9 thoughts on “How Adults Learn”

  1. Awesome, this is me. I am a tactile learner followed by visual. I truly learn and especially from doing something, have an experience but this was even when I was a child. I am now age 34 and I have returned to University; I am struggling with my studies but I am still enjoying what I am learning. I have recently learned I am Dyslexic. I am researching how to create interactive tasks for myself to retain what I have been taught. Thank you for posting this insightful video! 🙂

  2. We mostly remember:
    70% of what we DUSCUSS

    80% of what we EXPERIENCE
    90% of what we teach someone else/use immediately.

    We only remember:
    10% of what we READ
    20% of what we HEAR
    30% of what we SEE
    50% of what we HEAD and SEE

  3. I like this video so much I've added it to my website – I hope that's okay?
    Let me know your Twitter address and I'll add it to my website next to the video.

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