What do you think is missing from our average school classes?
    Do Mindvalley's FREE course 'Extraordinary By Design' and see the world with a fresh perspective👉

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