100 thoughts on “How 100 Years Of Breeding Changed These Popular Dog Breeds”

  1. Yep.
    Time to dismantle the AKC and other dick-brained organizations that reward this type of shit breeding.

    Just let the damn mutts loose on one big ass island for a year and I'm damn sure you'd get healthier hounds than whatever these fuck nutjobs are cookin' up in their bullshit inbred bloodlines.

  2. The boxer of 100 years ago looked more like some kind of pit ( that's my opinion anyway ), how could we humans be so cruel to man's best friend?

  3. We should breed animals to benefit us, not to make them look better….for example thousands of years of breeding wolves, has led to domestication of them, turning them into dogs, not wild so can’t hurt us. But there is absolutely zero reason to breed dogs to make them look better. Smh. Human attraction is also different. what looks cute to us doesn’t look cute to other animals.

  4. You should add the Rhodesian Ridgeback. That ridge on the backs is more pronounced than it used to be causing serious spinal problems. Pekingese, English Spaniel, French Bulldog, Cavalier King Charles, Japanese Spaniel, Chihuahua. Chihuahuas are bred to be so tiny their skulls don't fuse correctly.
    Probably could name dozens of breeds that have been modified over the years due to the bad breeding. Oh, and lets not get started on all these designer breeds like the Golden Doodle…they are nothing but mutts people then charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars…not worth it as the dogs are not healthy nor worth the price.

    People have done this to breeds of cats as well. Look at the Siamese and Persian for example.

  5. Have you any videos on cat breeds? Cats, too, have had their share of stupid breeding. The Siamese for instance is nothing like it used to be…same for the Persian.

  6. I love animals and this video made me incredibly sad.
    Why humans must ruin nature like this?!
    The more I live the more I think humans are the cancer of the planet.

  7. It’s totally disgusting what has happened to breeds, detrimental to their health. I blame the kennel club as they are in charge of the characteristics of breeds. Plus unscrupulous breeders. Grrrrr

  8. They only breed for looks , dogs used to bred to preform a duty . Herding ,guarding life and property , treeing , tracking game, they used to be very smart . Most dog breeds now won't do any of things . When you talk to a breeder , all they talk about is how their dog looks . When you breed animals into garbage you cannot breed garbage out good is gone forever. By Will

  9. why would they do this to dogs , were only supposed to do that to chickens , cows , pigs and sheep lol A lot of your guys logic is hypocritical

  10. The German Shepherd one isn't entirely true. The sloping back and leg problem is more in the showbreeds, which I really hate. It's inhumane and if you wanna be a petty bastard, it isn't even fucking aesthetic.

  11. Please stop glorifying pure breeds too, there is an insane amount of inbreeding that happens with pure breeds. It causes so many more mental and physical problems than are needed.

  12. When humans take Genetic Engineering out of Natures hands and into there own the result is pain, problems, and confusion.

  13. Facts verse… smh. Where do you get your statistics?!?! English Bulldogs have a higher life expectancy than 6.25 yrs…Pretty sure every dog, purebred or not, has a good chance of getting some disease or health issue. Bunch of trolls makin ur videos

  14. And that's why you should go to a shelter and adopt a dog! My dog is 37% chihuahua, 25% miniature poodle, 12.5% shih tzu, 12.5% cocker spaniel, and 12.5% breed groups which are companion terrier and hound! She's doesn't have any health problems and she walk 3 to 4 miles daily. Keep in mind she is only 19 pounds!

  15. Why do humans destroy everything beautiful in this world. We have to change the why animals live and survive without even thinking about what the animal has to go through. It’s really sad 😞

  16. Supposedly pure needs are actually mongrel, hybred and cross breeds. There is no such thing as a pure bred domesticated animal. You are destroying the breed that you say you are actually trying to preserve. This is not Darwin. These people are gene scientists.

  17. Esté video no hacé falta verlo completo para darse cuenta de que es una estupidez …
    La cría selectiva de dichas razas siempre estuvo enfocada a ese tipo de desarrollo .
    Todas las razas mencionadas hoy en día son perfectas y balanceadas
    Los problemas que se mencionan son esclucivos de personas que se dedican a vender perros
    Un criador serio , con un programa de reproducción controlada y selectiva rara vez ve casos como lo s que se mencionan
    Y en general los ejemplares que se ven actualmente es como hace 100 años se buscaban
    No sé está deformando nada es todo lo contrario …
    Pero muy probablemente la persona estúpida que hizo el vídeo es de esas que se la pasan adoptado porquerías de la calle y jamás a visto un perro como los que describe

  18. 😂 2:57 The Dachshund is also known as the Hot Dog dog. Ummm I have never heard it called the Hot Dog dog. Weiner Dog Yes. Hot Dog NO

  19. Easy fix: No more purebreds. Breeders should just switch from purebreds to mutts and dogs will quickly become healthy again.

  20. Dachshunds backs are long because they hunt badgers and so thy can fit in the holes they dig and dachshunds are also known as a badger dog

  21. So fun fact the pictures they used aren't actually a bull terrier it is a whole diffrent breed called a english white terrier it was crossbred too extinction and is the common ancestor of bull terrier and another terrier breed and as far as im guessing alot of these breeds are the ancestors and not the actual breeds themselves

  22. How do people even think these horrible changes are for the better? How can yo think up to do this. And why just why. Why destroy something good and mess with genetics like that let the animals breed naturally

  23. F**k the humans that did this and continue to do this! They have also done this to cats and the Arabian horse. I wish that these evil breeders would face jail time ( those who continue to do this )

  24. Nature: you keep doing this you won’t have any dogs left
    Breeders: let’s fined out who’s puddle of goop lives the longest
    Nature: that’s it time to suffocate

  25. Mutts are the most beautiful and there is only one of its kind for each so why aren’t they more popular late than inbreds- oh wait sorry “purebreds”

  26. Humans even ruin dogs, pathetic we can’t handle ANYTHING I swear😔😫🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  27. The weenier dog didn’t change at all by humans it was all natural so humans had nothing to do with it they were a well maintained breed

  28. I have a pug myself- his name is Murphy, i know it's terrible what people did to the breed making them more stockier and making their legs shorter, I had another pug before Murphy that died because of health issues at the beginning of this year. It's weird because Murphy looks like the 1920s version of a pug 🤔

  29. This is so sad I don’t like to adopt pure bred dogs. I had a German Shepherd and she died became she was pure bred because of stomach issues

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