How AI Is Making Cities Safer And More Livable

So I lead a team that’s
building products to help cities operate
more effectively and to provide better quality
of life for their citizens. It is only possible because
of all of the trends that you see out there
that are connecting devices with software and connectivity. Now, that extends to not
just the infrastructure but to moving
objects, whether that be people with their mobile
devices, cars, of course with autonomous mobility coming. It’s just this
amazing transition that we’re going through to
add this degree of connectivity to all of these devices that
are stationary and moving. Layer on top of that
machine learning, or AI, and you just
have a tremendous amount of innovation going on to make
cities operate much better than they have been ever. Yeah, I think Canada has
a tremendous advantage in this area. Take Montreal as an
example, where there’s just a lot of research, a lot of
entrepreneurship in application of AI technology. Where we need to
go now in this area is to not just focus
on generalized AI but taking AI and
applying it to use cases. Autonomous mobility is
one obvious example, but there are many others. And that is often
the challenge, is taking an interesting
technology and improvement, which AI is really about
making predictions more cost effective and easier to do. And that applies to any
number of industries. And often, making
that conversion from the core underlying
technology to the benefit that customers will
experience from applying it is a challenge. And so I hope that many
Canadian companies– and I see it happening already– are spending their
effort and their time in that part of the equation.

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