23 thoughts on “House Judiciary holds hearing on 'Lessons from the Mueller report' | Part 2”

  1. HOW IS it that I KNOW which ones are the liberal loons just by looking at them. They all have the same stupid looking mug ….

  2. To some, if it's not democratic leaning them it's false (which is stupid) or useless. Constitutional Republic with democratic means. That's America lawyers.😜😀😎💯

  3. I woke up this orning with my ear buds on, to what I believed I was listening to a mock congressional hearing on SNL. What an embarrassment our country in!!!! OMGosh!

  4. So I guess if you pay for foriegn Information that's legal. Hillary and the DNC are the real crooks here. This is just a deflection to save their own asses.

  5. Rooms and rooms full of people, hundreds of quango's organizations and commities all doing f*ck all but waffling, pushing pens and mice around all in the interest of lining their own nests

    What were the 17 US intelligence agencies doing in 2016 ? Surfing Porn ?
    Purge & downsize the "FIB", doj, cia, nsa, irs and more ! Then mail out gov rebate check$ and BUILD THAT WALL ! ( and why couldn't the 17 agencies stop Putin from being reelected over there last year ??? )

  7. House Judiciary Committee holds crazy hearing which again is all a waste of time. How can our US politicians continue to be paid achieving only more tax payer expense and more wealth for themselves.

  8. How about showing the Russian memes of Clinton arm wrestling Jesus or Bernie flexing muscles? Wait, no, don't do it. We wouldn't want Ruisia to steal an election.

  9. The DNC invited Nutsandyahoo to speak in front of both branches of Congress to sideline the president and then doesn't see foreign influence while they accept AIPAC money.

  10. This is such one sided, opinionated and clearly just POLITICAL BS. (Take a stab at the President just because of the election). They care so much about what they can't prove yet Obama Broke a bunch of laws in an attempt to help Hillary get elected. That doesn't seem to concern them at all. I guess its a matter of I only enforce the laws i care about deeply…. NO THIS WHOLE HEARING IS A POLITICALLY MOTIVATED ATTEMPT BY THE DEMOCRATS TO EFFECT THE OUTCOME OF THE UP COMING ELECTION AKA Trash talk Trump and confuse the public. SHAME ON YOU DEMOCRATS!!!! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

  11. Notice all these democrats saying nothing about the "foreign influence" that was had by Hillary or any of there democrat colleagues. They simply don't care if it benefits democrat politicians.

  12. Democrats are now saying Russia was a big problem in 2016 and will be again in 2020? Didn't Obama tell Putin to knock it off? Did this mean nothing? Was Obama really powerless?

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